5 Chapter | 5 Billionaire brother!

Chapter - 5.

The shop employee chuckled, bringing her hand over her mouth, since she had never seen such a direct approach from a customer before.

"Don't worry little brother, we've every range of bags in our shop, so you don't have to worry about your budget being too little."

With the employee's encouraging response, Han Jue felt like giving her a hug, but he restrained himself after considering the repercussions and said, "Thanks for saying that, my budget is approximately within a million yuan."

"a million yuan, you say." The store employee said it as well, turned around, and as she was all set to proceed forward, but then she glanced back at Han Jue. Her eyes widened in disbelief, she couldn't decide if she had misheard or if this little brother was pulling pranks on her.

"Little brother, just now what did you say your budget was?" With uncertainty, she asked, looking at Han Jue.

"Around a million yuan, why? Is that amount too little?" Han Jue asked innocently, despite the fact that he had a billion yuan in his account, he was reluctant to toss that money away randomly.

"A million yuan huh, so I did hear that right," mumbled the store employee.

Looking up to Han Jue, she didn't want to say anything harsh to him, but pulling a prank like this was too much, so she took a step back and asked, "you, do you even know how much money a million yuan is?"

"Huh! What kind of question is that? Of course, I know what a million yuan is." Han Jue said, appearing perplexed, but as soon as he noticed the woman narrow her eyes in annoyance, he promptly opened his phone and merely displayed his account balance in front of her.

"Thousand, ten thousand... Million, ten Mi..." The lady, seeing Han Jue flash his phone in front of her, looked at a long ass number of zeros, so having no idea how much it was, she began to count the amount, and as each zero increased, her breathing became heavier.

'Billion!Does he really have a billion yuan in his bank account?' The lady was stunned to his core.

"Beautiful sister, you saw that right, I'm really not deceiving you about money." Han Jue turned off his phone and looked at the store employee, attempting to clear up any confusion.

"Billionaire brother! No, I mean little brother, I'm sorry for misinterpreting your order, how about I show you the luxurious bags we have under a million yuan and the brother can choose the item for his girlfriend himself?" After she recovered from her shock, the shop employee toned down her calm demeanour even more and explained everything to Han Jue in a smooth manner.

Even though she was still in disbelief and experiencing constant goosebumps after seeing that quantity of money, she wondered if those sensations alone could compensate for the money she might earn from this order if she was successful. The answer was unequivocally no, and she knew it, so she didn't hesitate and put up a calm facade.

While the shop employee was bringing Han Jue and showing him the posh bags so that he could pick one himself, Mr. Zhou also spotted him.


He was obsessing over Su Yan from the moment he saw her live stream, but he didn't gamble blindly on her because he knew his chances weren't great; however, when Su Yan started mentioning her family and her personal struggles, he discovered a new path to pursue.

His nasty temperament, which frequently fought with other employees of the company, found a new victim.

Everything was going great; in fact, he had borrowed fifty thousand Yuan to win her over on this date after his savings ran out. However, the plan quickly came apart when two people forced their way into it; while the girl didn't really bother him, but the guy seemed a risk.

Upon seeing the man, he took a step back, realising that he had no physical advantage over him, but realising that he had a huge financial advantage because, to him, the man merely appeared to be a struggling punk who worked part-time jobs to make ends meet.

He began to consider making a joke of the guy in order to properly assert his imagined, wealthy authority and to keep Su Yan in the dark until she was completely in his grasp and the right moment arrived very subtly.

Seeing the struggling punk, he knew exactly what he was trying to accomplish sneakily, so putting on his gentlemanly air, he looked at the attractive women and said, "Yanyan, if you don't feel optimistic about purchasing any of the bags in here, how about we take a look at what Mr. Han is purchasing first then you could come up with some interesting ideas."

She was taken aback as the man who had been insistent on taking her to a lavish restaurant just moments earlier abruptly changed the subject. Meanwhile Lin Yanmei ended up being even more puzzled when she heard Han Jue was buying a bag as she knew Han jue couldn't afford any item from the shop.

"Did I make a mistake?" she asked herself as she followed Mr. Zhao, who was grinning and guiding them to Han Jue.

She didn't know what to do if Han Jue caused a scene, so she started to hope that he had considered purchasing a bag for less than 20,000 yuan so she could find a way to handle things. Yet when they got to the the spot where Han Jue and the store employee were amicably chatting, the women's mouth dropped open in shock and Mr. Zhao's grin grew even bigger.

Lin Yanmei wanted to make it to Han Jue and bring him back to reality, but Mr. Zhou surged ahead and shattered her best chance.

"I'm sorry su Yan, instead of helping you he made your situation even worse." Lin yanmei had a sorry expression on his face as she apologised to Su Yan in stead of Han Jue.

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