2225 Enemies On One Hand, Cooperation On The Other

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Northern Plains.

Longevity Heaven.

Giant Sun Immortal Venerable held onto an information path mortal Gu as he thought to himself and sighed with a calm expression: "To think that as a venerable, I will actually be unable to do anything against a mere Northern Plains rank six lone immortal."

With Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's temper and nature, Gu Immortals publicly transacting with Fang Yuan were simply provoking him!

In the past, such a Gu Immortal would have already died countless times.

The pride of a venerable was not to be trampled.

But now…

Giant Sun Immortal Venerable summoned one of the Eight Extremities and said: "Go, secretly transmit to the Huang Jin tribes to try to recruit this person. Whoever succeeds will receive my special reward."

"Yes." The member of the Eight Extremities answered and left respectfully.


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