33 Chapter 33. Hidden Danger Hiding in the Dark

Amon heard rapid incoming footsteps. He immediately snapped to attention. No time to think about the pain. Pain was a good thing, it meant that he was still alive. He rose and saw Lin Sora coming at him with a shortsword. He took out his Swan Dagger and parried the shortsword as it came at him.

A loud clang was heard as the two blades met. Lin Sora twirled his hand holding the shortsword and broke into three images that rotated with accelerated rotations. Each of the images was as if a spinning chainsaw blade. Amon was not confident that his Hardened Bronze Body could withstand a direct hit against these assaults, so he made a hasty retreat as Lin Sora chased after him with the triple twirling blades.

Amon's back suddenly hit something, there was a stalagmite on his back. His movements didn't stop, he was already jumped to the side once he felt something was blocking his back.


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