11 Days in Raven tribe

Raven Tribe is located on the edge of river, surrounded by vast mountains and forests and known as Raven valley. You can say that , the whole tribe only contains a hundred household with several families in it. .

Early in the morning, while the glory of the dawn is mirroring on the river surface.A group of children ranging from four to five years old with some teenagers are making scluptures .

All of them have a serious expression on their face chanting mantras while making wooden scluptures .

"Concentrate and focus on chakra in your forehead, like sun. Feel the origin of all things, feel the centre . If you can feel it, breathe into your body, and make scluptures. By doing this you can become alert ,increasing the vitality of your body, for all of you this is a great advantage, it will be worth if you practice this every day."

Bali was surprised as he expected workouts in warrior training but everyone is making scluptures .Also the teenager making scluptures are at least martial novice level 9 which surprised him. The old man Kara left Bali in their care while Bali was allowed to move into a hut adjacent to kara's hut.

Bali spent every day in the hut , trying to memorize all those mantras on the side of the wall. He also learned to make sculpture, thinking that perhaps it might be useful .He had nothing else to do anyway. Bali regularly started practicing sclupting along with the kalari, he noticed that the mark on the hand is growing and he was getting stronger and taller with time.

Inside the hut, Bali had placed a mat down on the ground. Sometimes he would just sleep right in front of the scluptures, if he worked too late while making sculpture. Bali took a deep breath, trying to control the rhythm of his breathing, according to kara, the rhythm of inhaling was a major factor to develop soul power .He carved scluptures with his fingers under the guidance of the faruk ,who tought sclupting in the tribe. After a scluptures were finished, Bali carved his name on them. Summer had passed , and only twenty to thirty days left before the start of snowfall and actual start of winter.

Bali felt listless since he had spent so much time sculpting ,and decided to ask kara to have a tour outside Raven valley.

The hunters carried the goods and tied them to the horse. They carried the bundles while eyeing bali whispering among themselves.

"Who is this kid? he looks like moguls"

"I don't know. He doesn't look like much but chief asked us to protect him. "

"chief said that the kid will follow us to leaf tribe. We can ask him later."

kratos nodded. " scouts returned?"

" yes" replied nearby hunter

Bali looked in the direction of noise. There were two silhouettes dressed in hunter cloths sprinting over, stopping only when they reached kratos.

"We have scouted upto 50 km" said a man with a rough voice.

"thief's are waiting in front ," said the other.

"Alright." kratos waved and yelled showing no fear or worry "Let's go!"

Other than the goods on the horse, there were two large wagons with wheels made of wood.

Bali noticed that the wagons are carrying scluptures made by the tribe.

Bali occasionally smelled blood while traveling, from kratos he learned that the smell of blood is not from animal, it belonged to humans. Bali noticed the silence of the road as well as the strength of the hunters which amazed him. Anyone of the hunters outside tower of Hanoi can be a emperor.

"dark tribe! It's the dark tribe" a shrill voice echo from the front of wagon.

"Squad leader! Squad leader! It's the sound of the drums! The dark tribe is attacking us," a soldier shouted from the side.

Kratos now realised how wrong their scouts were ,they are not the regular thief they are dark tribe ,one of the 8 demon tribe infamous for looting moguls as well as demon's ,still no one touches them because of their strength.

After arriving near the battlefield a hunter wearing animal fur who was opposite bali grabbed his blade and started slashing at a soldier in black. As the slash hit, the soilder in black was wounded.

The soldier in black was not to be outdone. Although he was wounded, the sword he held still managed to pierce the hunters body. As he pulled his sword out, a series of organs also followed out .

"ahh!" Bali immediately started puking.

Another soldier in black saw Bali dressed in armor, he first appeared surprised and then overjoyed. He suspected that Bali was a son of high ranking personal of Raven tribe. He said "Our lord had given the order; a reward of 100 gold coins for every Raven tribe members we kill "

"Dark tribe you dare to rob Raven tribe!" A seven foot tall, bearded burly man kratos glared the soilder in black. In a span of seconds, flash of white , a sword is thrusted out, pointing right at the belly of the soilder in black. Kratos with the sword in his hand didn't wait for the move of the soilder suddenly tilting the sword sideways as the blade swipes towards the neck of the soilder in black. The man holds up his sword to parry. "ting ! ting! ting! zzz!" The two swords meet, and vibrates, creating a slight hum. The humming did not stop before the flashes began again, in a quick succession moves are being exchanged. Suddenly, kratos sword sliced straight down, heading towards the soilder left soulder. The soilder stepped to his right to dodge the blow while kratos moved his sword in quick fashion to remove the head of the soilder. All of a sudden sound of clapping was heard from all directions along with the laughter of women. Kratos yelled in fear "white witch" and quickly boarded the horse to ran away.

 Right after the laughter two women appeared One is middle aged women around 40 years of age. The other is seductive young women carrying whip in her right hand, face full of pride. They are about 2 meters apart, behind each stood about 50 soilders wearing black uniform.

The fight has gone on for a long time now, the moves keep getting faster and faster, with addition of new deaths but no winner has emerged yet ,with the sudden appearence of these two women the fight stopped for a moment.

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