Rise of Power: Journey of Kingdoms

In a world where the strength of a knight is determined by their mastery of unique breathing techniques, transmigrator Ethan finds himself inhabiting the body of Ethan Darkwood, a newly crowned king of a weak kingdom. With memories of his previous life, Ethan must learn to navigate this strange medieval world while trying to understand his new identity. The kingdom of Verdant Vale is on the brink of collapse, plagued by internal conflicts, external threats. As the young king, Ethan is initially overwhelmed by the enormity of his responsibilities and the intricacies of the medieval political landscape. His saving grace is the discovery of a mystical system that would help him and his kingdom grow stronger and become more powerful. As he grows stronger, he begins to turn the tides for his kingdom. He introduces revolutionary laws, leads his knights to victories in battles, and fosters alliances with neighboring kingdoms. The once crumbling kingdom of Verdant Vale starts to flourish under his rule. As Ethan Darkwood charts his journey from a transmigrator to a beloved and powerful king, he redefines the concept of strength and leadership in the vast medieval world. With his kingdom building system, he not only saves his kingdom from ruin but also leaves an indelible mark on the annals of its and the world's history. ------------- My 2nd book: Legacy of Eldric.

Warrior_Blade · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
165 Chs

Cloth Awakens and Elder Dragon Fights the Alpha Wolf

Amidst the chaos, the rocky terrain becomes a battleground in itself. Knights and wolves alike stumble upon the treacherous slopes, their footing compromised by loose stones and jagged edges. The sound of bones breaking and cries of pain mingled with the clash of weapons, adding a grim reality to the brutality of the conflict. 


During these clashes, the wolves moved with a primal grace, their sapphire eyes ablaze with a hunger for victory. They lunged at the knights, their sharp teeth bared, aiming for exposed flesh. With lightning speed, the wolves tore into the knights, their jaws clamping down on armored limbs and torsos. 


The knights, clad in sturdy armor, fought back with unwavering determination. Their swords, gleaming with the promise of justice, struck with precision. Each swing of their blades was met with the gnashing of wolf teeth as the knights struggled to maintain their footing.