Rich Daughter Reincarnates as Her Eighteen-Year-Old Self to Rescue Her Younger Brothers!

"I've destroyed your face. Let's see how you'll seduce men now!" "I want to pluck all your hair too. Let's see how you'll seduce other married men!" The woman screamed while she cut off Mei Shu's hair. She then directly stabbed the scissors into her head and put an end to her pitiful life. Mei Shu had already been bedridden for over ten years. Her face was practically unrecognizable. Her four younger brothers were either injured, crippled, sick, or barely alive. This was all thanks to the woman next to her bed. Many years ago, Mei Shu's mother died in a car accident. Not long after that, her stepmother moved in with her stepsister, Mei Mu. Mei Shu's stepmother found a way to send Mei Shu to the countryside. After that, Mei Shu's stepmother and stepsister slowly took over all the Mei family's possessions. When Mei Shu was about to turn eighteen, they brought her home. The only reason they did that was to acquire the inheritance her mother left behind. After that, they kept plotting and scheming against her. They sowed discord between Mei Shu and her four younger brothers. Until the day Mei Shu died in the hospital, her brothers still had no idea she wasn't the one who started the fire that ruined their lives. After dying, Mei Shu refused to move on. She reincarnated to the time she was seventeen with her own system. She wanted to change her fate and rescue her brothers! In their previous lifetime, she and her brothers treated each other like enemies. In this lifetime... "Mei Shu, I'll do anything you tell me to," her first brother said. "Who dares to bully my sister?" Her second brother asked. "Mei Shu belongs to me!" Her third brother exclaimed. "Do you wish to marry my sister? Let's see if you have what it takes!" Her fourth brother uttered. [System: Quest completed! You'll be rewarded with a husband!"

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Since You're Already Here

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When Mei Yan saw this scene, his grip on the glass of milk tightened. He suddenly thought of how Mei Shu looked on her first day here. She was wearing her school uniform jacket.

Who would wear their school uniform outside of school hours these days, let alone wear one that had turned white from washing, with frayed cloth shoes on their feet? Mei Shu's attention was drawn to many details he had previously overlooked out of hatred, and he began to realize that what Wang Yue had told him didn't quite match up with what he was seeing.

Mei Yun threw a tantrum at Wang Yue. When he looked at Mei Shu, he found that she had a forced smile on her face.

Playing a complete role, Mei Shu naturally advised her father not to get angry, and then took the blame for things that were obviously not related to herself, making Mei Yun increasingly angry.

During breakfast, Wang Yue and Mei Mu were busy calming Mei Yun down and didn't even have time to eat.

Before Mei Yun left, he took out a bank card and handed it to Mei Shu. "I'll have someone deliver the phone to your school later. This card has 100,000 yuan. You can buy whatever you need with it. If there's no money in the card, just tell dad."

Mei Shu accepted it and said with a smile, "Thank you, Daddy."

Looking at his eldest daughter's obedient appearance, Mei Yun felt a sense of satisfaction as a savior. He patted Mei Shu's head before leaving.

After this battle, Wang Yue and her daughter no longer believed that Me Shu was a naive and innocent person. Wang Yue no longer pretended in front of Mei Shu. She just wondered why the person Old Wang talked about was so different from Mei Shu!

Mei Yun was quite efficient. Mei Shu had gotten her phone just after the second class.

It was the latest model of the current popular mango phone.

Little Eight shouted excitedly, [Congratulations, Master! Mission complete! Points +10.]

Mei Shu's lips curled up slightly.

The week passed very quickly. Mei Shu only did a few small missions during this period, and she successfully picked up Mei Jing on Friday.

Half an hour after the meal, Mei Shu carried Mei Yan upstairs to study as usual.

Mei Jing was lying on the bed and playing games.

"Fool, you should die."

"Are you idiots?! You can't even use your skills properly!"

His Bluetooth wireless headphones were suddenly removed from his ears. Mei Jing frowned and scolded angrily, "Damn it! Who took off my headphones! Put them back on!"

He was busy playing games, with his eyes glued to the phone without moving for a second. Only when he noticed there was no sound around him did he distract himself and glance sideways.

Seeing that it was Mei Shu, he returned his attention to his phone and asked impatiently, "What are you doing in my room? Return the earphones."

Mei Shu smiled and said, "I can return them, but you have to do your homework with me."

Mei Jing's hand paused as he heard the news. The character in the game was killed and needed 45 seconds to respawn. He took a deep breath, sat cross-legged on the bed and said, "I don't know how to do homework! Can you turn around, go out the door and turn right back to your room? Thank you!"

Mei Shu's attitude remained friendly as she continued to persuade, "It's okay if you don't know how to do your homework. You can learn slowly. Mei Yan persisted for two weeks and now has remarkable results. He bets he will rank in the top 20 of the class in the final exam this semester!"

Mei Jing felt like he was hearing a fantastic tale. He had even ranked in the top three of her grade when he was in elementary school, but since Mei Yan started studying, he had never scored higher than the bottom 10 in any exam!

Seeing this, Mei Shu had a good idea. "You don't believe me? You can go take a look now. We do our homework in his room every night and catch up on the progress we missed before!"

Mei Jing's interest was piqued. He got out of bed excitedly, put on his slippers, and ran out the door. Mei Shu quickly picked up Mei Jing's bag and followed behind.

When Mei Jing saw Mei Yan flipping through a book with a serious expression, he joked, "Oh, suddenly interested in turning over a new leaf?"

An embarrassed expression appeared on Mei Yan's face. "I'm striving for self-improvement!"

Mei Jing clicked his tongue and turned to leave.

Mei Shu reached out to stop him. "Since you're already here, let's study together. There is a good atmosphere for study here."

Mei Jing rolled his eyes. "No, I'm busy."

After saying that, he suddenly thought of his game. Mei Jing quickly looked at his phone. The word 'failure' was shown on the screen.


Mei Jing couldn't help but want to lose his temper, but he eventually suppressed it when he saw Mei Shu. He wanted to bypass Mei Shu.

Mei Shu finally managed to bring Mei Jing over, so of course she wouldn't let him leave just like that. She blocked Mei Jing with her body, no matter how hard Mei Jing tried, he couldn't push her away.

She was already prepared. She looked at Mei Jing with a smile and said before Mei Jing could fly into a rage, "I heard that you entered No. 3 High School with the top 10 results in the junior high school entrance examination. Other than Chinese, Mei Yan is not very good at any other subject. I'm about to take the college entrance examination but my study was delayed when I was in the countryside. Now, I can only rely on the remaining three months to catch up. As his elder brother, can't you help him at this critical moment?"