33 33- Jiang Lan

Liu Sang half-kneeled on the ground, "I'll give you a Gu worm and all I have, please don't kill me."

"Don't worry, I won't kill you. I just want that Gu worm." The Iron Mask spoke softly, Liu Sang looked at his face to see any hint that he was being honest but unfortunately his entire face was covered in a mask and the only thing visible were his eyes.

Liu Sang nodded and tried to get the Gu worm out of his aperture, but she didn't listen to his commands no matter how hard he tried, causing him to turn blue in fear while looking at the Iron Mask. "I can't get it out."

"Help me please, it's eating up my aperture." Liu Sang sat on the ground with shock on his face.

Inside his aperture, the red-black gate opened as he absorbed the primeval sea, the primeval sea he absorbed could not be regenerated, which meant that Liu Sang's talent was starting to diminish.

The Iron Mask hand touched Liu Sang's stomach.

Plunder Gu!

Rank Two Plunder Gu can forcefully steal a Gu Worm from enemies. But it needs to be sustained when activated and the user cannot move.

It success rate is very low and once a plunder fails, the user would face some backlash. This was a flaw of the Plunder Gu.

Fortunately, a rank five Plunder Gu did not have this defect, so the user would not face any backlash after failing to steal.

Plunder Gu could be used even without direct contact with the enemy's body, but the success rate would increase if the contact was made.

He failed to steal a Gu worm even after three attempts, which made the Iron Mask startled.

The success rate of rank five Plunder Gu is very high and he shouldn't fail in a row like this.

"Don't try, you won't be able to help him. The Gu worm will not stop and cannot be moved until it completely devours the aperture." The Iron Mask stopped trying to steal the Gu worm and looked at the person who spoke.

This person was wearing shabby and torn clothes, his face filled with bloodstains; a clear resemblance to beggars.

This beggar has a sinister grin while carrying a 17-year-old boy on his shoulder.

"Who are you? Why is Olly Jang with you?" The Iron Mask looked at the beggar and said seriously. Although his face could not be seen, it was possible to tell that he was serious from the tone of his voice.

"I am Jiang Lan, you must know who I am." Jiang Lan is a Gu Master of the Demonic Path, very famous in Southern Borders and considered one of the strongest Gu Masters of the rank five.

He is a deceitful and treacherous person and sometimes even pretends to be a servant of a caravan in order to deceive the Gu Masters of the Righteous path and to move freely throughout the Southern Border.

The Iron Mask stood ready to fight as soon as he heard the name, Jiang Lan is considered one of the strongest Gu Masters in Southern Border and is a Gu Master of Strength path.

In the entire Southern Border, there were only two rank five Gu Masters cultivating a strength path. Empress Wu Ji, the leader of the Wu clan, and Jiang Lan of the demonic path.

There is a possibility that there will be more because the world is big and there are many unknown lone cultivators.

"I really like this boy named Olly Jang, so I plan to use Slavery Gu on him to become my forever slave, Hahahaha."Jiang Lan notices that Olly Jang has one of Ten Extreme Physiques, which is why he wants him as a slave because he might be useful in the future. (1)

"Let's finish the petty talk here. Can you give me that boy named Liu Sang? Or do you want to die here at my hands?" Jiang Lan smiled in a crazed manner as he threw Olly Jang aside.

The Iron Mask didn't say a word, just activated the Gu worm and iron sand started to surround Liu Sang, causing him to scream in fear, "Please don't kill me."

The iron sand then gathered around Liu Sang to form an iron coffin that covered his entire body.

Iron Coffin Gu!

He did it in order to protect Liu Sang (his Gu worm) and not allow Jiang Lan to take him.

"Are you really planning to fight me in this narrow space, you idiot haha." Jiang Lan laughed heavily and then started running towards the iron mask.

People of the Strength Path usually lacked speed, so this narrow environment was a perfect place for someone like Jiang Lan to fight.

When Jiang Lan approached the iron mask he started punching and kicking, while the iron mask dodging attacks as fast as he could, he didn't want to receive a punch from the strength path Gu Master.

Although his attacks seemed simple, every punch and kick contained a devastating power, if a Rank Three Gu Master or less was hit, it would instantly turn into blood mist.

Currently, Jiang Lan activates two types of Gu worms at the same time. Although it was not a killer move, it gave him more strength.

Tyrant Strength Gu allows a  Gu Master to possessed the strength of a overlord/tyrant.

Earth Overlord Gu allows a  Gu Master to absorb an endless amount of strength from the earth. Acquiring formless strength from the earth.

Tyrant Strength Gu and  Earth Overlord Gu allows a  Gu Master to become stronger and stronger, continued to increase strength.

In other words, the longer the battle period, the more Jiang Lan's strength would increase, surely in case he had enough primeval essence to continue to activate two Gu worms.

But Jiang Lan was not worried about this situation because the strength path was the least expended of primeval essence than the rest of the paths.

The iron mask continued to dodge until its back hit the wall of the stone room.

"I got you." A crazy smile appeared on Jiang Lan's face as he punched with all his might toward the iron mask.

Liquid Metal Gu! (2)

A yellow-metal current appeared, and it was like molten metal that surrounded the iron mask and protected it from Jiang Lan's onslaught.

The punch hit the chest of the iron mask, scattering liquid metal everywhere and also the force of the punch made him crash into the wall behind him.

Cracks started spreading from the place of impact to all over the stone room as if the place was going to collapse at any moment.

"You're crazy." The Iron Mask shouted angrily, then pointed his hand toward Jiang Lan.

Iron Spear Gu!

Several iron spears appeared out of nowhere and shot towards Jiang Lan, his crazed smile widening as he punched each iron spear and smashed them with his fists.

"Are you an idiot? do you want to make this cave collapse? You will kill everyone here." The Iron Mask spoke in annoyance While the liquid metal that scattered on the ground returns to gather around him.

"You're right I didn't think about that. But who cares I'm sure my body's strength will withstand some of the little rocks falling on it, hehehe." Even though he said that, he stopped attacking and ran towards Olly Jang and carried him and then started running out of the cave, even though he wouldn't die but Olly Jang would definitely die if the cave collapsed.

In fact, he's not interested in Olly Jang's death or life, but what he does care about is Liu Sang's Gu worm.

He knows that if he picks up Olly Jang and starts to leave the cave, the iron mask will definitely carry the iron coffin in which Liu Sang and chase him out of the cave.

What he cares about most is the red and black gate Gu worm, he has come a long way in order to get this Gu worm. He definitely did not want the Gu worm to be destroyed due to cave collapse.

Although he would lose some advantages if he walked out of the cave, it was better than losing that Gu worm.

As he expected, the Iron Mask started chasing after him while carrying the iron coffin.


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1) slavery gu allows a  User to enslave a  Gu Master.

Slavery Gu has more better effect than other control type  Gu  and was the most common method to control slaves. Once Slavery Gu's ability is implanted on someone, the one who control the Slavery Gu could control that person.

Bad Side: The User's soul was the foundation of enslavement. If the User's soul is heavily injured, the enslavement would greatly weaken, and the enslaved party could have a chance to free themselves.

2) Liquid Metal Gu ability, once activated, it had great defenses, and allowed a  Gu Master to have no worries regarding defense. Most amazingly, it was liquid form, and could change its shape at will, even if it was broken through, it could regather itself like water, and was a tough nut to crack.

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