75 The Mage Fights

The battle between the two Silver Knights and the ape caused the whole area to shake. The carriages would move slightly to the left and right, and some adventurers and mercenaries were forced to grab onto them in order for the carriages not to fall down from the side of the mountain.

Thanks to the urgent situation, some bronze knights and normal adventurers that were staying in the carriages went out without ever even being called and helped out.

Lyle and Adam, upon noticing how urgent the situation was, decided to go down and help out the adventurers in close-quarters combat since they could do little from above thanks to the apes being very close to the other combatants.

Both men restricted their powers as much as they could in order not to show more than a peak fighter below the Knight realm could and helped out with dealing with the normal apes.

The two Silver Knights were splendid in battle.


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