6 Chapter | 6. Unknown plan

Chapter - 6.

"Little brother, these are our most exquisite bag we have at at present in the store." The employee of the store finally said, leading Han Jue to the most prominent section of the store.

Hearing the lady, Han Jue looked at the bags encased in transparent glass; there were over ten begs in altogether, yet he felt perplexed given that they all seemed the same to him.

Asking, "which one among them is higher valued?" he turned around to look at the shop employee.

The shop employee glanced back at him to see whether he was serious, nevertheless promptly as she noticed his free-spirited demeanour, she instantly realised and thought, 'of course, he's rich.'

In order to feel as though she had put in some effort in exchange for the money she was about to receive, she nodded to Han Jue and then moved on to take out the bag to meet the unknown expectations.

But before she could act, a voice interrupted her.

"Mr. Han, do you even know what kind of bag you're trying purchase?"

"Maybe, if I may suggest, you should also purchase one of these bags for Miss Su rather than asking her to choose." Han Jue responded nonchalantly, believing that the man could easily purchase one if he so desired.

Even if the man was a pervert, Han Jue thought he was ought to serve a purpose, just like this one, which was to buy a bag for Su Yan before he was dumped out.

"You.. Are you crazy?" Mr. Zhou snarled.

"What do you mean? Do you think these bags fall short of your expectations?" Han Jue asked incoherently.

The shop's employee, who was about to take out the bag and wrap up the transaction, looked at Mr. Zhou and realised right away that although the man was clad in opulent clothing, they were in fact imitations.

She wanted to say something to impress Han Jue, but she decided against it out of caution since the two men were conversing as though they were acquaintances.

Meanwhile Mr. Zhou, who came running here to ridicule Han Jue for deviating from his means, was in a difficult situation.

He never would've imagined that this poor fucker would respond in this way. Had he gone to a section where his pocket was willing to comply, he might have gambled, confident that he would still be able to get the woman, but as of right now, there was no way out for him because every fucking bag in the section where he was standing could cost upwards of a hundred thousand yuan.

The Zhou guy seemed to be pushed back a little, and as Lin Yanmei noticed what was happening she went ahead and asked, "Han Jue, what are you trying to do in this section?"

Hearing Lin yanmei's voice, Han Jue looked up to his red side and saw two breathtaking beauties standing there, confusedly staring at him.

"Oh, why did you come here? I was planning to surprise you." Han Jue asked, a little dejected upon seeing his fun play broke down.

"Surprise?" Lin Yanmei asked.

"Yeah, I had been planning on getting you something lovely that could stay alongside you most of the time." After answering, Han Jue pointed back to Mr. Zhou and remarked, "Mr. Zhou also happens to be buying one for Miss Su Yan, thus I thought it would be wonderful time to get you one as well."

'What is this guy up to?' Thoughts of Han Jue having planned something caused Lin Yanmei to abruptly change his tone from nervous to affectionate, saying, "There really was no need for that."

Han Jue's heart raced as he saw Lin Yanmei cooperating and heard her enticing voice, but he knew that completing the task he had begun was more important, so he just gave her a sweet smile before turning back to the store employee and requesting that she take out their most costly bag.

The shop employee sighed with relief, noticing that she was likely to be receiving an adequate commission from this purchase. 

She casually took out a bag of merlot colour and gave it to Han Jue carefully, stating, "Little brother, this is the Red Crown's newly designed custom bag and it cost a little over six hundred thousand yuan."

"Six hundred thousand yuan? Are you sure you don't have anything more costly than that?" Obliviously, Han Jue asked.

"What was it he just said?"

"Just six hundred thousand yuan? are you sure that guy is not bragging?"

"Indeed, he seems like that kind of guy, and he has two attractive women standing behind him, so it seems likely that he is bragging to win their approval."

Irrespective of the onlooker's rude chatter, the shop employee replied courteously, "No, this is our shop's most premium product."

"That's bad, I really wanted to buy a million yuan bag." Han Jue muttered in unhappy tone.

Mr. Zhou, who had stepped back slightly out of fear for the cost of the bag, realised something and felt confident again. With a sly smile, he said, "Mr. Han, what is there to think about price, when you give a gift from the heart."

"Yeah, you are right, one shouldn't think about the cost if they are giving it with their heart." Han Jue exclaimed with a sparkle in his eyes, then peered at Mr. Zhou, thinking, 'this guy really is an efficient pervert, no shit that he managed to progress till here'

"Beautiful sister, I would like to go over the payment." Without waiting a moment, Han Jue informed the shop employee, who smiled broadly, bowed a bit, and hurried over with the bag to the manager to wrap up paying for the high-end item and pack it for to be sold.

"You, what did you just say?" The fact that Han Jue's actions differed from those of someone who merely knew how to boast rather than actually purchase, stumped Mr. Zhou, who was ready to observe Han Jue making fun of himself.

"I requested her to handle the payment for that bag, why were you intending to buy first?" Staring intently into Mr. Zhou's eyes, Han Jue asked.