Rich Daughter Reincarnates as Her Eighteen-Year-Old Self to Rescue Her Younger Brothers!

"I've destroyed your face. Let's see how you'll seduce men now!" "I want to pluck all your hair too. Let's see how you'll seduce other married men!" The woman screamed while she cut off Mei Shu's hair. She then directly stabbed the scissors into her head and put an end to her pitiful life. Mei Shu had already been bedridden for over ten years. Her face was practically unrecognizable. Her four younger brothers were either injured, crippled, sick, or barely alive. This was all thanks to the woman next to her bed. Many years ago, Mei Shu's mother died in a car accident. Not long after that, her stepmother moved in with her stepsister, Mei Mu. Mei Shu's stepmother found a way to send Mei Shu to the countryside. After that, Mei Shu's stepmother and stepsister slowly took over all the Mei family's possessions. When Mei Shu was about to turn eighteen, they brought her home. The only reason they did that was to acquire the inheritance her mother left behind. After that, they kept plotting and scheming against her. They sowed discord between Mei Shu and her four younger brothers. Until the day Mei Shu died in the hospital, her brothers still had no idea she wasn't the one who started the fire that ruined their lives. After dying, Mei Shu refused to move on. She reincarnated to the time she was seventeen with her own system. She wanted to change her fate and rescue her brothers! In their previous lifetime, she and her brothers treated each other like enemies. In this lifetime... "Mei Shu, I'll do anything you tell me to," her first brother said. "Who dares to bully my sister?" Her second brother asked. "Mei Shu belongs to me!" Her third brother exclaimed. "Do you wish to marry my sister? Let's see if you have what it takes!" Her fourth brother uttered. [System: Quest completed! You'll be rewarded with a husband!"

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Bald Wood

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There were respectively five minutes of invisibility, telekinesis, lollipops with soothing effects, wall penetration, and coma water that made people sleep for two hours.

Among them, the ones with the highest exchange points were the Wall Penetration Spell and the Invisibility Spell, which required 20 points. Only the periphery and the entrance of the villa were monitored, so there was no need to worry about being photographed. She only needed to solve the problem of entering the room. Mei Shu gritted her teeth and exchanged 20 points for the Wall Penetration Spell.

When she looked at it again, the points required for the Wall Penetration Spell had become 30 points!

Mei Shu was puzzled. [Why did the required points increase?!]

Little Eight said proudly, "We're a highly ethical system. For each redemption of these harmful products, 10 more points will be required for the next redemption!"

Under the eaves, bow the head. I'll endure it!

Mei Shu quickly came up with a plan when he thought of Mei Feng's crew cut hairstyle, which remained the same for decades. [Help me check if Mei Mu is asleep. Then, confirm if there are clippers in the bathroom in Mei Feng's room?]

Within a radius of 100 meters centered on the host, and without violating the system's privacy regulations, Little Eight could provide Mei Shu with all the auxiliary information it found. [Don't worry, he's already snoring. There are indeed clippers in Mei Feng's room.]

Mei Shu tiptoed to Mei Feng's room. Fortunately, it wasn't locked. Wall Penetration Spell could only be used for one round per exchange, and she didn't have enough points to buy it again.

After getting the clippers, Mei Shu quickly went downstairs. She passed through the wall and entered Mei Mu's bedroom. Mei Mu's snoring was very regular. It was obvious that she was sleeping soundly. However, just in case, Shu chopped Mei Mu unconscious and then shaved her head bald.

When she was about to leave, Mei Shu had the thought of not wasting the 20 points. She looked at the two curved willow leaf-like eyebrows that Mei Mu was so proud of and shaved them!

From the corner of her eye, Mei Shu saw a small pair of scissors on Mei Mu's desk. Hence, she cut off all Mei Mu's eyelashes as well. Seeing that Mei Mu was hairless, Mei Shu covered her mouth and laughed for a long time. Then, She carefully wiped off the fingerprints on the scissors and clippers and put them back in their original places, then quietly returned to the bedroom, keeping a low profile.

[Congratulations, Master, for completing the mission. +30 points]

Accompanied by the good news L reported, Mei Shu fell asleep and had a dreamless night.

At 6:30 am, the alarm clock rang. Mei Shu immediately got up. After washing up, she walked out of the room and bumped into Mei Yan, who was yawning. She was in a good mood. "Morning, Little Brother."

Mei Yan was stunned for a moment before he replied uncomfortably, "Morning."

Mei Yan was a well-known king of lateness in school. He didn't do well in his studies, and his guardian didn't care. The teacher could only turn a blind eye to his behavior since he didn't disturb others in class.

Therefore, it wasn't Mei Yan's style to wake up so early today. However, he wouldn't admit that he woke up early because he didn't want to miss the first class. Otherwise, he would have to face a pile of homework that he didn't know how to do at night, which would lead to a big fight with Mei Shu.

Mei Shu didn't think too much about it. She was just very gratified to see Mei Yan go to school on time. She hummed a tune and went downstairs.

The two of them had just reached the stairs on the second floor when they suddenly heard a scream from Mei Mu's room.

At a time like this, it would only make people feel that something was wrong if they didn't take a few glances. Mei Shu pretended to be curious and invited Mei Yan to go with her.

Wang Yue, who was still sleeping, recognized Mei Mu's voice. She rushed to Mei Mu's room in her sleeping robe and knocked on the door, asking what had happened to Mei Mu.

However, the only response she received was the continuous screams and cries in the room. Wang Yue was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan, but the door was locked. Wang Yue could only return to the master bedroom to get the spare key to open the door first. Mei Shu and Mei Yan also followed the servant into the room.

Soon, Mei Mu's appearance was seen by everyone. The servant only dared to lower her head and hold back her laughter because of her status. But Mei Yan didn't care. The nine-year-old boy was right at the age of playfulness. "Hahaha! I'll call you Baldy Mu from now on. You don't even have eyebrows. The title of 'Baldy' fits you well."

Mei Yan thought of all the nasty nicknames that Mei Mu had given him. It was not easy for him to find an opportunity to counterattack.

When Mei Shu heard this, she burst out laughing. In her previous life, on the second day she came, Mei Mu mocked her for being a village girl. She even got someone to spread the word in school that she was an ignorant country bumpkin.

Mei Mu saw Mei Shu's smiling face and came back to her senses. She pointed at Mei Shu and cried, "Mom, it must be Mei Shu! Other than her, who else in the family would target me like this!"

Mei Shu's smile faded slightly as she snorted coldly. "Do you think that you don't have to bear legal responsibility for framing someone? You said that I did it, but where's the evidence? I just heard your voice and came here and you want to blame me for it? Are you sure you're not targeting me?"