58 58- Sang Hao's memories

After they rescue Sang Hao, the group decides to take a break before heading back to town.

One of them owned an Earth House Gu worm.

After activating this Gu worm, a light would shoot towards the ground and the ground would begin to rise until a small hill with a stone door was formed.

A rank three Gu Master who used this Gu worm had his primeval essence completely dried up.

The group opened the door and entered, and in front of them was a stone corridor similar to caves, and on each side of the corridor there were many rooms.

Each of them chose a room and went to rest in it.

Sang Hao entered one of the rooms and noticed that there was nothing inside, so he sat on the floor, leaned his back against the wall and closed his eyes.

Sang Hao scanned his surroundings and when he knew that no one was watching him, he took out a Gu worm. This Gu worm has the shape of a glass ball and inside the glass ball there is a ghost of a person who looks exactly like him.

The thing inside a Gu worm was Sang Hao's soul, and the person holding a Gu worm in his hand was Liu Yang who was disguised as Sang Hao.

Liu Yang killed Sang Hao and kept his soul inside this Gu worm. This Gu worm had the ability to preserve soul as well as extract memories.

The action of this Gu worm was almost similar to that of the East Window Gu.

East Window Gu is especially used to store information.

Once a gu master injects primeval essence into East window gu and activates its ability, East Window Gu gave off a glimmer, and an enormous amount of information poured into gu masters mind.

The only difference between these Gu worms was that instead of storing information, the soul could be stored with all of its memories.

Another good thing about this Gu worm was that even after use, the soul stored within it would not be destroyed or damaged, unlike other methods that were used to extract memories and then the soul would be severely damaged.

Liu Yang's primeval essence flowed into the Gu worm and moments later a large number of images flashed across in Liu Yang's mind.

Sang Hao's life, from his birth all the way until the present, all the memories had been extracted by Liu Yang.


A little boy was walking and playing in a garden full of flowers with another girl his own age, the sky was vast, the winds blew as the grass was drooping in response, and the laughter of the two innocent children was so beautiful.


There was a child crying badly while an adult man stood in front of him.

"My son, you are the next generation clan leader of our Sang clan! You are not allowed to cry, do not have the heart of needless sympathy! To survive in this world, we need to have a tougher heart, a tougher stance! After all in the future, not only will you have to lead our Song clan but you will also inherit my position as city strategist." His father was scolding him in a very strict manner.

"From today on you will not go out to play, I will teach you all about strategy and also about the history of the war between the five great cities."


Years later, a servant entered the study room and saw a disheveled young man reading some manuscripts, and there was a dark aura under his eyes and it was clear that he had spent the whole night studying. "Young sir, it's the day of the awakening ceremony."

The young man nodded, and moments later, several maids entered and began to help him wash his face, comb his hair, change his clothes, and put cosmetics on his face in order to hide the dark circles under his eyes.


At the awakening ceremony.

The Master Gu Supervisor of Awakening exclaimed, "Ru Yan, A grade talent! Primitive sea 92%"

All the clan heads who attended showed a happy expression, especially the city chief who showed a proud smile because his daughter had such a high talent and could inherit his position.

Among everyone, there was a young man who looked at Ru Yan with a complex expression. She was his childhood friend and he really loved her but because of his father he couldn't see her for years and now she's grown up and changed a lot from what she is in his memories.

The young girl showed a cold attitude to everyone around her and walked towards her father, but when her eyes fell on her childhood friend, her eyes flashed a little, but she quickly looked away from him and stood next to her father waiting for the awakening ceremony to end.

The young man noticed her look and smiled a little while thinking, 'Maybe we can become friends again when we study at City Academy.'

After that, the young man's name was called and he went to awaken his aperture.

"Sang Hao, B grade talent! Primitive sea 61%"


After years.

"Dad, I don't want to marry her, I love Ru Yan and she loves me too." The young man was pleading with his father.

"I have told you a thousand times to stay away from the city lord's daughter." The father slapped his son so hard that he fell to the ground, "You don't deserve her."

Although the young man had a good mind and was likely to become a city strategist, he would not become the clan leader because he had B grade talent with Primitive sea 61% and his younger brother had a higher talent.

And since his talent was much less than that of the city lord's daughter, they would not allow him to marry her.

"Your marriage was decided before you were born, and you have known it since you were a child."


In the wedding.

The city lord's daughter stood in front of the young man and there was a complicated look in her eyes because he was going to marry another woman, she congratulated him on his marriage and then left the wedding party directly.

From that moment on, her love for him disappeared.


After years.

"Damned City of Dawn, they broke into our area again, what are we going to do about them." There were several men sitting and discussing and there was a beautiful lady sitting in the main seat listening to the discussion and then said in a serious voice, "Sang Hao, what do you think we should do?"

Everyone fell silent and looked toward Sang Hao, hoping for him to make a plan to drive Dawn City out of their territory.

After many years, Sang Hao became the city strategist, because of his intelligence and plans he was able to get the city out of many dangerous situations.

"Of course we can get them out of our territory, but I wonder what their real goal is in this attack."

"There is something strange about their attack." A frown appeared on Sang Hao's face as he processed the information within his mind. "They won't gain much from attacking that part of our territory."

"Although that region has many precious resources, the losses from their actions do not compare to the gains. If they are looking for resources, it will be natural for them to attack another region."

Everyone looked at him seriously and everyone understood what he meant, that their attack this time was not for resources, but for another reason.

"Normally I would have kept our forces well organized and checked the enemy forces before launching a counterattack, but that would take a long time." Sang Hao looked at Ru Yan who had become the city lady. "Currently I think it is advisable to gather our soldiers and get them out as quickly as possible and try to find out their true target."

"Most of our soldiers and City Lady will stay in the city in case this is a trap and they try to attack another area or worse."

Some objected to this and thought it was better to prepare more before launching an attack, but the vast majority agreed with Sang Hao's plan.


Sang Hao divided the attacking forces into eight teams, and each team would take a different path, and each team would only know its own path and not know the path of the other seven teams.

This was because he suspected that there was a traitor among them and did not want the movements of their soldiers to be leaked. There have been many accidents and many of their plans leaked to the enemy during the past two years.

He had a Gu worm that allowed him to communicate with the squad leaders and could give them instructions from afar and guide them when attacking.


After a long battle, he managed to expel Dawn City from this area.

"I see, that is why they attacked this area." Sang Hao looked at the mountain with a serious expression. Inside the mountain was a rank five Gu Master's inheritance and it was a famous demonic path in the past. "This is good and bad news at the same time."

"What do you mean?" Beside Sang Hao stood an old man who was one of the leaders of the eight squads and also his father-in-law.

"The good news is that this legacy is in our territory." He turned his eyes away from the mountain and closed his eyes, "The bad news is that there will be a great war between the Five Cities for this inheritance."

After discovering the inheritance, Sang Hao made most of the soldiers guard the inheritance while he gathered some soldiers and started to return to the city, but on the way he encountered the Black Panther Gang.


In Liu Yang's mind, countless images were flashing.

After browsing through Sang Hao's entire life, Liu Yang immediately stopped using his Gu worm.

This is the second time he's seen Sang Hao's memories, and he's been doing not just to get information but to ascertain Sang Hao's personality and actions in order to perfect his role.

"Although I can perfectly imitate Sang Hao now, his personality, actions, and decisions will not serve me." Liu Yang sat thinking for a moment, then a smile appeared on his face, "All I have to do is use this betrayal that occurred as a reason for a personality change."

"Also the war that will happen between the five cities for inheritance is a good opportunity for me to do different things." There was a big smile on Liu Yang's face as he thought of what actions he would take in order to inherit this blessed land.

The land spirit's desire is to see evil, the more evil Liu Yang does, the more chance Liu Yang will have to become the master of this blessed land.

Earlier, Liu Yang brutally massacred many people and what he did was a sinister thing, but the land spirit did not appear in front of him to tell him that he had succeeded, which meant that what he did was not enough and he had to do something more extreme and evil.

Liu Yang sat planning his next move and then his eyes twinkled as he guessed about the identity of the traitor who had leaked the path that Sang Hao was taking and the traitor who had been leaking his plans to the enemies in previous years. "If my guess is correct, it will give me room to do a lot of things."

In order to further confirm his guesses, Liu Yang used the Gu worm once more to see Sang Hao's memories.

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