Rewrite: Survival of the Cannon Fodder Villainess Book

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Rewrite: Survival of the Cannon Fodder Villainess


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Oh it's nothing but a typical transmigration story....NOT!! Athena, in her previous life was an ordinary woman... A 28 years old doctor who fan-girls on any Asian dramas and novels, especially on her fave cliche novel turned romance drama 《Love At First Kiss》. After dying in an accident, she somehow woke up in a different body. Is it the body of the Main Female Lead? Nah! Oh then, it's the body of the Second Female Lead, the Main Villainess right? A big NOPE!! It's nothing but the body of a lowly yet talented cannon fodder villainess, the character that shares the same first name, the Main Villainess' bestfriend, and the first one to die in the Villainess Squad, Athena Hexie Wu. After agreeing to the engagement the original character tried to flee from, all hell broke loose. She actually got married to a character who was not part of the book but the person who made her family's business demise possible. She thought she was saved from her death route from avoiding the Main Characters, but fate had other plans. What are you waiting for? Come and read on Athena Hexie's journey in rewriting her destiny.


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