1553 Chapter 1553: The Unknown Expert


It had been a really long time since the Demon Ancestor had been sealed. Ever since then, the Demon Clan's strength went down each passing year by a little. They were still the overlords in terms of strength, but their strength was nothing compared to what their strength was at their peak.

It was the same for Heaven. After their Ancient Emperor was sealed into a statue by the Ancestral God, they also didn't manage to recover their peak strength.

Many of the Ancestral heritages were lost, especially since the war between the Demonic Realm and the Heaven raged on, in which many Seniors of both three Clans were killed.

The Demon Emperor told Long Chen about everything that took place in the world as far as he knew. In this way, he was informing everything to the Demon Ancestor.

Along the way, the Demon Ancestor asked a few questions, regarding the strength difference of the God Beasts and the Heavenly Clan and the whereabouts of the current Heavenly Clan.


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