18 Eat More; Li Quan Arrives

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At this moment, Dai Weixue's phone vibrated.

She looked at the message and said, "Lil' Yao said that she'll come to the hospital after school. She asked us if we need anything."

Lin Fan said, "Lil' Yao's gonna get off school? It's not easy to get a taxi at this time. I'll go pick her up."

Then, he walked out of the ward.

Dai Weixue had wanted to ask, 'When did you buy a car?'

However, when she thought about the five million bucks that Lin Fan had transferred to her...

In fact, even the leader of Qing City was calling him 'Little Brother' in order to get investment.

In that case, it seemed normal for him to have a car.

Dai Weixue looked at Lin Tao's happy expression and smiled. "You're not worried about your son going astray now, are you?"

"Not at all!" Lin Tao said.

What a joke. Even the leader of Qing City had to call his son 'Little Brother.' How could he take the wrong path?


Qing City No. 1 High School was one of the key high schools in Qing City.

The most outstanding students in the entire Qing City were gathered here.

After the school bell rang, a large group of young students with backpacks on their backs walked out, full of youth and ambition. They were either discussing difficult math problems or talking about exam questions.

Lin Fan immediately spotted Lin Xiaoyao in the crowd. She had her hair tied up in a ponytail, and she stood there elegantly.

At the same time, Lin Xiaoyao also saw Lin Fan and ran up to him.

Lin Fan pinched Lin Xiaoyao's face and said, "Remember to eat more every day. If you lose weight, it'll be unpleasant to pinch."

"Brother!" Lin Xiaoyao protested.

"Let's go to the hospital," Lin Fan said with a smile.

As he spoke, he opened the door of the Lamborghini and got in.

"Brother, this car is weird," Lin Xiaoyao said, stunned.

Lin Xiaoyao did not know much about cars, but she knew that sports cars were very expensive. Any one of them would probably cost millions!

Lin Fan said, "I've been speculating in stocks and Bitcoin for the past two years. I've made a lot of money, so I bought this car."

After lying a few times, Lin Fan no longer had any hesitation when doing it.

"Brother, you're too amazing!" Lin Xiaoyao exclaimed.

After saying that, Lin Xiaoyao scuttled into the car like a little monkey.

Then, she touched all the corners. Her bright black eyes were full of excitement and curiosity.

Not long after, the two of them returned to the hospital.

At this time, Lin Tao had already been arranged to the VIP ward.

It was a spacious and clean ward with a separate bathroom. Overall, it did not look like a ward at all but a luxury suite in a hotel.

In addition, there were also nurses and care workers in the VIP ward. They provided the best service throughout the whole process.

Staying here did not feel like staying in the hospital at all. It was more like he was here to enjoy life.

"Wow!" Lin Xiaoyao exclaimed. "This ward is so good."

Lin Tao's sallow face was full of smiles as he said, "Lil' Yao, you don't know this, but the leader of Qing City, the hospital director, and the chief physicians all came to see me. And the leader of Qing City even called me 'Uncle'!"

This was definitely the peak of Lin Tao's life.

When he saw his daughter, he could not help but want to brag.

"Look at how smug you are. It's all thanks to Lil' Fan." Dai Weixue laughed.

"Brother, you know the leader of Qing City? The leader was here to visit Dad?" Lin Xiaoyao's eyes widened.

Even though she knew that her brother was amazing when she sat in the Lamborghini just now, she did not expect Lin fan to be so influential!

In Lin Xiaoyao's eyes, the leader of Qing City was a true big shot!

Such a big shot actually came to visit their father because of her brother and even called their father 'Uncle'!

Lin Tao was very satisfied with his daughter's surprised expression and said proudly, "Of course! Moreover, the leader of Qing City has invited an expert from Jinbei Medical Association to perform the surgery for me tomorrow!"

"Really? That's great!" Lin Xiaoyao called out happily.

The family was very happy to be reunited. They were not as sad as they were when they first found out about the tumor.

"Big Brother, you're so amazing!" Lin Xiaoyao cheered.

However, she seemed to have thought of something and said with great self-blame, "If I hadn't fallen sick back then and caused you to miss the college entrance examination and lose the chance to go to college, perhaps you would've been better off."

Lin Fan smiled and touched Lin Xiaoyao's face, "We don't know that for sure! It's precisely because I entered society early that I'm able to earn so much money and get to know big leaders.

"If I had taken the college entrance examination and gone to college, I might not have found a job yet.

"Besides, I've been specially admitted to Jiangbei University." Lin Fan laughed. Even if I had taken the college entrance exam back then, I might not have been able to get into such a good school."

Jiangbei University was one of the top ten universities in the country.

Lin Fan's grades back then were indeed not bad.

However, if he wanted to get into Jiangbei University, he had to perform well.

"Brother, are you saying that you're studying at Jiangbei University now?" Lin Xiaoyao was shocked.

"How can it be fake? The dean of Jiangbei University's School of Mathematics personally recruited me," Lin Fan said.

"Alright, alright!"

"That's great!"

Lin Tao and Dai Weixue both shouted happily.

All parents hoped that their children could study and go to college.

They were both very regretful that Lin Fan did not go to college.

Now that Lin Fan had been specially admitted to Jiangbei University, it was definitely good news for them!


Although there was a separate nurse in the VIP ward to take care of Lin Tao, Lin Tao's condition was very serious.

Lin Fan rented a bed for the night and stayed beside Lin Tao.

At midnight, Lin Fan's phone vibrated.

[Notice from Merchant Bank: 700,000 yuan has been deposited into your account.]

The next day.

Dai Weixue brought breakfast over early in the morning.

After breakfast, the family started to chat in the hospital.

When a ray of warm sunlight shone through the window and onto the bed, the leader, Zhao Jiaqi, and a large group of doctors came into the ward.

Zhao Jiaqi pointed at the doctor of medium build beside him and introduced, "Little Brother Lin, this is Director Li Quan."

"Director Li, thank you for coming all the way here from Jiangbei," Lin Fan said.

"You're too kind, Mr. Lin," said Li Quan with a smile. "It's my duty as a doctor to save people."

Even though Lin Fan looked very young, even the leader of Qing City had to treat him with some respect, so Li Quan did not dare to be arrogant.

Zhao Jiaqi walked to the bed and asked with concern, "Uncle Lin, how are you feeling today?"

"I feel much better now," Tao Lin replied.

Zhao Jiaqi said, "That's good..."

Then, Li Quan walked to the bed and examined Tao Lin's body. He then carefully read the medical records.

"Mr. Lin, you're doing well. I'll be able to perform the surgery for you later. Don't worry, it'll be over soon, and you'll be healthy again."

"Alright, alright!" Lin Tao responded.

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