14 Handover of Work; Blood Splatters the Company

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The next day, a ray of warm sunlight shone through the window and landed on the bedside.

Lin Fan opened his eyes in a daze and picked up his phone out of habit.

An unread message from the bank had already appeared on the screen.

[Notice from Merchant Bank: 7,000,000 yuan has been deposited into your account.]

Lin Fan got up, washed up, and went to the restaurant downstairs to have his breakfast. After that, he started the Lamborghini and sped toward Qiankun building.

Along the way, it was inevitable that he would attract many people's sidelong glances.


On the seventh floor of Qiankun building, Flying Heart Limited.

"A silver-gray supercar just drove into the parking lot," the sharp-faced Li Lanjuan said.

"Sigh, it's a pity that I didn't see the tycoon in the car."

Her tone was full of regret, and her face was full of reminiscence.

It was as if she had missed out on a few hundred million bucks.

"But I think that tycoon must be a tall, handsome, and perfect man," she added after a pause.

The round-faced woman replied, "I don't know what that tycoon looks like, but that supercar is really cool! He's so cool!"

At this moment, Lin Fan walked over unhurriedly and said, "It's just a car. It's not a big deal."

Li Lanjuan glanced at him from the corner of her eyes and said in disdain, "Not a big deal? I'm afraid you can't even afford the wheels of that supercar, yet you're still talking big."

After saying that, Li Lanjuan strode forward in her thumb-thick high heels.

It was as though the longer she stayed around Lin Fan, the lower her status would be.

Li Lanjuan used her face and body to act coy and have her colleagues help her with work.

However, all of her tricks were completely useless in front of Lin Fan.

This made Li Lanjuan extremely unhappy. In fact, she hated Lin Fan.

Lin Fan was the kind of guy who would never do anything that he should not do.

Moreover, Lin Lanyuan was a woman who had her face and body completely altered from head to toe. There was no way he would help her.

'I'm not her father. Why should I?'

Lin Fan walked into his office and immediately organized the documents. He handed them over to his colleagues.

He turned around and was about to leave when he saw Li Lanjuan standing next to manager Xiong Guangping, who had a fierce-looking face. She was whispering something to him.

Then, Xiong Guangping strode over and said, "Lin fan, you want to resign?"

"Yes," Lin Fan said casually.

"Let me take a look at the documents you handed over." Xiong Guangping picked up the documents and casually flipped through them.

"What the hell are you handing over?" he shouted angrily. "Hurry up and go back to tidy these documents up!"

As he spoke, he threw the documents at Lin Fan.

Lin Fan's eyes turned cold as he dodged to the side.

Xiong Guangping saw that Lin Fan had dodged, and it was as if his dignity had been challenged. He picked up another document on the table and threw it at Lin Fan again.

Lin Fan's body swayed as he dodged it successfully once more.

This man had attacked him again and again.

Did he really think that Lin Fan was a pushover?

Lin Fan's face was cold. He picked up a glass cup and smashed it on Xiong Guangping's head.


The glass shattered, and blood splattered.

Xiong Guangping's sturdy body fell straight to the ground and curled up into a ball. He held his head and kept wailing.

"Ahh, my head is buzzing.

"It hurts so much..."

The faint smell of blood slowly spread in the office.

Xiong Guangping was still holding his bleeding head. It took him a lot of effort to get up. "Lin Fan, you're so cowardly!"

He was in the middle of scolding Lin Fan when he was frightened by the other's cold face. He changed his words. "Y-You hit me!"

"Hit you? When did I ever hit you?" Lin Fan said calmly.

As he spoke, he walked toward Xiong Guangping.

Lin Fan's pace and speed were all extremely normal.

However, Xiong Guangping was so scared that he stepped back and said in a panic, "Don't come over..."

At the same time, his eyes kept looking around the office for help.

However, Xiong Guangping was domineering in the company and had no social relations at all. How could anyone be willing to help him?

"I'm going to call the police if you keep doing this!" Xiong Guangping shouted in fear.

However, it was as if Lin Fan did not hear him at all as he continued moving forward.

Thud, thud, thud.

At this moment, there was the sound of heavy footsteps outside.

Then, Chang Kui, who was dressed in a suit and leather shoes, strode in.

He looked at the chaotic office and frowned. "What happened?"

Lin Fan's actions earlier had scared Li Lanjuan. She was hiding in a corner and did not dare to make a sound.

At this time, after hearing Chang Kui's voice, Li Lanjuan's expression changed slightly, and she hurriedly showed her face.

"Director Chang, I know what happened. The employee called Lin Fan wants to resign, so Manager Xiong asked him to hand over his work according to the rules.

"However, Lin Fan did a sloppy job. Manager Xiong asked him to do it again. In the end, Lin Fan was so angry that he beat up Manager Xiong."

When Li Lanjuan said this, she even put on a weak and scared look.

This was her usual trick to arouse a man's desire to protect her so that she could get closer to him.

In the past, Li Lanjuan had no chance to use this trick to seduce Chang Kui.

Now that she had finally met him, she naturally would not miss out on him.

At this moment, Li Lanjuan had already started to fantasize about the beautiful life she would have with Chang Kui.

"Director, you have to help me!" Xiong Guangping cried.

When Chang Kui heard this, his brows furrowed even more.

It was not because of the fight.

It was because he felt like he had heard the name 'Lin Fan' before.

In the next moment, Chang Kui's pupils constricted as he walked over to Lin Fan. He bowed slightly and stretched out his hand, "Hello, Mr. Lin."

Chang Kui finally remembered where he had heard the name 'Lin Fan'.

The new boss of Qiankun building was called Lin Fan!

In fact, he had even seen Lin Fan's photo yesterday!

Li Lanjuan saw that Chang Kui was speaking to Lin Fan in such a good tone.

A good tone?

No! It was not just a good tone!

In fact, there was even a faint trace of respect.

Li Lanjuan seemed to have thought of something and explained, "Director, you might have mistaken him for someone else. Lin Fan is just an ordinary employee of our company.

"He even hit Manager Xiong just now. He's very vulgar. Please be careful. Don't get hurt."

Calling the owner of Qiankun building vulgar to his face?

How dare she?

If Li Lanjuan caused Lin Fan to refuse the renewal of the contract with him, how much of a loss would he suffer?

When Chang Kui thought of this, he felt a burst of anger.

If Lin Fan was not in front of him, Chang Kui would have scolded Li Lanjuan.

As for mistaking Lin Fan for someone else?

That was impossible!

Not to mention, Lin Fan's name and appearance were exactly the same as what he saw yesterday.

Lin Fan's branded clothes were enough to show that he was not an ordinary person.

Moreover, Chang Kui could tell at a glance that Lin Fan was wearing a Vacheron Constantin Tour de L 'Ile, which was a luxury watch worth tens of millions.

All of this indicated that the person in front of him was definitely the owner of Qiankun building!

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