Revival of Magic: Billion Times of Evolution

George transmigrated into a world with magical elements and a battle aura. Unfortunately, his talent was too low and he did not have any achievements. To his surprise, on his 18th birthday, when he was playing an online game, he realized that he could evolve abilities. The evolution of his fire attribute magic went as follows: Fireball → Flame Shock → Flame Storm → The Burning Gate of Hell! The evolution of his light attribute magic went as follows: Illumination → Light Saber → Divine Light → The Sacred Curse of Light! The evolution of his dark attribute magic went as follows: Inferno Fire Blast → Corrosion of the Dark → Domain of the Dark → Destruction of the Dark! He could even evolve space attribute magic. It went as follows: Item Shifting → Space Quark → Teleportation George unleashed 10 Fireballs. Immediately, the 10 Fireballs evolved into 10 Burning Gates of Hell. When the intense flame set the sky ablaze, the demonic creatures were stunned. The humans were stupefied too.

Night Moon · Fantasy
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37 Chs

The Shocking Combat Power!

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With the help of magic energy, George's magic improved drastically.

Although his level of magic did not increase, his power was comparable to his seniors.

Among the five elements of magic, Fire Magic was the strongest, followed by Thunder Magic.

Fire Magic, which was used the heat energy of nature, focused more on attack rather than defense. It was ranked as the most powerful magic with the same attack power as Thunder Magic.

Lightning Magic, which could use the power of electric charge, also passed a powerful attack.

Although the average attack power was comparable to Fire Magic, once Thunder Magic was used to its maximum, it could surpass certainly Fire Magic.

The defensive power was also abnormally strong, and the speed of lightning was also astonishingly fast.

In terms of defensive power, the strongest was Earth Magic.

Although the attack power was not very strong, the defensive power was extremely high, which was known as the best defensive magic.

If the earth magic was combined with the fire magic, it could also display skills like lava and meteorites.

However, in a battle, a support-type magician was crucial.

As for Water Magic, it used the power of nature.

If one used it on the surface of the water, almost no magic could break the defense.

But because it had the power of water, Water Magic had the best ability to heal internal injuries and recover.

At this moment, a mechanical voice sounded in George's ear.

"Ding! The magic energy has been boosted fifty times!"

George was stunned.

Fifty times?

"If ten times is already so terrifying, then what about fifty times?"

George was still wondering if he could control fifty times magic energy with his current magic level.

"How would I know if I don't try!"

"The Flame of the Red Lotus buried deep in the darkness, summon it in my name!"

As his voice fell, George opened his palm, and the objects around him instantly turned into a fireball.

At this stage, George was able to control the trajectory of the fireball.

Before he could process his thought, the fireball immediately exploded.

This time, the explosion was much stronger than the previous two times.

George was a little excited. Looking at the magic that he had cast, he was extremely shocked.

"Under the fifty-fold amplification, my magic has improved a lot in an instant."

However, there was one more thing that puzzled George.

His magic had already achieved a certain level of success, but why was his magic level still at the level of a magic apprentice? Why was he still unable to break through this bottleneck?

Usually, his magic would only improve as his magic level increased.

Despite his effort in improving his magic, his magic level had been hovering around the level of a magic apprentice.

One had to know that George's current magic level was almost at level two.

How could a magic apprentice increase his own magic to level two? Was he a genius?

As time passed, three months passed very quickly.

George was still a little worried.

During these three months, he had been busy improving his magic level, but his magic level was still stuck at the level of a magic apprentice.

Undoubtedly, he trained like hell. Even before dawn, he had already gotten up and started training.

Under the scorching sun, George was still practicing on the peak of the mountain.

Unknowingly, his stomach began to growl. It was already noon, and it was just time for lunch.

Therefore, he stopped and walked towards the cafeteria.

When he arrived at the cafeteria, he noticed that the food in the cafeteria was not very appealing.

There was nothing he could do. It was already good enough to have something to eat now. George had no choice but to bite the bullet and eat it all.

It was also at this time that a group of people surrounded George and said.

"Tomorrow is the magic test. You will definitely be kicked out of the Magic Academy!"

This person was Myron, who had some conflicts with George.

George ignored him and continued to eat.

"Well, I think you will have to pack up and leave tomorrow!"

At this moment, he couldn't hold it in anymore.

"Let's see who will be disqualified!"

"I will definitely pass tomorrow's Test!"

As soon as he finished speaking, George left.

After that, he continued to cultivate.

On the last day, George activated all the magic in his body.

"The power from the depths of Hell, please come forth to me!"

At this moment, the ground seemed to split open, bringing with it a scorching heat.

George's face was abnormally red as he was overwhelmed with rage.

The next moment, everything returned to normal.

George came back to his senses, not knowing what he was doing just now.

At this moment, the Noth Magic Academy was filled with the clamor of incantations.

All Kinds of magic were being released at this moment.

Gradually, the sky was darkening.

He stood on the peak of the mountain and looked down from above. Inside the Noth Magic Academy, all kinds of magic were being released at the same time.

At night, it was like fireworks, looking particularly beautiful.

After training for a day, George was ready to return to the dormitory to rest.

When George returned to the dormitory, he found that there was actually no one there.

"Training at this late hour!"

After George washed up, he had already turned off the lights and went to sleep.

He had just fallen asleep when he heard the sound of a door being kicked open.

Knowing that they had come back from training, he chose to remain silent.

But then, George was a little angry.

After they came back, they turned on all the lights in the dormitory, and that was all.

The noise was like the bargaining sounds of a wet market aunt. She did not take George seriously at all.

Eventually, George could not hold it in any longer.

"Can you all be a little quieter!"

George's voice directly covered their noisy voices.

In an instant, the dormitory became quiet.

"Yo, isn't this that trash?"

"Is he still not aware of his status?"

"If it were me! I would have left a long time ago."


George did not retort. Instead, he just hid his head under the blanket.

However, the weather was so hot that George's forehead was covered in sweat.

"Tomorrow's Test, we can watch a joke."

George heard them constantly mocking him.

Immediately, George rebuked them.

"Tomorrow is the magic test."

"As for you guys, you have nothing to do all day. Just Wait and see Tomorrow!"

Originally, he thought that this would be the end.

"Well, how much magic can a low-level magic apprentice have?"

"Tomorrow is the empire's parliament will be here to inspect us."

"If we see you, we will lose face."

"No, we will lose face for the entire academy."

Despite the scathing remarks, George chose to ignore them and suppress his displeasure. He was so angry that he could not sleep.

As he was about to sleep, their voices were getting louder and louder. He didn't want to cover himself with his blanket again.

In that situation, the only thing that could cool down the dormitory was a fan.

However, George had just put that fan somewhere else.

As he lay on the bed, he tried to calm himself down so he wouldn't feel that hot.

"Ding! The magic power has been boosted 500 times!"