Reverend Insanity: Poison-Refining Demon Venerable

This is a Fanfiction about Reverend Insanity. A young man dies and reincarnates into a world he knows all too well, the undisputed absolute nightmare difficulty if you are talking about a new life. But he will rise above all else, whatever the price may be. He does not care if he reaches eternity as a saint or a demon, but the world he has been born into may have already decided that for him. Discord: 5efZtawZKC

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**Chapter 28: Trouble in Paradise**

1. If you had a choice, who would you transmigrate as in the Gu world? You transmigrate at 1 month of age, and Fang Yuan is not an option.

2. Are any of you currently writing an RI fic but have not put out any chapters yet?

3. Do you think it's possible for otherworldly demons to be born as the other gender in the new world?

Discord: 5efZtawZKC


*Time Skip no Jutsu – 2 months*

It was early spring on Fei Yu Island, but being in the eastern Sea, the only difference was that the temperature began to rise slightly again.

In the Xuan Feng Bao Archipelago, even mortals could go swimming in the coldest winter months, as they were still quite warm.

Of course, the mortals did not swim, as there were beasts, they did not have time, and the waves could be brutal to them…

They were nearly as brutal as the waves of Black Green Primeval Essence that crashed against the walls of Zhen Wei's Aperture.

His primeval essence was depleting rapidly, but his work here was nearly done.

With a last violent push, the stone that his Aperture was made of was replaced with crystal, signifying the successful advancement to the peak of rank 1.

"Huh…" a deep breath was let out by our protagonist, as he had obsessed over advancing to rank 1 peak stage, not sleeping for a whole two days.

'I think with that I am the first in my class to reach rank 1 peak stage, like I was the first in my class to reach rank 1 upper stage shortly after I became a rank 1 refiner.'

'My advantage was not that great, though. Wei Li was only about 2 weeks behind me the last time.'

With the liquor worm having lost its effect, he will have an easy time catching up to me. He has 25% more talent after all.

But I really did not care about the rewards of the Academy that much anymore. In the last 2 months, I have started the business of refining Gu.

What can I say? The profits are insane. If I take a mission from the refinement hall, it is 3 sets of materials as well as anywhere from 50 to 100 primeval stones for a rank 1 Gu.

There might be 3 sets of materials, because most Gu that are requested are not like the 100 that needed to be studied for the exam. On average, they were more complicated and advanced, but if they were not, they would not pay as well.

So if you are like me, and can refine most rank 1 Gu with one try, and only need 2 tries on the most difficult that you never refined before, or because of bad luck. Well then you get to keep the sets of materials that the customers have provided.

This was the bright side of it, the one I saw. But if you failed and wasted the 3 sets of materials, not only would you not be paid, you would even have to compensate the customer.

Which never happened to me because I have gotten the inheritance of Long Ya, with his thoughts on refinement too. So I was actually insanely good at refining rank 1 Gu.

So good in fact that I had gotten a few private requests to refine rank 2 Gu for others.

Over the last two months, my fame spread, as refiners are usually older and not as skilled when they are still rank 1 Gu Masters.

And that is the few that even become refinement Masters while they are rank 1.

'This truly is the Gu World, you are trusted and respected as long as you are useful… hehehe'

'And once you are not anymore, well, of course, you are the problem, the demon even…' There was one problem with my breakthrough though, once I did my primeval sea, and Aperture in general gave off some very weird tones:


de dum

de dum de dum de dum

After listening to it for only a few seconds, my whole body began to tremble. This effect was not physiological, but psychological.

I had this under control very fast though, as I did not want a possible immortal that could be observing me on Long Haired Ancestor's behalf to notice anything wrong with me.

"Son, are you hearing it too?" my father asked, as he barged into my room without knocking.

"Hmmm, I do. The servants don't?" It did not surprise me too much, as the sound came from my Aperture.

"No." This was the most serious I had ever seen my father.

And he was right too, as I had still only calmed down on the outside.

'Mozart – Eine kleine Nachtmusik, arguably Mozart's most famous song….'

'But there was just one problem, Mozart was one of, if not the most famous composer of classical music in my past life, which means….'

*Otherworldly demon*

'No no no…. Don't jump to conclusions, it could just be that some otherworldly demon brought this masterpiece into this world.'

But one thing was for sure in my mind, as I looked at the chaos out of my window…. Whoever was responsible for this is an immortal. As no mortal can affect the Aperture of this many Gu Masters.


*Different POV*

My name is Fei Yu Lei Gen, I am thirty-four years old and have a rank 5 beginning stage cultivation level.

The Fei Yu clan relies on me. I was its mountain, the steady rock that served as its foundation against all outside influences.

But as I was sitting at my desk, I was not calm at all. Something or more likely someone had affected my Aperture. It played what sounded like music directly in my Aperture.

All my methods of defense and investigation proved absolutely useless. The only thing that seemed to affect the sound was if I turned around; the direction of the sound would never change.

I had a very convincing guess what this meant… but I did not like it, as it would mean chaos in my territory.

I made my way to the balcony of my house, hoping that I was wrong; I activated the Rank 5 Killer Move, Swift Cloud Travel, and shot off into the sky.

The direction is the same that the sound in my Aperture is coming from. I was fast; I am sure there were only two people in this whole archipelago that could keep up with me.

The leaders of the other rank 5 clans. And I am sure they were on their way there too, as every Gu Master seemed to be affected by this strange sound in their Aperture.

As I made my way deeper into the Xuan Feng Bao Archipelago, I noticed the sound got more violent, causing waves in my primeval sea.

This is not an easy feat, considering I have a rank 5 Cultivation.

'Could it be a legendary immortal? If it is, I hope he is of the righteous path.'

Then I saw it, an island that had nothing of interest on it, not even enough for a rank 3 or 4 Gu Master to build a clan there.

The whole island was just a forest, a small one also, as the thing was not bigger than 1 km² and could be easily overlooked from my position.

'No use floating here any longer.'

With that, I let the cloud carry me down to the ground, right next to the other two.

"Suri Xing Sun"

"Qu Mei Kun Gao"

"Fei Yu Lei Gen" they both answered.

'Their clans are closer to here; maybe they have already found out something?'

"What can you tell me about this weird phenomena?" I asked with an authoritative voice

"None of your business!" the older man called Kun Gao of the Qu Mei clan answered, while Xing Sun looked a bit helpless.

I just scoff at him and activate a few of my investigative killer moves one after the other.

After a while, I stop, to not lose too much primeval essence, in case I will get into a conflict with the other two.

"So you don't know anything, but wanted to see me waste my primeval essence?"

"Yes, and?"

'This asshole…'

'Be calm… this is not a reason to start a war.'

With the tensions rising, Xing Sun, a middle-aged woman, spoke up…

"Well, the fact that we can't detect anything, and that these methods can affect us likely means that this is an immortal's doing."

"And the fact that I don't see an immortal here means this is likely an inheritance. One that evidently has not fulfilled the requirements to be opened or inherited."

"To make things short, I will set up camp here and wait for the inheritance to open."

'She could be right with that, it certainly makes sense for it to lack an activation condition…'

"My guess is that there need to be more people here for the inheritance to start." Kun Gao said.

Throwing in my own five cents, I say:

"Then let's set up camp here and wait for it to open, but just make sure that we are the first ones to enter the Inheritance…"




*Time skip no jutsu – one week*

In the last week, all clan leaders and important figures of the Xuan Feng Bao Archipelago arrived on that small unnamed island, to investigate the cause of this anomaly that affected the Apertures of hundreds of thousands of Gu Masters.

The fighting force on this island alone would be enough to build a mortal super force. Three rank 5 Gu Masters set up camp in the middle, each having a few rank 4 elders here, totaling about a dozen.

All of them had brought about 30 rank 3 elders too, as in case a fight broke out, this could be the deciding factor.

And then there were the smaller forces; there were 18, and each one brought their clan leader, as a rumor has spread that the rank 5 clans wanted to monopolize a resource or inheritance.

Most of them had brought their own rank 3 elders as well.

This island was teeming over with powerhouses, all of them waiting, but none knowing exactly what for.

And at noon on the seventh day, of that song playing nonstop in everyone's Apertures, they all just disappeared, as if they were never there.


*Dasheng Anjing Blessed Land*

In a vast hall, that was not decorated at all, had black walls and very little lighting, appeared about 200 human Gu Masters appeared. All of them had confused looks on their faces, as they had just been teleported here from whatever they were doing before.

"Welcome, Mortals, to the Dasheng Anjing Immortal's true inheritance!" came a voice out of nowhere.

The Gu Masters' faces changed from confusion and fear to excitement and greed faster than you could say: 'Great Love Immortal Venerable.'

"Hahaha… the rumor was true, I am going to be an immortal."

"Brother, what should we do with all the riches we are about to plunder?"

"I would not be too excited if I were you…. This might be my Inheritance, but it's not for your kind to enjoy…."

As he said that, a sound started to play, like a lullaby, and all Gu Masters, be they rank 3 or rank 5, fell asleep instantly, none could defend against it.

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