5 Chapter 5 : Going for a walk

After getting up from bed, Long Chen walked towards his wardrobe. There were many luxurious clothes inside with varying designs for specific occasions. Long Chen picked a few out of them to wear. As he got dressed, he decided to wear a golden robe just like the one that Long Ren often wears, the robe with dragons embroidered on it. 

After getting himself ready, Long Chen looked at himself in the mirror. He had to admit that he certainly did look like the prince of an empire. No wonder the others were so jealous


'If I was as handsome as I am in my right now in my previous life, how amazing my life would have been,' thought Long Chen as he laughed. 

He had long hair and thin lips, golden pupils, and a beautiful smile. His luxurious yet straightforward clothes, coupled with his handsome appearance, mesmerized even himself. 

After admiring his appearance for what seemed like a long time, Long Chen decided that it was finally time to go out. He opened the door and took his first step out. He was greeted with a fresh breeze of air. Outside, he saw a large and beautiful garden. It was his garden, and it still looked so beautiful.

Although the servants no longer respected Long Tian, they still took care of the garden for him with all due care, as this was the place where Long Tian's mother often passed by whenever she went to Long Tian's room. 

They could treat Long Tian however they wanted when no one was around because he wouldn't be able to understand anything, but it was a different matter if his mother or other family members found out about it. That is why they had to maintain a respectful attitude when taking care of their young master in front of others.

Long Chen strode through the garden while enjoying the scenery and the smell of fresh flowers when he suddenly heard someone say laughingly, 

"Hahaha. There goes little Dumbo retaking his stupid evening walk. Why are we even tending to this retard's garden anyway?" Long Chen faced the voice and saw that it was a servant working in the garden. 


'He probably said that since he does not know that I am not Long Tian and that I can understand him' Long Chen thought 

'Whatever, I'll let this go on a little while longer, I still have to see what the people's attitude towards me is before I can decide how to deal with them in the future.' Thought Long Chen as he continued to walk past the garden.

He walked near 'his' mother's courtyard, but before he could walk past it, the gate opened, and a beautiful woman came out. She had long, lustrous black hair, black eyes, and a perfect figure. She was Long Tian's mother, Sima Ziyi. 

Although he knew that his mother was probably only a few years younger than 40, he couldn't tell from her looks. She looked like she was not a year older than 25. That was probably because she cultivated as well, since female cultivators could keep themselves looking young longer, the higher their cultivation bases were.

"Where are you going, Tian'er? Are you going out to play?" While Long Chen was lost in thought thinking about 'his' mother's looks, she suddenly asked him in a gentle tone.

Long Chen looked at her but didn't say anything. He did not know what to say to her. Should he keep walking, ignoring the question, or talk? 

'What if she finds out that I'm not mentally sick anymore or worse, that I'm not her son?' He thought. 

In the end, Long Chen decided not to say anything. When it's time for him to show off with a bang and shock the clan, his mother would automatically know that he's back. 

She then walked closer to him. 

When she was just in front of him, she got onto her knees and put her hand on his cheeks and gently spoke.

"You're looking so amazing, Tian'er, like a heavenly prince. Ling is such a lucky girl. Okay, go on now, Mother won't take your playtime anymore." She kissed his cheeks as she said.

Long Chen turned back and walked away.

"I wonder who is this 'Ling' that she talked about. I can see nothing important relating to that name in any of the memories," Long Chen muttered to himself while walking. After a while, he put that thought to the back of his head and continued towards his destination

There was an extensive practice area in the Long clan's mansion. It was more than a few hundred meters long. The training grounds were made expansive so that all of the Long clan's descendants could practice any Martial skill freely here, and there was even a fighting stage where clan members could have friendly bouts with one another.

Be that as it may, no one was allowed to injure their opponents as they were all from the same clan. These spars were only meant as a way for them to exchange some moves and gain battle experience. Every intentional injury was punishable by clan law, while accidents were allowed. Though only to a certain degree.


Long Chen was shocked at how big it was and how many people there were. Although he had already seen it in Long Tian's memories, it was an utterly shocking experience seeing it personally. Over 100 kids were practicing their moves at the training grounds.

He could only see people from the younger generation there. He knew that adults practiced somewhere else, as even the residue energy of their Martial skills might injure these kids as collateral damage. That was why only members of the younger generation practiced there. Long Chen could see kids ranging from 7 to 15 there.

Although he couldn't see the 'strongest prodigy of Long Clan's younger generation,' his eldest uncle's son, many of his other cousins were there. He could still see a few well-known faces and some strong guys. Most people here were below the 9th stage of Body refining and were weaker than Long Chen. However, he could also see a few at the peak of Body refining just like him.

He could also see a boy practicing in an empty area. He was shocked to see the power contained within the boy's martial skills. He could control qi in the air as well as force Qi out from his body to attack his opponents. His attacks had a strange fighting spirit, one that made all his attacks seem alive. Long Chen knew why it was as such. The boy was one of the few who broke through to the Spirit Establishment Realm.

He recognized the boy. He was his 4th uncle's son, Long An. He was the same age as Long Tian, being of 12 years of age. However, he was already at the 1st stage of the Spirit establishment realm. Before Long Tian's assassination attempt, this guy was like an ant in front of Long Tian, but now, he had become stronger than him.

Long Chen slowly walked towards him.

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