34 34- Metal VS. Strength

A person emerged from the crack of the rock resembling a beggar carrying another person, and after a while another person came out wearing an iron mask while an iron coffin floated beside him while he was running.

Jiang Lan threw Olly Jang to the ground and then looked at Iron Mask, "Let's continue our fight."

Jiang Lan took a big stride, charging forward.

The soil under his feet danced like waves, splashing high up on his left and right.

Jiang Lan moved like lightning, pouncing on Iron Mask.

Iron Mask showed no tension, and he used his movement Gu, his body turning light as the wind, floating backwards, rapidly pulling distance from Jiang Lan.

At the same time, he raised his finger and pointed at the sky, as a green light shot out from his aperture, towards the sky.

It was a jade green light, stopping in mid air, then exploded.

Under the glaring light, the body of the metal mountain showed itself, descending.

There was a black shadow on the ground, engulfing Jiang Lan, and got larger over time.

Five breaths had long passed, Jiang Lan looked at Iron Mask, and activated the True Strength Explosive Dash Gu, charging over.

He raised his speed rapidly, quickly getting out of the shadow's range.

The moment he got out, the metal mountain landed.


A loud bang, and The entire surrounding area trembled, as black mud and soil flew into the air like tidal waves.

The black mud splashed on him like a wave, but were repelled by the turtle armor Gu.

After the waves subsided, Jiang Lan used True Strength Explosive Dash Gu again, and charged towards him.

Jiang Lan is much faster than the strength path Gu Masters thanks to this Gu worm, so Jiang Lan has great speed contrary to Iron Mask's expectation.


The roar of a dragon was heard, as a eastern dragon phantom appeared, howling at the sky, giving off its wild aura.(1)

"This is Dragon Strength Gu." The Iron Mask stared at Jiang Lan with some shock.

Dragon Strength Gu allows a  Gu Master  to have the strength of a "Dragon".

Permanently gain the strength of a  Dragon, and permanently improve the  Gu Master's physique.

Even the Wu clan leader Empress Wu Ji spent eleven years just to refine a Dragon Strength Gu. Iron Mask had not expected that Jiang Lan had such a good Gu worm.

Iron Mask activated Liquid Metal Gu to protect himself and at the same time he activated another Gu worm and a light from his finger shot into the metal mountain.


Jiang Lan slammed on Iron Mask's body, causing Iron Mask to fly away to crash into several trees in the forest and smash them.

The liquid Metal scattered everywhere after the impact. However, Iron Mask was not injured due to the strong defense of the Liquid Metal Gu.

Iron Mask stood as the liquid metal regrouped around him again.

Jiang Lan wanted to dash and attack again, but he noticed a large amount of iron sand flying towards him.

Jiang Lan quickly moved away from the iron sand area and then noticed that the metal mountain had completely disappeared, and concluded that the iron sand had been created from the disintegration of the metal mountain.

The iron sand started to gather to form thousands of weapons in different shapes and then quickly moved towards Jiang Lan as if it was raining weapons.

But Jiang Lan did not care, he raised both arms and smashed on it like a hammer.


Above his head, the phantoms of white lion, winged tiger, and giant elephant appear one after another.

His punches tore through the winds as he attacked without restraint. Hitting on the thousands of weapons, thunderous sounds went off like firecrackers.

If there were spectators at this moment, they would have shivered in deep fear at the strength that Jiang Lan was displaying.

"Damn it, he has an All-Out Effort Gu, it is a Legendary Gu Worm, it originated from the Olden Antiquity Era." Iron Mask could not help but frown when he saw Jiang Lan could use the Beast Phantom very easily. (2)

Iron Mask transformed all the weapons that Jiang Lan had destroyed into iron sands and began collecting them around him.

After Jiang Lan destroyed all the weapons, he looked at Iron Mask and saw that he had gathered iron sands to form a metal wall surrounding and protecting him.

A fierce expression appeared on Jiang Lan's face, then he rushed toward the metal wall and started punching.

The defense of the metal wall was impressive, even with Jiang Lan's ferocious attacks, it did not move, causing people to feel helpless against it.

But Jiang Lan had a cold expression, the more he attacked, the fiercer it got, As if this metal wall had a great feud with him.

After a while, the metal wall started shaking violently due to Jiang Lan's punches.

"This cannot go on!" Iron Mask controlled the metal wall and made it fall on Jiang Lan.

True Strength Explosive Dash Gu!

His eyes shone brightly, moving away at the last moment, dodging the mountain back Iron Mask's attack.

After that the two of them started to move quickly and started to change their battle position, fighting each other caused a huge commotion in Feng Jing Mountain.

Their fight happened relatively close to the Liu Clan village, so everyone felt that the ground beneath them shook violently as if there was an earthquake.

The villagers and merchants in the caravan were frightened and there was almost chaos in the village but the Liu Clan Leader appeared and calmed everyone down and stopped the chaos before it even started.

At the same time, after Jiang Lan and Iron Mask changed their battle location, a person who was in hiding appeared and carried Olly Jang and the iron coffin and then walked away unnoticed.


●Author: If you have a better name than Force In Speed ​​Gu! Can you tell me about it?

●Author: Don't read this if you don't want to, it's just information about Beast Phantom and information about All-Out Effort Gu.

1) Beast Phantom

Beast Phantom is a  Gu's ability from any Beast-type Strength Gu. When  Gu Masters  engraved the  Dao Marks  of Beast-type Strength Gu on their body, they will have the strength of that beast. And when  Gu Masters  reaches Beast-Type Strength Gu to its full potential, they will have the ability to unleash the Beast Phantom from their body. To a low rank mortal  Gu Master, usually the Beast Phantom can be used up to five times on average in every fight. (Note : Beast Phantom is also considered as "killer move") 

Action, for example : a  Gu Master  that have a  Bear Strength Gu. When  Gu Master  reaches the  Bear Strength Gu  to its full potential and unleashed it, the Bear Strength Phantom will come out from  Gu Master's body, the Bear Strength Phantom will appeared behind  Gu Master  and give  Gu Master  the full strength of  Bear Strength Gu.

The Beast Phantom from Beast-type Strength Gu's ability has a rank. Beast Phantom's rank follow the rank of its originality from Beast-type Strength Gu. For example, if  Crocodile Strength Gu  was a rank 2  Gu, then the Beast Phantom of Crocodile will be a rank 2 as well.

But a different story if it is from the  All-Out Effort Gu. For example if  Gu Master  using the rank 3  All-Out Effort Gu, and bring out  Crocodile Strength Gu's  Beast Phantom, the Beast Phantom of Crocodile will become a rank 3. Another example, Rank 1  White  or  Black Boar Gu, the Beast Phantom of Boar will become a rank 3. If Rank 4  All-Out Effort Gu, the Beast Phantom become a rank 4, and so on.

2) All-Out Effort Gu

All-out effort gu allows a  Gu Master  to fully make use of their Beast Strength Gu's  Beast Phantom 100% of the time. Once activated, it would summon a  Beast Phantom  which could produce a devastating blow and able to move according to the gu master's will.

All-Out Effort Gu Rank 3 = Can unleash any Beast-type Strength Gu Rank 1~3  Beast Phantom  with 100% success rate and unleash any Beast-type Strength Gu Rank 4  Beast Phantom  through luck, with success and failure rate at about 50-50.

All-Out Effort Gu Rank 4 = Can unleashed any Beast-type Strength Gu Rank 1~4 of  Beast Phantom  with 100% success rate and unleash any Beast-type Strength Gu Rank 5  Beast Phantom  through luck, with success and failure rate at about 50-50.

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