1555 Chapter 1055: Invading the Heaven

The Demon Ancestor's laughter reverberated through the hallway, a sinister sound that could send chills down the spine of many. It was clear that the Demon Ancestor was pleased to see that Long Chen remembered their deal.

According to their agreement, Long Chen had agreed to assist the Demon Ancestor in destroying the lineage of the Heavenly Ancestor and even the heaven itself. In return, the Demon Ancestor had promised to help Long Chen deal with Tian Shen and impart all of his knowledge to him before disappearing completely.

"In that case, why are we still here?"

The illusory form of the Demon Ancestor materialized before Long Chen, a ghostly presence that seemed to reside within his own body. Despite his ethereal appearance, a smile of amusement remained etched on his face.

While the Demon Ancestor's form bore an uncanny resemblance to Long Chen, there was no mistaking the demonic aura that emanated from him.


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