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Rise of the Dark Alpha


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I wish I had adequate words to describe how I truly feel about this book. It's like you just get sucked in. Like, it's not just a story your reading, your apart of it. Like, your a character in the book and the mains are relaying their story to you personally. I am beyond floored. I've jumped out of my seat idk how many times. Fairly certain I scared my roommate when I yelled no, when I reached the end of a chapter. lol Best part? *whispers* I'm only on chapter 20. I can't wait to see what happens next!! My heart is racing!!!!

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I am so hooked to this book I read the entire thing in one day then re read it the next day. I just love it so much amazing work. I have never been so obbessed with a story before it's all I think about.


Excellent read. I couldn' put this book down, very entertaining and such an diferent and interesting story. The writer has a rich imagination and it is sad that it truly compare or is something that very well could be happening today


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Enchanting Werewolf Love Thriller that keeps you on your toes from the very start, with a mix of breathlessness and goosebumps. Every chapter leaves you wanting more! It’s a MUST READ. Another charasmatic masterpiece from a very talented and creative author.


Another example of an amazing Aimeelynn book!! The same amazing writing with a whole new world! This was intense and thrilling from the start! I'm already cheering for these two! I absolutely can not wait to read more! Go, now, hurry! Add to your library and vote vote vote! You will NOT be sorry!!


Amazing! Hooked! Brilliant Author. Get hooked folks! Keeps you on the edge of Your seat and there is only 11 chapters. I am already in awe!


From the starting chapter I was pulled into this world! The story is nonstop a thrilling scenes and suspense! Already the characters are becoming more deeply complex and I’m looking forward to more and more chapters! Anything from Aimee is a book I must read!❤️❤️❤️


I’ve only just finished the second chapter, and I’m already hooked and rooting for these characters. Aimee knows how to write the chemistry between her leads better than anyone.


This exciting thriller romance will keep you on the edge of your seat and begging for more. An intriguing Plot and lovable characters. Can’t wait for more!


Be still my heart! I love this story already! Great start for - I'm 100% sure - magnificent journey with Zev&Sasha, full of suspense, action and love. Come and join!


Only 12 chapters and I’m already hooked. Story is nonstop excitement with good character development. Love the author and excited to see how this story progresses.


I am 11 chapters in and eagerly waiting for the next chapter release. The story is beautifully written and I am on the edge my seat anticipating a thrilling adventure. I am hooked and cant wait to come along for Zev and Sasha’s journey. I am loving how protective Zev is of Sasha. Aimee you did it again.


I am so excited to read this book it’s thrilling the author’s descriptions make you feel as though you are there and seeing it happen in real time. I can’t wait to read more.


What a great story line absolutely Love this authors work. Great hook and draw cant set this one down like the orhers. Great characters and i absolutely love the slow burn this autor can pull ofF


Shes doing it again... she grabbed my attention quickly and kept it! Im excited to see where this goes! First book i started when the book started and im excited for this journey!


Another suspenseful thrill ride of a romance from this master of her craft, Aimeelynn! Just 11 chapters in and I’m already losing track of time as I’m drawn into Zev and Sasha’s world. I’m so excited to see what Aimeelynn has in store for these two, and I’m strapping in for what I know will be a ride full of twists and turns! Don’t wait, add it to your library now!


I knew this would be a good book right from the start. This author is a fantastic World builder and can really engage her readers. This book blows me away! So riveting I just can’t Put it down! I am looking forward to many more nights reading and being enthralled with thear characters! You will not be disappointed in this book. Plus the reliability of the author is a big plus knowing I can count on updates regularly! Yay!!!


Once again Aimee has created a story that has you hooked from the first paragraph. You immediately start to care about her characters from the moment you are introduced, I can't wait to read the next chapter and the next... All of her books are a must read.


Everything I’ve read by this phenomenal author has been Addicting and engaging! So far this book does not disappoint and i am desperate gor more!!!