24 24- Five Beast Emperors.

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A human set out from the entrance, following the mountain road and running down the slope.

Although this human was just a rank one Gu Master, but his speed was not slow. his speed was comparable to a rank five Gu Master.

This person is Liu Yang who follows the thread to the source of source of his bad luck.

His intuition from his high attainment of the Luck Path tells him that if he goes to the source of bad luck now, bad luck will turn into good luck.

Liu Yang was not worried that he would be in danger when he went to the source of bad luck because he had a backup plan to escape in case he got into a situation he couldn't solve.

Because of his high attainment in human path and wisdom path, he was able to deduce a rank five mortal recipe for Doting Mother Gu and Traveling Son Gu.

Using these Gu worms is very simple.

If (person A) has the Traveling Son Gu, and (person B) has the Doting Mother Gu, when (person A) using Traveling Son Gu's ability, (person A) can return to the Doting Mother Gu, which (person B) have.

But unlike Immortal Gu, this Gu worm could only be used once, meaning it was a consumable Gu worm.

Currently, Liu Yang has the Traveling Son Gu and Liu Liu has the Doting Mother Gu, so Liu Yang can move to Liu Liu if he is in danger.

The sky had already become completely dark, and the black clouds were in layers, But Liu Yang moved gracefully and quickly as if he could see in the dark.

As he entered deeper into the mountain forest, his surroundings started to show wild beasts violently running about wildly.

Using investigative Gu worms, Liu Yang could accurately sense his surroundings. That's why he could walk in the dark and accurately locate wild beasts. 'There are six medium-sized animals that will appear before me.'

Liu Yang's expression did not change and he also did not change his direction ; he continued pursuing forward. six wild deer appeared before him, quickly changing their direction and dispersing.

Not long after, Liu Yang's expression changed. 'A group of medium-sized creatures. Probably a group of golden fur apes.'

'These apes' bodies are good materials for Gu refinement. Unfortunately, I don't have time to collect their bodies after killing them.' Liu Yang immediately broke to the left side, bypassing this group of golden fur apes.

Liu Yang had memorized the location of these golden fur apes and was planning to tell Liu Liu about their location later in order to send some clan members to kill them and get their bodies back.

Liu Yang continued to move deeper into the forest while avoiding any unnecessary combat with the wild beasts.

After a few hours deep inside the forest, Liu Yang found a very large group of beasts. According to Liu Yang's estimation, there are approximately fifty thousand snakes as well as five beast emperors.

In order not to be noticed by the snakes, Liu Yang used a killer move in order to hide.

This killer move used five Gu worms and the core of this killer move is rank five Human concealment Gu.

After he activated the killer move, Liu Yang looked at the snakes. But just by taking a look, Liu Yang was surprised that these snakes were not of the same species.

There were four species of snakes in this group, the armored snakes known for their strong defence, the lightning snakes characterized by destructive power, the winged snakes characterized by their rapid movement and ability to fly, and the venom snakes which were characterized by their ability to produce deadly poison.

Although they are all snakes, they are of different species, usually these species will fight among themselves and kill each other.

There are two possibilities for something like this to happen. The first is that a Gu Master from the enslavement path enslaved these snakes, and the second possibility is that here is a snake that has the power to make these snakes follow it despite their different species.

'It's probably the second possibility.' Liu Yang thought while looking at the Five Beast Emperors.

Among the five beast emperors, there are four serpents representing the four species mentioned earlier, these four beast emperors surrounded the fifth beast emperor from all angles as if they were protecting its from any external danger.

Liu Yang looked at the well-protected Fifth Beast Emperor, 'It's a Mutated Beast King and it's also quite similar to the giant snake in my luck.'

'No, it's not just an ordinary Mutated Beast King, this snake is about to become a Desolate Beast.' Liu Yang focused more on the snake to find that it was currently sloughing skin in order to become a desolate beast.

The Desolate Beast's Battle Strength can be Comparable to rank six Gu Immortal. Even if thousands of rank five Gu Masters gathered, they would not be able to defeat a Desolate Beast.

'These snakes represent a great danger, but there is something strange, why is it that only my luck is affected by the presence of these snakes.'

The luck of everyone in the village was supposed to be affected by the presence of such a large group of snakes and a snake that is about to become a desolate beast.

Most or all of the villagers are supposed to have the luck of the black coffin that represents death, but the strange thing is that the luck of the villagers was not affected by these snakes.

'Does this mean that these snakes will not attack the village? Then why is my luck affected by them?' Liu Yang sat thinking for a moment until he came to a conclusion.

'These snakes must attack the caravan that will come to our village, my luck is tied to the caravan because it carries many materials that I need in order to refine Gu worms.'

'This is bad news, but why do I have this feeling that I can turn this bad luck into good luck?'

While Liu Yang was thinking, one of the beast emperors opened its eyes and looked at the location where Liu Yang was standing.

This beast emperor was called the Wind Myriad Snake Emperor, its entire body was light green and it had five pairs of wings.

Wind Myriad Snake Emperor flapped its wings without making any sound and sped towards Liu Yang's position.

Liu Yang was surprised by the sudden move of one of the beast emperors, but he was not confused and easily dodged the attack.

'How did it find me?' Liu Yang was confused, he used a killer move in order to hide, the quality of this killer move was very high and he was sure that anyone below rank six Gu Immortal wouldn't be able to find him.

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●Note1: Liu Yang uses Rank Five Primeval Essence Gu to be able to use rank five Gu worms.

●Note2: Primordial Essence Gu cannot be used for cultivation. (The primeval essence formed from Primeval Essence Gu cannot be moved into the user aperture.)

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