41 An encounter with Elizabeth

Chapter 41 An encounter with Elizabeth

Author: M_W Cancer

Grammar Checker: M_W Nomral

Leo left the Job Bulletin Office building after finally getting all his points. Nothing was interesting inside the building anymore, aside from the gigantic and long Job Bulletin board. Naturally, he wouldn't just stay there and waste his entire time by staring at all the missions listed on the Job Bulletin board, since basically all of it could also be seen in the Book of Missions that the Silver Mage Academy had handed to him.

Getting outside, Leo chooses a direction as he then began walking around randomly. To be honest, he wasn't planning to return yet to the house. His thoughts might suddenly wander around as soon as he sees Cassandra, again. Fate knows what would suddenly happen if ever he can't stop his fantasies. He might even just turn his fantasies into a reality since he was basically capable of really doing so.

As Leo keeps on walking, he can't help but watch a lot of students completing their mission around the Silver Mage Academy along his way. His face can't help but show a different kind of emotions from time to time as he keeps on watching different scenes.

The students were frantically running from one place to another, hiding while looking around their surroundings, secretly moving around the dark, and many more...

Leo had also seen a group of 1st-year students ganging up on one student who he was sure about was completing the same mission as them.

Leo could only shake his head in sympathy as he watches such a scene.

"The competition is actually worse than I had thought."

At once, Leo had thought that with how many were the missions listed in the Book of Mission, the competition wouldn't really be this intense. But he was really wrong. There were indeed numerous missions listed in the Book of Missions, but there were only a handful of easy missions that the 1st year students were capable of completing, or even those higher year but weak students.

Obviously, the high rewarding missions that the students could accept were long accepted by the other capable ones in the same year, leaving a handful of easy missions to the weak students.

Leo couldn't help but to imagine that if the competition with the students from the same Mage Academy was already this intense, then how much more the competition among the other students of the different Mage Academies throughout the entire Silver Kingdom.

The competition was already this intense despite just being inside the Silver Mage Academy, then how much more of those students completing missions outside from their respective Mage Academies.

Leo immediately felt really grateful that he had found a loophole and also to Madam Silva for giving him the chance to abuse such a loophole. He just can't imagine his own self battling just for a few tens or hundreds of points. It was really troublesome. Something that he hated the most.

Imagine a student fighting a fellow student just so that they could guard the Library, just to trim the grasses around the Silver Mage Academy, just to clean the Garden, just to check some of the Silver Mage Academy's stocks, and many more... And at the end of the day, they would just be rewarded with tens or hundreds of points afterwards.

The points that they had earned would most likely just be used to buy them one or two kind resources, and it was in exchange for offending everyone who was completing the same mission with them, too. In short, it wasn't really that worth it.

But who cares, right? Since this was basically the only way that the Mage Academies had left to their respective students to become strong. Hence, those students could only follow so, whether they like it or not, whether it's worth it or not, and whether they'll offend other people or not.

Leo also thought that this was just reasonable. With how chaotic was this Celestial World, the weak ones will surely die if they don't adapt to the current situation.

All the Mage Academies throughout the entire Silver Kingdom were only doing this in order for them to groom their respective students, and in order for their respective students to become strong in such a way that they will be able to survive in such a cruel world, the Celestial World.

All the students competition happening throughout the entire Silver Kingdom was simply just a way of all the Mage Academies to their respective students in order for them to be able to shed from their own cocoons of being weak, and hence finally becoming a beautiful butterfly capable of flying freely through the sky.

Every day, billions of lives from countless of races living in the Celestial World were being killed in the Battlefield of the War of Races. Which was more likely the same as the competition happening every day throughout the entire Silver Kingdom.

Moreover, those people dying on the battlefield were already strong, to begin with, yet they still died. How much more those students who were basically still greenhorns. The majority of them can't even kill a Magical Beast yet, so the Mage Academies could only implement such intense competition to forcefully make them strong.

Though solving the problem of the War of Races was simply just to stop the war. But will anyone even do so? With the chance to rule the whole gigantic Celestial World, will a race really just stop the war out of empathy, sympathy, and pity, for all those dying people and for the peace of this world?

Even on the former planet back on Earth that the Humans had lived on only had a few wars, yet thousands of lives were still dying every day nonetheless. In this new world, the only way to end the war was to simply become strong. No! Specifically for someone to become strong.

To become the strongest of all the people living on this planet to the point where they can make their own law, what they say is the rules, and what they don't want will also be followed by everyone.

To become strong was the only solution that the countless different races have thought of in order to solve their current problem.

How will they become strong?

How will they prove that they are stronger?

In which way, would the other races believe that a specific race was indeed the strongest?



Win the War of Races and their own race will become the ruler of the entire Celestial World!

Win the War of Races and their race existence will no longer be threatened by other Foreign races!

Win the War of Races and they will be able to create their ideal world!

So, the War of Races would never stop.

Not until someone could claim the throne and become God!

Leo quickly shook his head to stop such thoughts from running any further on his mind. Such a thought wasn't his problem anyway, so why bother. The only thing he should pay attention to now was to do what he was capable of doing.

"Maybe I should just return home. Watching this student fight is just making me think of some unnecessary stuffs." Leo said with a shook of his head as he decided to turn around and walk towards the exit of Silver Mage Academy.

However, while Leo was walking, a woman's voice suddenly sounded behind him, "What could the great protector of Lady Cassandra be doing around in here in such an hour?"

Leo quickly turned his head around to look at the owner of the woman's voice. He was taken aback for a moment as a beautiful woman in black hair appeared in front of him; it was actually Elizabeth Snow.

Though, Leo turned his head back around again nonchalantly as he said, "Nothing much. What could be the Great and only Heir of the Snow Noble Household be doing around the Silver Mage Academy at this hour, too?"

Leo was really curious as to whose voice it was at first, but after finding out that it was Elizabeth, he immediately lost his interest.

To be honest, the person that Leo really doesn't want to associate himself with was only Elizabeth. He could feel that despite being so casual, conservative, simple, and nice, something dark was surely hiding beneath inside, ready to devour someone at any moment in her body.

In Leo's opinion, Elizabeth was actually like a scheming spider, capable of trapping anyone even if she was just standing in front of that person and doing nothing. He would rather prefer Cassandra since despite having such a cold demeanor around her, she was simply just an innocent woman that he really wants to hug in his embrace and protect her for an eternity.

"Just walking around killing my time, what about you?" Elizabeth said before letting out a pout as she then took a quick step to try and walk closer to Leo's side.

"Are you trying to ignore me?" Elizabeth quickly asked as she stared at Leo's eyes as if trying to discover something.

"Why would I even ignore you?" Leo casually replied as he stared back, but coldness was clear in his eyes.

'I'm not going to be fooled by such a nice-girl action of her.'

Elizabeth was immediately taken aback by such a cold eye of Leo as she quickly took a step back to create some space between them before she defended, "Did I do something to offend you? Is this about what had happened in our room before? You were trying to destroy our room's image, and as a chosen representative by the majority of my classmates, I could only helplessly stop you...!" She finished as she soon after showed an apologetic look towards him.

"Have you ever heard about the story of the downfall of my Heart city?" Leo suddenly said out of nowhere, which immediately made Elizabeth turn serious.

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