118 Chapter 118: Can I touch it? (*)

Mei woke up as early as she could today. After collecting some herbs from the clan, she hurriedly walked towards Long Chen's room.

She was just about to knock on his door when she noticed that there was already a small opening on the door. 

"Hmm... Looks like master forgot to close the door last night. Although I don't think someone will be stupid enough to try to steal something from master's room, but still, it's better to take precautions. I will tell him about it later. It's good for today though, as I don't need to disturb his sleep to complete my work " Mei muttered with a cheeky smile as she entered the room after opening the door. She straight walked towards the bathroom from the hall and started mixing the medicinal herbs in the large bathtub inside which was filled to the brim with water. 

"Completed" She muttered with a smile after finishing her task. She stood up and started walking towards the door. As the door of the bathroom was already unlocked, She moved her right hand forward to push the door open, as she continued walking forward but strangely enough, just before her fingers touched the door, the door opened. Instead of landing on the door, her hand landed on something else. Her eyes opened wide as she saw what happened. 


Long Chen opened the door but saw a slim hand coming towards him which landed on his bare chest. He was dumbfounded as he saw Mei standing in front of him. Her soft hand placed on his chest. Long Chen gazed at her, only to see her mouth opened wide while eyes were looking downwards. 

He looked down as well, only to see that she was staring at his little guy. He started feeling embarrassed but didn't show it on the outside. He wanted to close her eyes, but he pretended to act confident and just kept standing there.  

He somehow found this situation awkward and exciting at the same time. Her soft hands on his chest while her focus on his little Chen. He realized that something was about to go wrong. He tried controlling it, but couldn't. His little guy kept enlarging until it stood tall like a mountain.

"Th... it increased" Mei couldn't help but mutter as she stared at it in a daze 

"Yes, it sometimes does that in the presence of beautiful women. It would become even bigger if it was touched by a one" Long Chen couldn't help but comment with a wry smile on his face.

"Ah.." Mei gazed upwards. Her eyes met Long Chen's eyes as her face turned even redder. Her eyes looked left and right trying to find the path she could exit from, but she found no success. Long Chen was standing in front of the opening, with no other path to escape from.

Even during that time, she couldn't help but steal a few glanced at Long Chen's erect sword. 

"You can take a good look if you want" Long Chen muttered as he tried to look more confident but he felt at a loss when Mei actually took him up on his offer and started looking at it openly without hiding her gaze. 

"It is the first time I'm seeing a man without clothes. It ... grew bigger in front of my eyes. How miraculous! " Mei muttered in a mosquito-like voice with a red face as she kept looking Long Chen's lower body. 

"It does that when I'm sexually excited, which is often out of my control." 

"Y... you're excited by me?" Mei couldn't help but ask as she looked in his eyes. 

" Who wouldn't be? I'm standing here naked in front of you while your soft hand is on my chest and your eyes looking at my manhood." Long Chen said as he looked at her. 

" I...I apologize" She hurriedly took his hands off from his chest.

"You can go unless you want to take a bath with me. " Long Chen muttered with a smile. 

" I.. I'll go but. " Mei said in a low voice but stopped in between as she looked left and right. 

"Oh right!" Long Chen exclaimed as he stepped aside giving her the path to exit. 

She hurriedly walked past him but stopped after taking a few steps. 

"Can... can I touch it?" Long Chen was just about to step inside the bathroom when he heard a voice coming from behind him. He stopped as he turned around. He saw Mei standing there, looking at him with an anxious expression on her beautiful face. 

"What?" He asked with a confused look on his face. 

"Ma... master said that it will... it will ... grow even bigger if I touched it. Can... can I try touching it?" Mei said with a red face making Long Chen dumbfounded. Long Chen didn't know what to say. A part of him wanted to say yes, while another part of him told him to be a good guy and deny her. 

"This... alright," Long Chen said as he agreed to her request.

Mei started walking towards him with small steps. Soon she was standing in front of him. 

Her heart was beating rapidly as she moved her hand forward slowly. Her hand soon touched Long Chen's manhood. She kept touching his little guy here and there making Long Chen enjoy the touch of her hand. 

"The... there's a better way to do it" Long Chen couldn't help but mutter. 

" What way? Can you tell me, master?" Mei asked as she looked in his eyes. 

" Get on your knees," Long Chen said softly as he looked in her eyes. Mei did as he said and got down to her knees.

Her face was right in front of Long Chen's manhood. Long Chen grabbed her right hand softly as he brought it towards his little dragon making her hand grab it firmly.

"Try moving your hands back and forth while grabbing it "Long  Chen muttered as he held her hand which was holding onto his little dragon. He started moving her hand back and forth a few times before leaving her hands and left her to do it herself. 

Mei continued playing with Long Chen's rod like this with her soft hands for over ten minutes. Long Chen felt like he was in heaven and hell at the same time as he enjoyed the sensation of her touch. 

"I feel like It grew even more" Mei commented in a low voice as she continued moving her hands.

"Yes, It's giving you respect for your great service" Long Chen muttered but soon stared regretting his words, feeling like it was a cheesy thing to say. 

"Try moving your hands faster." Long Chen said as he closed his eyes, lost in the sensation. 

Mei increased her hand speed as she continued moving her hand back and forth even faster. It continued for over ten minutes 

"I...I can't control..." Long Chen muttered with closed eyes.

Mei couldn't understand what Long Chen meant, she just opened her mouth to ask him when a white liquid came out from the mouth of  Long Chen's little dragon. Before Mei could understand what was happening, this liquid entered her mouth, while a part of it landed on her luscious lips. Mei hurriedly closed her mouth as she swallowed in shock. She felt like her whole mouth had become sticky as this white liquid was swallowed by her unintentionally. 

"I... I'm sorry" Long  Chen muttered as opened his eyes and saw Mei's red lips covered with his stuff. 

"It... it's warm and salty." Mei let out as she looked in Long Chen's eyes with her lips still covered by the white liquid.

"You... did you swallow it?" Long Chen asked as he looked at her. 

" Yes... accidentally. Is it dangerous, master?" She asked with a worried look on her face. 

" Not really... It's actually pretty good for health. " Long Chen said as he gazed at her lips. Mei heard his words and sighed in relief. 

"Since it's good for health, I shouldn't waste it" Mei muttered as she licked her lips and swallowed the left out portion as well. Long Chen kept looking at her with his mouth slightly open the whole time. 

"Y... did you want some of that as well?" Mei asked with a worried look as she looked at Long Chen.

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