1 01: In The Beginning

Chapter One Volume One: In The Beginning

Before there was something, afore time, reality, creation, and destruction, there existed nothing, a void beyond all voids, the blank sheet of the writer, the sea of absolute Zero. But then in an ephemeral moment, three beings materialized in the original void. They were called the supreme gods, the creators, and the three great Titans of Creation, Yesh also known as god, was the creation, Azathoth the Unthinkable madness, and finally Khaos the Empty.

Seconds turned into minutes, days into months, years into decades, centuries into millennials, myriad into eons, and the Supreme beings were bored, therefor those overpowered decided to create other beings. The old gods were formed from the madness of Azathoth. The Arch-Angels were created from the brightness of God while Amenominakanushi, Hundun, Ginnungagap, Pralaya, and Nun were shaped by the emptiness of Khaos.

Time passed and even more beings were created. God had children with the Silence Barbelo the first one being the twins Lucifer and Micheal. However, one day a war started, no one except the trinity knows how exactly it started. Most stayed out of it, but the one directly created by one of the three supreme beings had to fight.

After a very long time, Khaos and God allied and sealed Azathoth and his followers out of the omniverse, to the Outerverse. The Big band then occurred creating the universe.

Millions of years later, the primordials were born. The first protogenoi was Gaea, the earth, followed by the Night and the Darkness, Nyx, and Erebus. When the eternal Night and the silent Darkness "touched" "he" was born, the Abyss, a place where light would never come, Tartarus. To balance the Underworld and Earth, the Sky, Ouranos was made.

Sometime later, Gaea and Uranus had children, 3 one-eyed cyclops and the Hundred-handed ones Hecatoncheires. However, Uranus being disgusted by them threw them into Tartarus. After that, they had 12 Children, the titans, Coeus, Hyperion, Theia, Themis, Phoebe, Cronus, Oceanus, Crius, Iapetus, Rhea, Mnemosyne, and Tethys.

Gaea wanting to avenge her children and free them, created a scythe capable of cutting a primordial and gifted it to her son Cronus, being the only one "ready" to rise against his father.

Together they tricked him out of his domain, the sky, and Kronos then ambushed him and cut him into many pieces, which he dispersed around the globe.

In his last moment Ouranos however, cursed Kronos telling him that like himself, he will be defeated and dethroned by his Children.

Kronos became the King of Titans, after seeing all of his family wedding themselves, Cronus chose Rhea as a wife, and they together had 6 children, which Cronus ate 5 of them, because the youngest child, Zeus, had been hidden by Rhea with the help of Gaea, who gave Rhea a stone which Cronus later ate thinking it was Zeus.

In 21 first Century, 2022 a young teen was running extremely fast, his name was Percy, and behind him was a white truck, also known as Truck-Sama/Truck-Kun.

Percy was a normal athletic teen, loving books, manga, anime, films, novels, and unfortunately fan fiction, everything making his life more exciting. This night Percy was walking around listening to some music, why you may ask? Well, he was bored, and his body had been itching for some movement after reading the whole day one of his favorite book series, Percy Jackson.

However, in a random street, he saw a Truck going toward him, Percy having good reflexes dodged it, but then it came toward him again, adrenaline kicking he started running at a speed he would normally be unable to reach, he was going in many directions however the Truck was still following him.

After 5 minutes of sprinting, our mc realized that he was going to be reincarnated, so he stopped and faced the white Truck, his last words being "Please not Boku-No-Pico".

In an extremely big temple made from gold and white marble, an extremely beautiful titan was giving birth to a child. Near her was a big titan with a crown on his head. After hard times, the She-Titan named Rhea gave birth to her first child, Hades.

She took him in her arm and said with exhaustion "You shall be named Hades", however without waiting for that baby god to grow, Cronus took him

'This is no titan' thought the King of Titan and ate him in a matter of seconds.

(A bit before that)

"You shall be named Hades" heard the newly-born god

'Oh! HELL NAH!' he exclaimed in his mind and while he was being angry at his fate of being eaten, his father opened his mouth and then ate him, while his mother, Rhea, had a horrified expression on her beautiful face.

"HAAAAAAAAAA" he cried out in his father's mouth.

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