1 A Crueler Way of Being

When everyone asks themselves if they would sell their soul to the devil to fulfill their desires, what exactly is your answer?

I would be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve my goals.

In the fabric of human existence, threads of complexity and contradiction intertwine. Humans, inherently soulless beings by nature, demonstrate their innate capacity for empathy and creativity, although this often seems like a convenient façade that hides their true essence of wickedness.

Wars are just a drop in the sea of evil, manipulation, and self-gain.

Since the dawn of civilization, humans have proven to be tireless destroyers of their own environment. The unrestrained exploitation of natural resources, relentless deforestation, and indiscriminate pollution of the air and water are just some of the ways they ruthlessly ravage the planet. Climate change, a direct consequence of their unrestrained selfishness, reflects their lack of scruples when making decisions.

Human history is a bloody record of conflict and violence. Wars, ideological struggles, and territorial disputes have bathed history in blood, and they will continue to do so for many more years. Billions of lives have been lost in the maelstrom of cruel and selfish motivations, and human suffering appears to be the only notable legacy in their historical journey.

Social inequality is another aspect of the inherent perversity of humans. Despite futile attempts to achieve gender equality and civil rights, the gap between the haves and the have-nots continues to widen everywhere. The unfair distribution of resources and opportunities is a direct manifestation of their insatiable greed.

Selfishness, that immutable human trait, is always present. Exploitation of others and corruption are their daily bread. Empathy toward those in disadvantaged situations is virtually nonexistent in a society where greed and cruelty are the dominant values. If you ever witness any empathy for others, it means that there are always ulterior motives behind every kindness tainted with manipulation.

In a world saturated with information and knowledge, ignorance and denial are unfortunately commonplace. The acceptance of false beliefs and the denial of established scientific facts are just examples of the innate wickedness of humans.

Yes, as everyone may have imagined, I have a serious problem when it comes to talking about my own species. You might think I'm just a clown trying to get attention, but aren't we all quite hypocritical? While some cry for the Ghouls, have they ever considered that the human journey and its sins are no worse than this?

In this desolate landscape, "sparks of hope" are little more than illusions. Humans seldom change, and when they do, it's often for selfish, dark reasons, to seek forgiveness, or to clean their tarnished image exposed to the world.

All humans live in a world where routine and monotony stand as the pillars supporting everyone's life. A young man with a deep gaze and few words began to question the meaning of his own existence. Kenzo Yoshimura, a seemingly quiet boy on the outside, who found himself trapped in a society determined to mold him in its own image. However, Kenzo was determined to resist because he was not human.

From a young age, Kenzo realized that his place in the world was as uncertain as that of a stranger in a foreign land. The society around him moved forward relentlessly, without taking a moment to reflect on the consequences of its actions. Kenzo, a Ghoul in a world of humans, observed with cold, calculating eyes every hypocritical action hidden under the guise of those supposedly causing chaos, aware of the shallowness of the everyday life that surrounded him.

Kenzo's world was a stage where cruelty and indifference loomed large. His quest for humanity faced him with a cruel paradox: how could he seek something he himself lacked? Surrounded by humans who were both victims and perpetrators of injustice and cruelty, Kenzo became a silent witness to life's contradictions.

Kenzo's philosophy began to take shape as he grew up in his ruthless world. He recognized that everyone yearned for genuine connection and purpose beyond survival, but how could he find it in a world that forced him into a predetermined mold?

Despite his calm appearance, Kenzo was tormented by the anger that burned within him. This anger knew no bounds and was directed toward those he considered his enemies, those who perpetuated injustice and cruelty. It was a disturbing duality: the quest for humanity and the impulse of brutality intertwined within him.

In his darkest moments, Kenzo found an escape in writing. His thoughts flowed in ink and paper, a torrent of contained emotions that delved into the depths of his soul. Through his words, he questioned the meaning of violence in a world that pretended to embrace forgiveness and understanding.

But Kenzo didn't limit himself to being a spectator of his own life. He decided that the search for humanity must begin from within. Through introspection and self-reflection, he started to unravel the roots of his anger and brutality. He understood that only by accepting his own darkness could he aspire to the light he so deeply longed for.

It was then that he founded an organization called the Crow of Three Eyes, a group of ruthless Ghouls that provided the delicious sustenance all Ghouls needed to survive. It wasn't a large organization, but its profits could rival those of major drug cartels if taken seriously.

At that moment, Kenzo realized that to keep his organization protected, he needed strong warriors committed to a unified vision where humans would be mere mirrors of Ghouls. Dealing with drug traffickers was quite straightforward; there was no need to be a Ghoul to do business with them, but they certainly didn't care as long as the money was attractive to all.

As he progressed on his journey, Kenzo encountered other wandering Ghouls who shared his desire to find meaning in a ruthless world. Together, they would have to survive, and each person adhered to strict rules that must be followed to stay alive.

Kenzo's quest was not just a personal struggle; his fight was possibly reflected in the way he was raised, but he knew that this method had many cracks, as it was a stability as fragile as ink.

And so began the story of Kenzo, a Ghoul in search of what made humanity true and meaningful. This is just the beginning of a bloody path that could mean a change for society as it's known.

This is Kenzo's story, where he will finally bring order to the world.

Kenzo Yoshimura, currently 22 years old, is the male offspring of the Ghoul of SSS class best known as Kuzen Yoshimura. Due to special circumstances, he ended up being adopted and spent his early years with a man who was not his biological father, but that was always something he kept in mind.

His growth was always a bit slow in adapting to the people around him; he often fought at school and felt different from others for reasons he didn't understand. But one day, he realized he was a Ghoul, a man-eating monster that was announced every day on television and hunted to death by humans.

He didn't know how he ended up being human, but after investigating, he found out that perhaps his parents were Ghouls just like him, and somehow his Ghoul cells had been dormant until now as he was maturing. In the same way, he ended up being a typical parasite without value, one that could be killed at any moment.

It's no wonder that before that, his life felt trapped in a metal box. But he wanted to live and achieve greatness in some way. He knew that the Ghouls were losing the war, and as human weaponry continued to increase, Ghouls would be exterminated.

He didn't want to die like a lab rat; he didn't want to be exterminated like a stray dog, and he knew he wasn't any different from humans who feared for their lives but did the same as Ghouls.

Where did Ghouls come from?

Kenzo was intelligent enough to know that Ghouls possibly originated from humans practicing cannibalism in ancient times.

Cannibalism is the act or practice of feeding on members of one's own species. Cannibalism can occur among members of many species, although it is commonly associated with anthropophagy when humans consume their own kind. So, do humans fear Ghouls for their lack of manners and scruples when it comes to eating?

If that's a problem, then he would solve it. He would create a business strong and large enough for food to reach the table. He needed to be strong to survive; he had to be, so that no one would bother him. And he was certainly fascinated by being on the side of Ghouls who were like headless dogs waiting to be killed.

They needed a leader, perhaps he would become something similar to that. But what Kenzo would seek from now on is a future free of plagues, where both humans would have to accept their mistakes, and Ghouls would seek a clean way to survive.

As he remembered the memories of his younger self, they flooded his dreams. He remembered those bloody nights of control and struggles. He wasn't strong; he had a powerful Kagune, but he was still weak and needed help from other Ghouls whom he personally taught how to feed without being detected.

Soon, his association, a company full of education and zero violence towards noisy humans, began to slowly take shape. The first years of creating his organization, the Crow of Three Eyes, were tough, but after being on the streets, they reached the highest echelons.

"Very soon, we will teach humans that they should respect us too. They think they might be winning, but they don't know what awaits them." Kenzo murmured as he opened his eyes and looked at the familiar ceiling above his head.

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