1 Decomposition and Reconstruction System

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Cough, cough, cough…

"Medicine is already so developed in this world. Why doesn't this most ordinary cold have any effective medicine…"

Lin Yi rubbed his aching head and started coughing in the morning. He held a handful of cold medicine and anti-inflammatory pills in his hand and could not help but sigh.

However, as soon as he finished speaking, the cold medicine in his hand suddenly disappeared in front of him.

Not only that, a mechanical notification sounded in his dizzy mind.

[Feeling Master's will, the Decomposition and Reconstruction System has been activated.]

[Retrieved the ordinary anti-inflammatory pills and cold medicine from Master. The system has already decomposed and reconstructed them. Master has obtained two effective cold medicine capsules.]

All of this happened so suddenly that Lin Yi was stunned on the spot.

After a long time, he reacted and could not help but mutter to himself, "Damn, was I hallucinating just now?"

However, when he saw the two plain capsules in his hand, he was immediately dumbfounded. He remembered that they were pills earlier. Why did they become capsules?

He picked up the tablet that still had a few pills inside and immediately felt his mind go blank.

What's going on? Is this real??

He, who had been reading online novels for many years, was naturally not unfamiliar with the system. However, he did not expect that the legendary system would appear on him!

"Little Yi, what are you waiting for? Today is the last mock test before the college entrance examination. Quickly finish your medicine and go to school! I don't expect you to get into an elite institute, but can you at least go to a university?"

His mother's nagging immediately pulled Lin Yi back from his thoughts. He could not care less about thinking about the system. If he did not go, his mother's shoe would fall on him.

However, for safety's sake, Lin Yi did not eat both of the cold medicine capsules. Instead, he replied to his mother while throwing one into his mouth.

Then, he put on his coat, picked up his bag, and rushed out of the house. He casually threw the remaining cold medicine capsule into his bag.

"Phew! Fortunately, I ran fast! Eh? That's not right. Why do I feel like I have endless strength in my body? Damn! I recovered from my cold already?"

Sitting on his bicycle, Lin Yi felt that something was wrong. He had already caught a cold for a few days, so why did he suddenly feel better?

He immediately thought of the cold medicine capsule!

"Oh my god, this is too magical! Wahaha! It's going to be awesome!"

Thinking of the system, he immediately started to call out in his mind.

"System! System! Quickly introduce yourself to me!"

As Lin Yi called out in his mind, the mechanical notification sounded again.

[Answering Master's question:

System Name: Decomposition and Reconstruction System.

System Function: Regardless of category, you can decompose any object and reconstruct it at random. Note: The Master can also propose to reconstruct the type of item. For example, the system can make up for a small number of missing molecules for the Master if the difference between decomposing and reconstructing items is not great.

System Level 1: You can reconstruct one item once a day.]

"Damn! So awesome! Then if I buy a scrapped luxury car, doesn't that mean that I can directly break it down and build a new one?"

After hearing the introduction given by the system, this thought immediately appeared in Lin Yi's mind.

Moreover, it seemed that this idea was quite feasible.

The college entrance examination was about to begin. He would get a car after that!

Then, when he went to university, if he drove a million-dollar luxury car…


Lin Yi, who was riding on the bicycle, seemed to have seen the girls in the university waving at him!

"Lin Yi! Why aren't you going to school? What are you doing downstairs?! Do you want a beating?!"

However, a sudden shout from upstairs immediately brought Lin Yi back to reality.

Then, without daring to look back, he got on his bicycle and ran towards the school.

After his figure disappeared from the entrance of the district, the figure behind the window on the third floor shrunk back. However, when she saw Father Lin sitting at the dining table and eating porridge leisurely, she was immediately furious.

"Old Lin, look at this good son of yours! He's usually so proactive, but when it comes to exams, the results are nothing impressive! You don't know how to teach him either. You only know how to fiddle with your broken porcelain pieces all day. He really takes after you!"

As usual, he reached at the last minute and arrived at the "exclusive" seat in the corner of his class.

"Eh? Boss, haven't you caught a cold these two days? You look even more energetic than me."

When his best friend saw Lin Yi walking over, he could not help but ask in confusion. However, before Lin Yi could say anything, the old form teacher, 'Mistress Annihilation', had already pushed open the door and walked in with a thick stack of test papers in her hand.

"Everyone, prepare yourselves. The test begins now. Today is the last test in high school. Show me your ability! Let me see your hard work."

As usual, she nagged… 'encouraged' them. Yes, after a series of encouragement, the test papers finally began to be distributed.

At this moment, a series of coughs suddenly sounded from the front row.

However, no one took it seriously. The weather had indeed been abnormal recently, and it was normal to catch a cold. However, just as the test was about to begin and everyone was writing their names, the cough sounded again. Moreover, it sounded very anxious, and it was so obvious in this quiet classroom.

Now that the last mock test had started, this cough immediately made those good students frown.

However, when they saw that it was the ugly girl, Xiao Zihan, in the front corner of the class, they shook their heads. They still could not help but complain softly.

Hearing the complaints of her classmates, Xiao Zihan, who was in the front row, lowered her head even more. At the same time, she covered her mouth with one hand and tried to lower the sound of her cough.

Speaking of this girl, her figure was not bad. She was 1.72 meters tall but had been wearing a loose school uniform for three years in high school. Her large glasses that were as old as reading glasses looked old-fashioned.

Most importantly, she had never raised her head much. Even if she occasionally raised her head, her long hair would cover most of her face. Perhaps this was because she had lost her parents when she was young, causing her to have an inferiority complex.

It was also because of this that her classmates called her the ugly girl.

"Xiao, you can't do this. The test is in a few days. If you feel too uncomfortable, I'll send you to the infirmary to take a look. You can't let your cold affect your results."

The teacher's voice sounded at this moment. She liked and pitied this girl who had been ranked first in the entire grade for a long time. She knew that even if this child had a cold, she would be unwilling to buy cold medicine.

"Teacher, I happen to have cold medicine to stop coughing. Why don't you let her eat it first?"

Suddenly, a masculine male voice sounded from the corner of the back of the class. Immediately, the entire class's gazes focused on Lin Yi.

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