1 Athena Hexie Wu

Athena and the rest of the passengers screamed. As the bus plunge into the cold water, Her head banged into a hard object and her eyesight got blurry. She saw her fellow passengers from the other side of the bus struggling to get out. She was not lucky as she was one of the people that were slowly being crushed by the weight of the bus.

She felt every fibre of her being, every bones and tendons being crushed to a pulp. Everything went black.

That was until she felt herself being pulled downward. It seemed that she was falling into a dark abyss. Then memories of her life flashed backwards in her mind but then it started to become unfamiliar. Like it was... someone else's memories. It was as if she was watching a drama, but she was somehow part of it all. Most of the memories were depressing and were filled with hate.

And then suddenly she got plunged into cold water again. The difference is that when she opened her eyes, it was bright and it stinged. She hastily closed her eyes. Wait-- she opened her eyes again and saw her surroundings. Instead of bus seats and dead passengers, all she saw were white tiles.

'Is this purgatory?' She thought. Then her lungs started to hurt. She's supposed to be dead, but why can she still feel her rapid heart beat. And her need for air.

Athena tried to swim upwards but her clothes were heavy. Panic starts to kick in and let out a scream then her vision dimmed. Before she passed out, she was pulled out of the water.

"Young Lady Wu!" She heard panicked voices around her. Athena's body hurt especially her chest and head. She sat up and throw up water and coughed ungracefully. She filled her lungs with air.

"I'm...alive? Oh my god! I'm alive!!" She cried and hugged herself.

Wait...something doesn't feel right.

"Oh thank goodness! My precious daughter! Where does it hurt?" A pretty middle-aged lady hugged her.

"Are you alright, our precious jewel?" A similar aged handsome man asked her gently and engulfed them into a hug. Athena saw them in her memories earlier.

"Wait, what? W-Who...??" She doesn't know them but there's a voice inside her head saying "Mom! Dad!" Two words escaped her lips.

"This is all my fault! If I only knew Cousin will elope on our birthday, I could have told you Auntie, Uncle!" A young sophisticated girl came forward with a familiar phone in hand. She was wearing a princess dress.

"My dear niece. Why would you must rebel like this? Why are you planning to elope with your younger cousin's boyfriend? This is not a bearing of a lady from the Li and Wu family!" A similar looking lady came forward as well with a crying younger girl in tow.

"Older cousin! Why did you steal my boyfriend? First you stole my Big Sister's fiancè! Now, you're stealing mine? Huhuhuhu!" The young girl cried.

Athena tilted her head as everyone present were looking at her in disgust.

'Wait-- they're talking to me?' She looked around and then studied herself. She was resting beside a huge pool beside a humungous greek-styled mansion. It looks like she fell from the veranda as there was still a cloth hanging from there.

'Impossible! I was in a bus accident earlier. I even saw how our bus fell into the rocky river. How did I get here??' She panicked.

"That's enough, Chen Mingzhu! It is not your duty to criticize my daughter's upbringing! She's been around with your entourage ever since I got transferred to a different school!" The pretty lady hugging me stood up. Then the man followed suit.

Athena kept on studying herself. This was not her body, she strongly thought to herself, as she was short and slim.

Currently, although she has long legs, it was still covered in fat. Just look at her flabby arms. She even tried flapping it. And the black clothes she was wearing was so heavy, and it doesn't seem to fit her age nor the occasion. The people around her wore stylish clothing, but she on the other hand looked like a Victorian widow. And her hair was not jet black, instead it was bleached and it seemed like it was strawberry blonde.

"Sister-in-law Chen Mingzhu, one thing is for sure. My daughter did not steal anything as Athena Hexie Wu is truly is the oldest among the female grandchildren of Father Li Longwei and Mother Zhou Lanfen. And especially, she is the third young lady of Wu Corporation.

This marriage alliance doesn't concern who was born first because it was decided by both the Choi Empire and Wu Corporation." The handsome man said proudly. The people around Athena started to look at her in a new light.

Then Athena looked up at the man.

'Athena Hexie Wu?' Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped.

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