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All the Humans from Earth were suddenly transported into a new world called Celestial World. No one knew the reason why nor what the purpose was all about. They were suddenly transported without any warnings or signs and were forced to live in a mysterious and unfamiliar new world. For 50 years, Humans lived in endless suffering and torment. They were all forced to run from one place to another or else they would be enslaved by other Foreign races that had long been living in the Celestial World. Fortunately, the Human race was finally able to slowly develop its strength and power in the Celestial World through the sacrifice of countless Humans after 50 years. However, it was mysteriously Fated not to last long as an unknown power suddenly started doing everything to destroy Humanity's Kingdoms and Empires. A young man by the name of Leo Heart had his Fate suddenly rewritten by some unknown power to stop this unprecedented doom of the Humans after a Red Cube, that the Heart Noble Household had been keeping as a Family Heirloom from the very start of the Human Race existence in the Celestial World, suddenly jumped up and embedded itself into his right palm. A world full of Mystery in which Magic and Mana had become every race's foundation of existence. A young man who had lost his family for the Human Race's existence has his Fate unexpectedly rewritten after such an encounter. But, would it be enough to stop this so-called unprecedented doom? Would the Human Race's existence be saved by Leo from the unknown yet powerful existence? Or would the Humans sadly become nothing but a mere history in this new world? Note: The art of the book cover is not mine. All the credits go to its rightful owner... --------------------------------- If you find the story interesting and want to know how to support the Author and the Work (Rise my Elementals), you can just simply send a gift through that gift icon below or just buy access to Privileged Chapters, which is 1 coin to access 2 chapters in advance. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT AND HAVE A HAPPY READING! --------------------------------- I am back! 4/22/2024

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Black Organization

Chapter 67 Black Organization

Author: M_W Cancer

Grammar Checker: M_W Nomral

(Author's note: I'm changing the release time of the novel. Instead of 10:00pm-12:00am (+8 GMT) it will now be 12:00pm-1:00pm (+8 GMT) due to personal reason...)

After Angel finished her word. A sudden streak of light from the north and south came flying down towards their location.

"Lady Angel, I'm sorry I made you wait!" Evangelion said, bowing his head a little towards Angel, which the latter just nodded her head, an obvious gesture of saying "It's fine!".

"Ohhho, It's actually our princess Angel that got forced into a desperate situation? How about you finally answer my courting now, and I assure you that you won't ever be in the same situation like this again in your entire life!" Clydesdale said, obviously not serious but mocking words towards Angel.

"Hmph!" Angel replied coldly.

"Don't you dare mock Lady Angel, you piece of a scoundrel! Your body has already been used by common, ordinary, and noblewoman, with only Fate knowing how many times already! Such a mess of a body doesn't deserve such pure and innocent body like Lady Angel!" Evangelion said, cursing on Clydesdale without using any swear words at all.

Hearing such remarks, Clydesdale quickly became pissed as he voiced out, "Do you really think only you know how to speak such bunch of shitty words! You pretentious pretty face that acts all innocently and gracefully but actually a beast constantly holding back his urged to touch a woman!"


"Ohhh, you mad? Fight me then!"

The old man at the side stared dumbfounded towards the two that suddenly arrived in front of him. Being ignored in such a way, the old man finally became enraged.

"Tch! Don't you dare ignore me, you two pretty face!" The old man quickly shouted towards Evangelion and Clydesdale.

"What?!" Evangelion and Clydesdale said together before suddenly erupting with their powers.

Five Stars and Three Stars appeared around Evangelion and Clydesdale's body, showing the strength of the two to the old man.

The old man looking at the two could only gulp a mouthful of saliva due to nervousness and disbelief. He had actually unknowingly offended two powerful people. He wishes that he could find or dig a hole around and hide himself within. Such action like what he did was really suicidal.

Although the old man was a Three Star Mage, he was not a fool to believe that he could actually beat the two Mages. Even if he had a Magical Knight with him, that is much more powerful than him, he will still not be able to beat a single one from the two.


"Catch him Evangelion and Clydesdale, he knows some information related to the Black organization!" Angel quickly reminded the two in case they'll just let go of the old man after showing the latter their strength.

Hearing Angel's reminder to the two powerful Mages, the old man quickly moved away. However, the moment he moved, he soon realized that the place he was at had suddenly become like an illusion.

The surrounding was moving around randomly, like how a drunk person sees his surrounding.

"What kind of spell is this?!" The old man exclaimed in horror. Despite being Three Star, he had not yet encountered or even experience such a powerful Magic spell.

"I called this illusion spell Painting of the Drunk!" Clydesdale said, introducing the Magic spell he just used.

"This is a self-made spell?!" The old man said. Fear quickly covered his entire body. He had actually offended a Mage capable of making his own spell.

A self-made spell is just like what it is called, a spell made personally whether by an individual or a group. Such type of Magic spell is unique, they are one of a kind, and can't be easily replicated by just anyone unless the creator taught the Magic spell himself.

A self-made Magic spell can only be done by combining different Magic spells or by putting together different Element Mana in a single Magic circle.

A self-made Magic circle has 3 steps. First, structuring a design of the Magic circle in the Mage's mind, then applying it in the Magic circle, and finally forming the Magic spell itself.

Doing so is not as easy as it seems, though. It's not like casting a fireball and just adding another property to it in order to make it much more powerful.

A Mage self-made Magic spell is created seemingly in the same way as constructing a building. In other words, they need to construct their own Magic circle instead of just relying on the Magic circle that appears every time a Mage cast a Magic spell.

Such a talent of a Mage is really rare. Even above those people capable of stacking together numerous magic circles, such as Leo's.

"No one has yet escaped from my Painting of the Drunk spell. But, since I'm a good guy, then I'll give you a few minutes to try to break it. In other words, I'm giving you a chance to become the first person to break my self-made Magic spell!" Clydesdale said, puffing his chest. Obviously, he was really proud of his Magic spell. To the point that he will even give time to his target to try and escape.

"Ew, you actually used this spell on a man. I thought that you will only use such spells in your woman!" Evangelion said before showing an action of going to vomit.

"That's called Woman's Fantasy! This one is totally different!" Clydesdale quickly rebutted.

"Bla, bla, bla, Painting of the Drunk or Woman's fantasy, they are still the same spell made out of the same blueprint that you had personally made!" Evangelion said before landing down on the ground. He already knew that the old man will not be able to escape from the spell.

At this moment, the old man was just standing still. Though, the old man's mind was constantly wandering from places to places like a drunk person.

The old man might see and feel that his consciousness and body were constantly moving around from one place to another, but actually, his body would just be standing still on the same spot the moment the Magic spell was casted on him.

This was the real meaning behind the Painting of the Drunk spell. The person who had received such a Magic spell would be put into something like a painting in their mind. This painting would replicate the entire environment, but in a seemingly drunk sort of way.

To be honest, the Magic spell only turns out like a drunk person walking somewhere simply because Clydesdale sucks at drawing. So, he was unable to replicate a straight or perfect scene in his target's mind, and could instead just make a hazy and drunk-like scene.

At this moment, Leo inside the guard's wagon finally got out along with Cassandra and Veronica.

He was really annoyed! He was actually left out inside the guard's wagon and was only able to watch the fight. Although he likes staying out in trouble, but in this case, he had long been wanting to try casting a Magic spell in a fight. He had long wanted to try to test his strength, which is something he still wasn't able to do until this very moment, even though he was already capable of casting a Magic spell.

Also, Kylie, Natalie, and Dandelion had gotten out of the spell that had trapped them. And Kyle, who was really busy fighting the ordinary Bandits, had also finally made his way back to the group.

Unfortunately, though, Roland was still unconscious with a seriously injured body. If he is not taken to a healer capable enough to heal his current wounds soon, then he would most likely die.

"Evangelion, can you take every injured person first to Silver city? The healer here would not be able to fully treat their wounds." Angel said as she pointed towards Roland and the other seriously injured soldiers and mercenaries at the side.

"Also, pull that old man down here and restrain him along with his Magic Knight!" Angel ordered Clydesdale, after which the latter complied.

Putting the old man along with the Magical Knight to the ground, Angel quickly approached them to begin the interrogation. She really wanted to know about the Black organization, the unknown organization running rampant around the Northern region of Silver Kingdom.

"Restrain his mouth, hand, and feet, before you begin your interrogation. Especially the teeth! Much better if you check it thoroughly, in case of any poison hidden within." Leo suddenly said as soon as he arrived beside Angel.

At this moment, Leo's expression was dark, cold, and solemn. It was really different from the usual expression of him always being calm and the likes...

Without any question, Angel quickly followed what Leo said as she ordered Clydesdale to do the checking.

"Ehhh, if this was a woman I would gladly do it, but this is a man. On top of that, an old-looking man!" Clydesdale quickly protested.

"Oh, then will you let me, a woman, and a beautiful one on top of that, to check this old man?" Angel said, pouting and showing a seemingly begging cute face.

"Aysttt..." Clydesdale said as he could only nod his head, feeling helpless. He quickly began inspecting the old man's feet, hands, and mouth to check whether there are really poisons hidden around.

"Oh, there is indeed one!" Clydesdale said before casting a Magic spell to carefully remove a specific tooth from the old man's mouth.

"Ahhhh!" The old man could only scream in pain while the tooth with poison inside was carefully removed.

"Can I ask for that tooth? I want to know what poison they had used inside." Leo said, his face reverting back to the usual calm face.

Clydesdale quickly and disgustingly gave the tooth to Leo, which the latter received without minding at all.

Receiving the tooth, Leo checked it around for a while before putting it in a cloth to cover it well. Then, he put it inside one of his hidden pockets on his clothes.

The tooth for Leo was something really important, something that might help him uncover the whereabouts of the organization he long been keeping watch, the Black organization.