31 Bandits Ambush

Chapter 31 Bandits Ambush

Author: M_W Cancer

Leo didn't notice Cassandra's face turning red as he suddenly felt that something was wrong at the merchant caravan's front.


The guards' wagon suddenly stopped, which caused the people inside to be pushed in front. Leo went to pull Cassandra to his side as he became vigilant.

"Bandit attack!" Claude who looked at the situation outside the guards' wagon suddenly yelled out, which immediately warn everyone inside about the current situation outside.

"Stay here if you don't want to die!" David reminded Leo before getting out of the wagon.

"Don't mind him. If you really want to help, you can go outside but please don't cause any trouble!" Hannah said to Leo and Cassandra in a courteous way compare to David.

Leo just nodded his head, not minding at all what they wanted to convey to him. He hurriedly got out of the wagon along with Cassandra to check out the situation himself.

Outside, the soldiers and mercenaries hired by Sword and Magic were currently fighting against the attacking bandits. While the Mages such as Claude, Hannah, David, and the other two were fighting against the Mages of the bandits.

The soldiers and mercenary were at a disadvantage in numbers despite Ban helping them at the forefront. Looking closely, he was just obviously putting up an act of help, which then made his help really useless.

Dandelion was a healer and support, so she wasn't able to cast any powerful attacking spell. Though she was still casting consecutive healing spells, she knew about to the wounded soldiers and mercenaries, which really helped them continue fighting.

Claude, Hannah, and David were also at a disadvantage in numbers. They horribly discovered that there were actually more Mages from the Bandits side at this moment.

Cassandra really wanted to help them, but she was unable to do anything because she didn't even know yet how to cast a spell.

Realizing that they will surely lose if the situation continues, Leo immediately went to grab his bow on his back, as he shoots out an arrow that lets out smoke towards the Bandit Mages.

"Why did you shoot that kind of arrow!" David was enraged immediately as soon as the smoke covered the area of the Bandit Mages. He was already not in the mood since they were losing despite doing all their best, but now someone had actually done something to worsen the situation.

Moreover, David was also pissed because he could see clearly that Ban was just half-assed protecting the soldiers and mercenaries.

"Stop your argument and go help those soldiers while the smoke is still blocking their way!" Contrary to David's opinion, Claude was clear-minded as he immediately realized what Leo was aiming for.

Unlike David, who had underestimated Leo all this time, Claude on the other hand was told by Lady Angel that he doesn't have to worry about anything that the latter does. She also reminded him to just trust the latter and don't ask any questions on any of the latter's actions.

"Ah, so this is what Angel meant..." Claude whispered silently to himself before he quietly gave Leo a thumbs up as he then casted a spell towards those ordinary bandits at the forefront.

Leo nodded his head in response to Claude's thumbs up. He felt relieved knowing that not everyone in the group was stupid and hot-headed like David.

With Leo's smokescreen, it wasn't only their side who can't see the target but also those Mages from the bandit side. Although there were still spells flying around from time to time, it was still a lot safer compared to before since they could see where it would likely land and hence easily dodge it.

At this moment, the Sword and Magic merchant caravan were now at the advantage since the ordinary bandits were unable to receive help anymore from their comrade Mages due to being on the opposite side of the smoke.

Although, the Bandit Mages still knew about where the general location of the ordinary bandits, but still they were unable to provide support because of the thought that they might hit their fellow bandits unknowingly.

However, without anyone noticing, just after the attention of Cassandra, Claude, Hannah, David, and the others was drawn towards the ordinary Bandits. Leo suddenly launched himself towards the smoke.

It was too late when the others realized because Leo was already inside the smoke. Cassandra was also unable to stop him since she was also focusing her attention on the ordinary Bandits.

Cassandra wanted to go and help Leo, but Claude was quick enough as he immediately stopped her.

"Trust him!" Claude said after hurriedly blocking Cassandra's path. Though he just meets Leo today, with the reminder of Angel in his mind, he had already trusted the guy.

Cassandra could only follow what Claude said despite feeling unwilling. She indeed trusts Leo, but it was exactly because of that trust why she was currently worried.

Despite all this time living together, Leo had only shown Cassandra his bright mind and genius plans. Not once had she found out about his capability as a Mage. She had even thought that he has only discovered his affinity of becoming a Mage and was still unable to cast any spells like her, too. Hence, she became really worried.

At this moment, as soon as Leo got inside the smokescreen, he showed an excited expression on his face. He put his arm in front of him as he quickly summoned the Earth Elemental.

"Time to test your strength, big guy!" Leo said as he patted the back of the Earth Elemental that appeared in front of him.

The Earth Elemental was just two meters tall, the same as the Wind Elemental. But it was completely made out of a rock, which unlike the Wind Elemental that gives the feeling of a harmless entity, it was giving the vibe of a savage monster.

Looking at the Earth Elemental, Leo could see it staring towards him with its hollow eye socket. He quickly began inspecting its body. He noticed that its arms were the same as those of humans, but instead of fingers, it was actually sharp like an icicle that looked like claws attached to its hand. Its lower body was like an armor too, that could surely crash bones if ever they receive a knee strike or a kick from the Earth Elemental.

Smiling mischievously, Leo finally gave his order, "Kill them all!"

The Earth Elemental quickly launched itself towards the Bandit Mages after receiving Leo's order. It quickly slashes its claw as soon as it arrived in front of a Bandit Mage. The unlucky guy was immediately cleaved into many pieces by the Earth Elemental's claw without being able to defend.

Leo was immediately taken aback when he saw the Earth Elementals' capability, he realized that he had actually really underestimated its strength. The Bandit Mage was actually minced into pieces with just the Earth Elemental's one slash alone. To be honest, it was a really gruesome sight to look at the minced Bandit Mage.

Right after that moment, Leo could only shake his head in disappointment at his opinion about the Mages. He finally understood at this time that Mages were not actually as powerful as he had thought about. Although the Mages were the main front liners at the battlefield of Battle of the Races, it still didn't mean that they were really powerful individuals. In fact, he had realized that the Mages were actually still ordinary people, too. They were only different from ordinary people due to their supernatural capability of being able to cast spells and other supernatural stuff.

Leo can't help but compare the Mages to Magical Beast. Although the former was much smarter than the latter, but still both of them can be killed easily if a person uses the right method to hunt them.

With the new inspiration in mind, Leo quickly turned his attention away. He knew that he should not only be watching the battle between the Bandit Mages and the Earth Elemental.

Turning around, Leo quickly pulled the string of his bow, sending an arrow flying towards one of Bandit Mage that has unconsciously appeared in his sight.

Just like what Leo had expected about, the arrow directly hit the Bandit Mage head, penetrating its head and easily killing the poor bandit.

Leo again pulled multiple shots, trying to kill as much of the Bandit Mages as possible before the smokescreen finally run out. Unexpectedly, though, he had again soon discovered that he had really underestimated the Earth's Elemental. Not long after he shoots his sixth arrow, he was taken aback when he found out that all the Bandit Mages were actually already dead.

A total of 20 Bandit Mages lay on the ground, dead. Aside from the six Bandit Mages that Leo had luckily killed with a shoot of an arrow from his bow, the others were cleaved and minced into pieces by the Earth Elemental. Their bodies lay in the ground incomplete, this was basically the meaning behind the words, "Rest in pieces".

"Just how strong is this guy?" Leo said in disbelief while he stared his eyes shockingly towards the Earth Elemental currently covered in blood. He really can't believe that he had actually gained such a powerful ability from their family Heirloom.

Noticing that the smoke screen was now slowly dispersing, Leo hurriedly unsummoned the Earth Elemental. He was not planning on showing his trump card to anyone. Even if they found out that 16 bodies of the Bandit Mages were cut in a half or pieces and hence were badly mutilated, they will still won't suspect that it was the doing of an Earth Elemental that he could control. It was much better to give them the idea that he had a trump card that allows him to attack and the result was those to their bodies, than bluntly showing that it was the doing of an Earth Elemental.

Leo would surely get into trouble the moment he returned to Silver city if they found out about his capability to control Earth Elemental.

"Such a powerful ability should be shared with the whole Human race instead of only being used by one single person," these words will surely become the excuses of the Noble Household and Royal Family just to get Leo's power.

Naturally, Leo wasn't against the idea of sharing his ability with others, but the problem here was he himself doesn't even know how he had gained the ability aside from the Red Cube. If they found out that it was through a mysterious Red Cube, they will surely ask where he had found the item which he would surely be unable to answer. And after knowing that they will be unable to get such ability, they will forcefully take it from him, which will surely cause him his death!

"Better be safe than sorry..." Leo reminded himself quietly before he walked back towards the merchant caravan's location.

Finally, the smoke dispersed. Everyone immediately saw Leo walking towards them. But not a single Bandit Mages could be seen behind him at this moment.

However, they soon noticed that all of the Bandit Mage was already laying on the group dead, either with an arrow to their heads, cut into pieces, and hence a badly mutilated body.

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