2210 Paradise Earth's Death

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"Paradise Earth, I am willing to share my truthful floating ice with you. Right now, we cannot afford to leave each other in the lurch, we must be united and work together." Fang Yuan shouted.

Paradise Earth nodded: "Fang Yuan, you are right!"

Saying so, he made his move.

But he disregarded Fang Yuan, he targeted a piece of truthful floating ice.

The truthful floating ice was quickly kept in Paradise Earth's immortal aperture.

At the same time, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable targeted that largest truthful floating ice again!

As long as he obtained this, he would be the biggest winner in this Crazed Demon Cave situation. The two venerables were unable to defeat each other, if Giant Sun Immortal Venerable wanted to leave, Star Constellation Immortal Venerable could not stop him.

"Don't think about it!" Star Constellation Immortal Venerable had a cold gaze.



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