Reverend Insanity: Poison-Refining Demon Venerable

This is a Fanfiction about Reverend Insanity. A young man dies and reincarnates into a world he knows all too well, the undisputed absolute nightmare difficulty if you are talking about a new life. But he will rise above all else, whatever the price may be. He does not care if he reaches eternity as a saint or a demon, but the world he has been born into may have already decided that for him. Discord: 5efZtawZKC

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**Chapter 34: Lots of work**

1. Did you guys read the Fang Yuan x Limitless romance fanfic?

1.1 Have you read the Fang Yuan x Bai Ning Bing fanfic?

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2. How many Gu Immortals (in %) do you think generate true meaning after their death?

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In a two-story house located in the serene Fei Yu Village stood the bedroom of what some would call a young master.

This young master lay peacefully asleep in his bed, after a long and exhausting day of breaking through in his cultivation.


But the silence of his room was disrupted by a seemingly ordinary tattoo of a snake on the young man's right hand.

The sound it emitted wasn't particularly loud or annoying, but it seemed to penetrate the soul, causing the young man to awaken.


"This damn inheritance…. Just wait until I get my hands on you…"

For the past two weeks, since leaving the Inheritance, I had not enjoyed one good night's sleep, as every night someone would advance in rank or die. And this always resulted in the tattoo on my hand emitting a sound, one that for some reason was impossible to sleep through.

As I looked through the window to determine if it was still worth it to go back to sleep, I saw that the sun was already out, and the village was bustling.

'I would like to apologize for my earlier statements…'

For me, this was the first time I had overslept ever. My past life is included in that.

'I guess it's my own fault for telling the servants not to disturb me while I try to break through…'

Checking my Aperture, I found it filled up to 70% with Dark Red primeval essence.

Instantly, I mobilized it to activate the Three-Color-Change Gu I won from the Inheritance. It took about 25% of my primeval essence, as I used rank 2 peak-stage primeval essence on a rank 3 Gu.

The aura of a Gu Master I emitted started to decrease.

Rank 2 Peak-stage.

Rank 2 Peak-upper.

Rank 2 Peak-middle.

At Rank 2 Peak-beginning stage, it came to a stop.

'Personally, I would like to pretend to be a rank 1 peak-stage Gu Master, but my family and servants currently think I am trying to break through…. So this would unfortunately not be believable…'

Getting out of bed and stretching, I thought:

'Oh well… Time to get back to work.'

With a brisk pace, I left my room, intending to go down two stories straight into the basement. But just as I was about to take the first step down the second flight of stairs, I heard a voice.

"Young Master, are you done with your closed-door cultivation? The Master said he wanted to see you after you come out."

Turning around to face him, I answered:

"Well of course, lead the way please."

"Zhen Wei, did you succeed?"

I just responded with a casual nod.

My father's face changed from tense, as if he had been worrying and not sleeping for days, to lightly relieved.

"Hahahahah…. Of course, I knew you could do this."

'I thought about the clan suppressing information about useful ways to use primeval essence in a breakthrough, but seeing this, it's more likely that my father was so worried, he just forgot.'

"It was manageable, about 50 people have succeeded up until now, and 3 died."

My father just nodded, looking a bit more worried again.

"Why did you want to see me?"

"Ahh… right right, I have finished refining the Gu you have asked me to, to rank 2."

As he took the Gu I had given him to refine out of his Aperture, I asked him.

"What do I owe you for that?"

"You know that you don't have to pay for this…" said my father, while still looking moved.

'Of course, I assumed this, but I still asked as reputation is a tedious thing to uphold, even with friends and family.'

"Is there anything else? If not, I will go practice with my Gu."

"You may go."

"But Wei, remember not to overwork yourself."

"Of course."

Poison Muscle Gu

5 Poison Refinement Gu

These were the Gu I had refined to rank 2 alone in the past week.

It's just that about 3 or 4 days ago, I realized that I alone would never be able to refine all of my Gu to rank 2.

'Not to mention beginning to refine Gu to rank 3.'

So I asked my father to do a lot of the work for me. It's faster, with a higher success rate, and in retrospect, it was also cheaper, as I did not pay for it.

'The only downside being, that I exposed a lot of my secrets, which seemed to have calmed down my father a lot.'

Poison Bullet Gu, for which I had to give my Father the rank 2 recipe.

Greedy Toad Gu, which I do not know the recipe to, but the clan apparently does.

Heat Vision Gu

Poison Skin Gu

Root Healing Gu

These were the 5 Gu my father refined to rank 2 for me. And normally, this would be considered a completed set of Gu worms for a rank 2 Gu Master.

'Everything that is left are things I really, really want to, or need to keep a secret.'

'Almost as much as I want to keep it a secret that I will be refining rank 3 Gu soon.'

Now the only question is, which should be the first?


'I think it will be you…. You are easy to refine…. And will also take the longest.'

From there, I busied myself with preparation, starting in the corner of my refinement room, which I used as a kind of makeshift storage space.

"Now where are they…"



'No, this.'

'I mean this could work, but no.'

'What even is that?'

'Ahhh… there they are…'

5 brand new pots of clay, each exactly the same size, able to hold around 10 liters.

I took them from the corner of the room to my desk and lined them up in two rows, three in the first row, and two in the second.

'First the Water…'

It took me about half an hour to fill each of these pots two-thirds with water.

And if I am honest, carrying thirty liters of water from the well in our garden to the basement made me sympathize with Thieving Heaven Demonic Venerable.

Flowing Water, Electricity, and modern toilets are just a few of the things that have been vastly superior to my past life.

'Well, had it been only these modern conveniences, Thieving Heaven would have changed his goal when he became a Gu Immortal, as they definitely have Gu and Formations for these conveniences…'

Not halting in my refinement, I added a bunch of rank 2 poisonous powders that have been created by my poison refinement Gu.

'This would be so much more expensive, not even remotely possible for me if I did not have my vital Gu.'

Taking a small vial that contained about 100 ml of some substance, I emptied it into the 5 clay pots, each getting about 50 ml.

Now onto the final part.

Thinking that, I put lids on four of the five pots I just prepared.

I took two snake poison Gu out of my Aperture; normally, they would contain some of the deadliest poisons I have ingested into them, but right now they did not.

Instantly, their eyes drifted to the pot filled with poison.



Both of them could not control their greed and darted straight into the pod.


With speed and precision, I put the lid back onto the pod before the two Gu inevitably noticed that going in there was a bad idea.

They were only attracted to the rank 2 poisons I put in there, not even noticing the vinegar that was mixed with it to prevent them from absorbing any of it, as doing so would invoke their gag reflex.

And that did not take them long, as they began crying out and thrashing around. I had to leave one hand on the pot to prevent them from getting out.

'The mixture must be painful to their skin...'

Not feeling like holding the lid down for the next few days, I placed the pot on the ground and put a stack of blocks on top of it, just so that the Gu would not be able to escape.

'One down, four more to go…'

I took off the lid of one of the four pots left on my desk, took out another two snake poison Gu from my Aperture, and the process repeated itself… four times…

To be honest, I was taking a big risk here, as 10 snake poison Gu were all that I had, and my main method of offense.

With me becoming more experienced and practicing more, it became a lot easier to use, and seemingly smarter too.

The poison refinement Gu and the snake poison Gu are the only two I have refined en masse all this time.

The poison refinement Gu because a lot of this Gu allows me to create hundreds of unique poisons, essentially the base of both my refinement and fighting paths.

Snake Poison Gu, on the other hand, I refined because it allows me to prepare them by letting them eat poisons of my choice, and when I needed them, they would be able to release an attack in an instant.

This essentially surmounted one of the major weaknesses this Gu had.

As for why I did not do this for every Gu I owned?

Well, let me put it like this: the advantage of my cheat is that it saves me money. But refinement is so much more expensive. Apart from that, this is also time-consuming.

'Now it's just waiting…'

'Hehehe…. Nah, I should refine the liquor worm while the Poison Snake Gu are being refined…'

The good thing is that I was not the one to make up, test, and improve the recipe. This is almost like refining Gu for the clan; I have a recipe that is proven to work. Absolute certainty, which is a big boost in confidence in something delicate like refinement.

As I look at the four rank 1 liquor worms that I had gotten one way or the other, I still worry.

'I am at rank 2 peak stage, which means that the four flavors liquor worm is useless to me…'

Two rank 2 refinements, to get two four flavors liquor worms, and then one rank 3 refinement for the seven fragrances liquor worm.

'And if even one of them results in any one of the Gu dying, my time will be wasted…'

'But let's not stress about this…. After all, I am not even a rank 3 Gu master yet…'

The materials for this refinement were precious, or rather rare enough, for me to store them in my Greed Toad Gu.



"The wine, spit it out…"



'It's a good storage Gu, except that it's disgusting to use…'

Nonetheless, with a revolting sound, four jars of wine appeared in front of me, albeit covered in a slime-like saliva.

Taking two of the liquor worms and opening the jars of wine started the refinement process.

After the two Gu entered the spicy wine, they began to fuse… a white ball of light formed in the jar of wine.

As the novel showed me, I began throwing in pieces of primeval stones…

Like a bottomless pit, the jar of wine began devouring them… one… ten… forty…. ninety…

After 107 pieces of primeval stones had been used, the Gu flew out of the now-empty jar.

At this point, I could have just continued refining the same way Fang Yuan did in the novel, but I thought about a Gu Lang Ya gifted me, and to be honest, I was feeling the itch to use it…


A needle attached to some string shot through the white ball of light, which was the incomplete four seasons liquor worm, after which the ball of light shrank a bit.

'The needle refinement Gu seems to work well… but 10% of my primeval essence is a lot for a rank 2 Gu…'

Without letting myself be distracted by the effect of my Gu, which would be a fatal mistake, I willed the ball of light to enter the second jar of mine.

This began the circle of letting the Gu enter a jar of wine, feeding it primeval stones, and using my Needle Refinement Gu.

An interesting observation was that the primeval stones I needed became less and less after each use of my Needle Refinement Gu

'It's truly in a different league than the rank 1 will-suppressing Gu my father gifted me…. As expected of the supreme of the refinement path.'

And the proof of it was right in front of me…

Four Flavors Liquor worm….

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