Rightful Vengeance Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Rightful Vengeance


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Hello dear reader, it is fate that has led you to discover this rare gem which uncovers one of the myths of how the moon goddess came to be. Truly, there are a lot of stories about this moon goddess, Selene. This myth you are about to read, however, is the tale I find upon my tongue eager to be proclaimed. It all began with the tears of a barren queen upon whom the mercies of the gods fall upon her and grant her the fruit of the womb. The queen’s womb carried its first child. However, the girl-child is born of the flesh and blood of the first titan gods. She was called Selene. As Selene comes of age, her father makes a grave mistake which tosses her into unwanted marriages, a terrible never-ending war between mortals and their gods. This led to the death of her only sister and the ill fate of her family, her kingdom and its people. As she sought vengeance that she deemed rightfully hers, she not only collided with friends and foes alike, she found a love which was doomed from the start. Could she bear to make the sacrifices required of a god in her raging battle of vengeance against the ones who’ve wronged her? Just how far was Selene willing to go for the sake of her grief, love and rightful vengeance?

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