Rick in Marvel and DC: Fusion

The protagonist’s soul walks through the universe of a mortal and merges with the grandfather’s soul in “Rick and Morty” during the journey. He inherits his grandfather’s talent and knowledge and then survives, grows stronger, expands, and rages in the Marvel and DC universe please support me on patreon.com/harsh07 you can read upto 100 advance chapters on [[[Patreon]]]] or https://www.buymeacoffee.com/harsh07 -------------- I've started my youtube channel and it's about art and anime If you can then please subscribe and follow  www.youtube.com/@Artistwholikeanime instagram - @artistwholikesanime

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Chapter 1: Beginning

Chaos, distortion, brilliance, fusion, monsters, and then chaos again

The demon from ancient times opened his blood basin, spewing out gods and dinosaurs locked in battle.

The four horsemen of the apocalypse rode a giant toad, while Snow White and Gorgeous laughed uncontrollably. The poor commit a crime using money, and the rich indulge in it as interest.

The Faceless Man not only feasts on the dead but also devours half of his father. Everyone took flight from the stove, kissing each other in mid-air; corrosive lips met, and a skeleton dropped.

A lifeless head hung on the kindergarten desk; the last teacher succumbed to AIDS.

"What…" A scream erupted from his mouth, jolting a man in his thirties awake. His mind reeled from the chaotic dreams, bizarre scenes replaying like a relentless barrage, almost causing him to lose his grip on reality.

The room lay in darkness, and Jude lay still, processing the bewildering dreams. Amidst the extreme chaos, an old man with an exploding head and bulging eyes suddenly materialized, delivering a punch that snapped him awake.

If not for that punch, Jude suspected he might have been lost in the dream forever, as it felt eerily real, lacking any semblance of unreality.

Feeling parched, Jude reached for the bedside table to turn on the lamp. But to his surprise, there was neither a lamp nor a table. Before he could grasp what was happening, another wave of pain struck his brain, causing him to faint.

In his unconscious state, Jude found himself floating in the universe, the afro-old man returning. Eyes blurred, mouth drooling, holding a bottle of whiskey, the old man transformed into light, penetrating Jude's brain like a universe-shattering explosion.

Even in his coma, Jude felt an intense headache, memories flooding in. Neurons fired rapidly, brain development skyrocketed, and closed neural pathways began to open one after another.

Three days later, Jude rose from bed, trembling. A thunderstorm raged in his stomach, hunger consuming him. Yet, his consciousness was crystal clear, comprehending the fundamentals of everything. If he was once confined to a wheelchair, now he felt like driving a Ferrari.

This transformation was courtesy of the afro-old man, none other than Rick from the "Rick and Morty" show—a genius beyond comparison, the smartest man in the C137 universe.

Surveying the unfamiliar surroundings, Jude realized he had traversed. The last three days' experiences were the aftermath of his journey.

He checked his pocket, finding a driver's license with the name Jude Herbert—a decent name. Along with the license, the previous occupant left him $57, a significant sum considering he still owed the local gang $3,000.

Opening the refrigerator, he discovered only Coke and beer, no food. "FUCK! I can't be the first traveler who starved to death," he muttered, clutching his stomach.

Leaving his apartment, Jude descended the last-century elevator. Memories guided him to a nearby Mexican restaurant, where the pancakes and grilled meat rolls were both delicious and affordable.

Entering the restaurant, he found Seres, the hefty boss, awaiting him. "Herbert, you vanished for like three days. Strike it rich?" he chuckled.

Seating himself away from prying eyes, Jude replied, "No fortune, Seres. Just a sudden bout of confusion that kept me bedridden for three days."

"Three whole days of dizziness and hunger flooded me. I thought I'd gain some insight, but it was just a mess. Now, I need barbecue rolls and chicken rice—right now!"

Soon, Anna, the proprietress, brought over the food, eyeing Jude with surprise. "Herbert, are you on drugs or something? You look like a ghost!"

"Okay, okay, I get it. So, I look a bit older than a teenager. No need to be so surprised," Jude said, aware that, despite being legally 21, he appeared much older due to his fusion with Grandpa Rick.

Anna frowned and left, and Jude attacked the food like a starved ghost reborn. In five minutes, a large plate of chicken rice and three barbecue rolls vanished, and Jude felt revived. Collapsing on the chair, he closed his eyes, listening to the TV news.

"Now, the latest news from the Metropolis. The Metal Man escaped from prison last night, and the police are in hot pursuit."

"A military fighter, believed to be from World War II, was found deep in the Atlantic Ocean. A frozen man, suspected to be Captain America, was discovered inside."

"In Midtown, a rogue looted seven gold stores and two banks consecutively, causing an estimated loss of $400 million. The Midtown police have called in the Flash."

"Stark Industries announced breakthroughs in the field of new energy."

"A mutant attacked a military base in North Carolina for an unknown purpose."


"What the hell!"