Revival of Uchiha, Starting with a Harem

Transmigrate to Konoha and become the only surviving member of the Uchiha clan. In order to revitalize Uchiha, Uchiha Natsuo had to decide on the strategy of "save the clan with a harem, prosper the clan with many children"! After all, his system is [More Children, More Blessings]. --- This is a translation of a CN novel, changing some inconsistencies in the original story. I don't own the picture in the novel cover.

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Chapter 161: Love, Lust, and Wind Blades - Tsunade's Surprise (r-18)

In the Uchiha clan residence, Natsuo looked at the girl who had just entered the house. Natsuo's other wives also looked curiously at this girl.


Temari immediately showed a timid look and hid behind Natsuo.


"Natsuo-kun, the sisters are so scary, are they not welcoming me?"


"If I marry you, the sisters won't be angry, right? They won't argue with you about this, right, Natsuo-kun?"


"I'm really sorry for causing you trouble Natsuo-kun~~"


Everyone: "..."


What the hell is wrong with Temari, why did she become so annoying? Damn Rasa! What has he taught her!


Hearing Temari's earlier conversation with Anko and the others, Natsuo was instantly confused by Temari's shy appearance.


"Angry? Why would we be angry!" Anko said loudly. "Joining our Uchiha family means we're all family."


"Don't worry, the sisters welcome you!" Saying that, she glared fiercely at Natsuo.


The meaning in her eyes was obvious: why is this guy so indiscriminate, even wanting a little girl like her!


"Really?" Temari said cutely and innocently.


"Of course!" Anko said without hesitation.


"Then, sister, will you like me?"


"Of course I'll like you! You're so well behaved, much better than those two brats at home!"


"Sister is so nice. I like sister the most." Saying that, Temari jumped into Anko's arms.


And then she started complaining, about her mother dying in childbirth, her father Rasa caring very little for his family, not experiencing any family love, and having to take care of two annoying younger brothers.


Anyway, Anko's heart immediately softened.


"What a good child... Come, sister will take you to eat a big meal." Saying that, she directly took Temari's hand and left.


Natsuo: "..."


Although Anko's naturally quirky personality played a part, what kind of skilled tactics did Temari use?


"Whatever, I don't care anyway." Natsuo casually shrugged and allowed Temari's actions to continue.


And to be honest, he didn't plan to make a move on Temari for now. Although Temari is older than Sasuke and the others, she is still too young for anything serious. She still needs a few more years to grow.


During the war, Natsuo was not idle. Especially after obtaining the Flying Thunder God Technique, he was able to take care of both his wives and the front lines, going back and forth between the two places.


But the war delayed some things, which made Natsuo very frustrated.


Now that a peace agreement has been reached with Kirigakure, Kumogakure is only a matter of time before someone is sent to surrender, and Sunagakure's envoy has already arrived and is negotiating.


Only Iwagakure is left, and Jiraiya can take care of them.


It can be said that Natsuo can now be worry-free and can now finally focus all his energy on reviving the Uchiha clan. Of course, what Natsuo is most looking forward to is... His wedding to Tsunade.


Because they're still in the midst of war, Tsunade insisted on not having any ceremony and planned to officially marry in after the war. But she has already moved in ahead of time...


The first day Tsunade moved into the Uchiha clan residence, Natsuo noticed that Tsunade was not in her room when he looked for her.


After searching for her for a while he was surprised to find her in his room, and when he entered she managed to surprise him once again. She captured her lips in a searing kiss, the aggressive dance of her tongue conveying her excitement.


"Someone is feeling anxious." Natsuo said with a smile as she pulled away from her to take a breath.


"S-shut up!" Tsunade stammered with unusual shyness, avoiding Natsuo's gaze as she blushed. Then, just to hide her frustration, she slapped him hard on the arm. "I'm just keeping my end of the deal."


"Of course." Natsuo said, nodding sagely, feeling kind enough not to mention the way her fingers trembled with genuine excitement as she tried to unbutton his shirt. Natsuo decided to let himself go when Tsunade pushed him onto the bed, lying on his back, taking off his shirt in the process, only for her to lie on top of him.


And so, they began a heated kissing session, Tsunade's hands exploring Natsuo's chest muscles continuously, as if it were the first time they were together. In a sense, it was. The first time they were together was due to Tsunade's drugs and subsequent encounters were only strictly physical. This time, they really had a deeper relationship. Apparently, decisively resolving the other Shinobi Villages' siege of Konoha was enough to break Tsunade's prickly exterior.


Initially, Natsuo was planning a quick encounter while strengthening her using Renshu no Kankei, but Tsunade's enthusiasm made him change his mind. He wanted to see what she would do while she had the initiative in her hands.


At first, their bodies remained joined, deepening their kiss even as Tsunade's body writhed over Natsuo's in a desperate frenzy. When she ended the kiss, she began to trace the muscles of his chest with her hands as she moved downward with determination, her lustful gaze revealing her intent.


Desperate need oozed from her as she reached for his belt, trying to take it off of him, only for her hands to shake so much that she fumbled again and again. "Enough." She growled with beautifully savage anger, finally snapping the belt.


When Tsunade pulled down Natsuo's pants and happily ran her hands up his bare thighs as she leaned forward with a smile. Natsuo's eyes locked on her exquisite face. Tsunade's lips slid seductively around his member as she bobbed her head intensely. It was a passionate encounter, made even more exciting by the fact that her beautiful brown eyes stared into his, mirroring her burning arousal. Her sleeveless kimono-style shirt gave him a tantalizing view of her cleavage every time she raised her head, and her eyes filled with tears as she took the entirety of Natsuo's member into her mouth.


Natsuo wanted to see her naked, but he also wanted to flaunt his strength. So she came up with an interesting idea...


"Wind Release: Blade of Wind."


Natsuo emitted chakra from his fingertips, creating an invisible sword from the wind. Because Tsunade couldn't see the wind, and because of how precise Natsuo was with his use of the technique, she only felt a gust of wind before her clothes fell from her body in pieces.


"W-what, how..." Tsunade stuttered in shock as she stood up, fully displaying her beautiful, generous breasts in the process, only to be met with Natsuo's playful smile. "Do you know how dangerous that was..." She started to say only to stop suddenly. "Well, I don't care. I'm just so...excited." She corrected herself as she climbed onto Natsuo's lap and impaled herself on his member, her scream echoing through the room.


Natsuo continued lying on his back, doing nothing but enjoying the frenetic ride. And Tsunade was frantic, her hips swaying hard as she moved up and down, her blonde hair fluttering with her movement, her fingers digging into Natsuo's chest. Just to make the beautiful moment even more perfect, Natsuo felt the bond he shared with Tsunade due to the Renshu no Kankei grow even stronger.


For a moment, Natsuo wondered why the bond with Tsunade would suddenly strengthen. But after thinking about it he understood why, the jutsu he had used to undress her was definitely not simple at all, he showed great precision and control over chakra. Although Natsuo's exploits in defeating the other Shinobi Villages were mainly based on the use of Susanoo, this power only depended on the Mangekyo Sharingan. This was the first time Natsuo had shown such overwhelming skill in chakra control, something Tsunade was proud to be the best at. No wonder this made her accept him even more.


After a minute of frantic riding, she let out a frustrated grunt as she grabbed his wrists before bringing them to her lush breasts, tempting him to explore her body. Natsuo would never refuse such an irresistible invitation, he sank his fingers into her soft breasts, enjoying the elasticity of her. As he increased the pressure, her moans intensified, accompanied by the frantic rocking of her hips.


She shuddered with pleasure as she felt the touch on her sensitive nipples. The sudden change of pace pushed her even deeper into the land of arousal. She slumped forward and hugged his body, while her hips continued to move with unbridled passion. "Let me feel you completely inside me... My husband... Mark me with your seed.... Make me yours..." She whispered between moans, given over to ecstasy with her eyes clouded by pleasure.


"As you wish, my beautiful wife." Natsuo whispered to her as he exploded inside her without warning. Natsuo noticed their bond strengthening slightly, as he continued to fill her with his seed. Taking advantage of this intimate moment, Natsuo activated the Renshu no Kankei and transferred the maximum amount of vital energy and mental power that their bond allowed him.


She was already at the limit and when Natsuo reached his climax, he unleashed a torrent of indescribable sensations causing her to orgasm. The explosion of life energy and mental power that flowed into her completely engulfed her. This was the first time that Natsuo activated the Renshu no Kankei with her, and although she tried to remain lucid before the tide of pleasure, she succumbed without remedy. Every shudder of his within her, every wave of ecstasy pushed her beyond the threshold of her consciousness, letting her speak as if she were under the effects of the most intoxicating elixir.


"This is impossible..." She managed to whisper as she registered that her vital energy was strengthening, but what surprised her most was that she felt a refreshing energy running through her mind.


"Nothing is impossible for me, my dear wife." Natsuo whispered in her ear as he stroked her head gently, letting it fall against his chest, her breathing slowly calming from her previous frantic pace. He let her sleep while occasionally infusing her with a little more life energy and mental power, being careful as strengthening her too much could cause imbalances in energy flow. Luckily everything was in order. Natsuo was worried about accidentally hurting her, because Tsunade is the first woman of his that she is so strong and has such a strong bond with her, so he was worried since he had never shared so much energy.


Natsuo was glad to see her grow stronger with his help, as she is currently his strongest woman with whom he shares the deepest bond, which allowed him to test the limits of Renshu no Kankei. Natsuo was curious as to where the strengthening bond's limit was. Luckily for him, this was the perfect time to explore that. Natsuo woke her up after twenty minutes of rest, when his energy fully recovered.


Natsuo kissed her gently to wake her up. "Wake up, sleepy." He murmured as she opened her eyes.


"I had a strange dream..." She muttered as her eyes remained closed, only to snap them open a moment later. "No, I really feel like I've gotten stronger somehow. How!?" She gasped as she grabbed his face, screaming frantically.


"Just another trick in my grab bag, darling." Natsuo said lazily, amused to notice that, despite her haste to get up, his member was still inside her, sliding deeper with every frantic movement she made.


"That's impossible." She exclaimed, her voice tinged with surprise, though the seriousness of her expression disappeared when she let out a soft moan.


"Really?" He said, grabbing her by the waist before flipping her over and placing her beneath him, his member still inside her. "Let's check it out together." With that, Natsuo began to furiously impale her, every movement intense and filled with emotion, trying to fill her opening. Her passion-filled moans were loud enough to cause a fuss if it weren't for the fact that they were in the privacy of his room. Each movement was accompanied by a small discharge of vital energy and mental power.


"That's impossible." She murmured again, this time her voice tinged with adoration rather than disbelief. "How?"


"We have all the time in the world for you to learn my most important secrets."


Her legs wrapped around Natsuo's waist, using all her strength to push him deeper inside her. Due to her inhuman raw strength, Natsuo began to thrust into her mercilessly, each push creating a mixture of sensations in her, stirring up a whirlwind of emotions between pain and deep delight, accompanied by another injection of energy. She moaned deliriously, her fingers digging into his shoulders firmly, marking the intensity of their connection.


"Yes! Oh yes~!" Tsunade moaned through tears as she shook uncontrollably, choking with pleasure. Her back arched, offering her generous breast, to which Natsuo moved closer to taste her sensitive nipples, further intensifying her pleasure. Determined to increase her excitement, Natsuo stood up, carrying her in his arms with ease and heading towards the wall. With her between his body and the wall, Natsuo penetrated her with such force that he shook the room with each thrust, pushing her passion to the limit.


The more Natsuo fucked her, the louder her moans of pleasure became, she enjoyed his displays of power, whether it was his physical strength or sharing his energy with her. Her excitement at his power intoxicated her, but fortunately, he possessed it in excess, making it a delight rather than a hindrance. Her mouth found his shoulder, biting it fervently as she shuddered in another orgasmic burst.


Natsuo decided to change the pace, gently pulling out inside her as he explored her rear entrance with bold movements, only to penetrate her mercilessly, forcing her to cry in pain, earning another merciless bite in response. Without holding back, he took her to a wild ecstasy, awakening moans that intertwined with her tears. Despite the intense pleasure when Natsuo met her brown eyes, she revealed total dedication. An ecstatic smile graced her face, the way she shivered from it only made it sexier and more hypnotizing. Natsuo, in turn, reveled in the moment. Fucking the Fifth Hokage mercilessly was an exquisite experience, especially with her being the first woman to be able to withstand the full force of her since she became stronger with the System.


"Harder faster~!" She said as she wailed through tears. "Take me, use me, I'm yours~!"


And so Natsuo penetrated her without holding back, letting himself be carried away by an intensity that had been repressed for a long time. Foreplay had faded into oblivion, and gentleness had become a distant concept. A burning passion and the desire to subject her to his will guided his actions, each thrust met with moans full of surrender. Without a word, she relented as Natsuo led her to kneel on the bed, then he pulled her arms back, causing her to bend over the bed, leaving her helpless as he penetrated her deeply. When Natsuo released his seed inside her, she simply moaned obediently.


"So much energy~" She muttered confusedly.


Natsuo was happy that the bond he shares with Tsunade was strengthened again, he realized that their bond is at the same level as that of Anko, Kurenai, Yugao and Ameyuri. Although he is still far from being on the same level as Yukino's and Yoko's, it is quite surprising that Tsunade trusts him so much considering that they have hardly shared much together.


The next few hours were filled with unbridled passion.


"I feel like I'm much stronger..." She mumbled dazedly before passing out once again, finally overwhelmed by pleasure.




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