2243 Gu Yue Fang Xiang

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Twelfth Hair laughed heartily as he said some pleasantries.

Looking back at the mermaid immortals, he saw that they were in a daze, some of the Gu Immortals even had tears in their eyes.

Twelfth Hair was startled, he quickly said: "If I have done anything wrong…"

Before he finished, Lian Ke Xin interrupted him: "Twelfth Hair, don't worry. It is just that we saw everyone being harmonious and tolerant in this sovereign immortal aperture, each individual is given a chance with equal opportunities, they are close and tightly knit together, regardless of whether they are an inkman, rockman, snowman, or even human."

"To speak the truth, I have never seen anything like this. I did not even dare to imagine that such a place would exist in this world we live in!"

Twelfth Hair was silent.


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