Reverend Insanity: Poison-Refining Demon Venerable

This is a Fanfiction about Reverend Insanity. A young man dies and reincarnates into a world he knows all too well, the undisputed absolute nightmare difficulty if you are talking about a new life. But he will rise above all else, whatever the price may be. He does not care if he reaches eternity as a saint or a demon, but the world he has been born into may have already decided that for him. Discord: 5efZtawZKC

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**Chapter 27: Pie falling from the sky**

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*POV: Gu Immortal, nicknamed Wind Cleaver*

I've been on my way for a bit over two months now. I should have known that with my luck, that stupid Xuan Feng Bao Archipelago would be on the other side of the eastern sea.

I could have been faster with my rank 5 killer move *One with the Wind*, but I had to go around a few superforces and know Desolate Beast habitats, as both of these did not like other immortals just running through their territory all willy-nilly.

Apart from being long, the journey was quite smooth, without any unreasonable trouble. I kept most of my attention in my Aperture for the journey, as I had started the process of planting Sorrowful Deathelms with the ½ immortal essence stone that guy paid me upfront.

This was a rank 6 Gu Material that is popular with wind path cultivators, as it was useful for feeding and refining Wind Path Gu, especially the ones that are aggressive and useful for attack.

With the money I got upfront, I bought about a dozen of them from a Southern Border Wood Path Gu immortal. And in four to five years, they will be fully grown, ready to be sold. But this is not what I will do with them; I will just harvest their fruit, from which the seeds can be extracted.

Once I have done this, it will result in a snowball effect, with me being able to plant my whole Aperture full of these trees.

In just a few years, which are just a few months outside of my Aperture, I will have a method to make money reliably.

And once that is done, I can save up to refine my first immortal Gu. The name Wind Cleaver will be known throughout heaven and earth….


After I have delivered the package to that rank 1 Gu Master, I will get another ½ piece of immortal essence stone….

Now the question is, what should I do with it?

I have a few ideas; the first is to play it safe and use the money to prepare for my first tribulation, which will come about four years after the Sorrowful Deathelms are fully grown.

This is the safe method….

But there is always the option to buy some Joyful Swift Sparrow Eggs, which are rank 4 Mutated Beasts of the wind path once they hatch. Their body parts are useful in refinement too, and they are very docile.

As they become fully grown, they reach rank 5 with a 20% chance.

By far the best part about them is that if these rank 5 Mutated Beast Kings sleep under a Sorrowful Deathelm, they have a chance to become Desolate Beasts.

Which would be a great addition to my fighting force, or make me a lot of money if I sell them, whatever I choose to do….

I get pulled out of my thoughts by the islands that keep appearing in my field of view.

As I deactivate the killer move *One with the Wind*, not just floating in the sky, I instantly use *Whispers of the Wind* to investigate the Archipelago.

It truly is the best to be an immortal and not have to worry about primeval essence consumption anymore, at least for mortal Gu.

Truly the most liberating feeling in the world to go from a few dozen Gu to thousands without putting a burden on my finances trying to feed all the Gu.

The feedback from my killer move came in seconds, telling me exactly where each island is.

And so the killer moves switched again, from *Whispers of the Wind* to *One with the Wind*, as I made my way to Fei Yu Island with a speed that would make the fastest rank 5 Gu Master look like a mortal.

The use of dozens of rank 5 Gu at the same time is such a power difference. Before I became immortal, I thought that the difference between rank 2 and rank 3 was the biggest when it came to strength, but I ended up proving myself wrong.

It took me only five minutes to cross the whole Archipelago and arrive at Fei Yu Island.

*Rank 5 Killer Move Wind Echo*

"Zhen Wei."

The killer move I have just activated will notify me once someone has said the words: 'Zhen Wei' in the range of the Killer Move. The range covers the whole island, so I will just have to wait for someone to say my target's name….

*POV: 10 minutes later Zhen Wei*

"Zhen Wei, please think about it again, why don't you want to refine my Gu, are we not friends?" said the tan Mu Bao.

'No, we are not, but I cannot say that now can I? This broke fucking annoyance has been bothering me about refining a Gu for me since he learned that I became a rank 1 refiner.'

"Sure, I will refine the Gu for you."


"Let me finish, you provide 3 sets of materials, the recipe, and 50 primeval stones. Even then, this is a friendship price."

"Oh and I don't give out guarantees…."

"I don't have the primeval stones…. And to be honest, I don't have the whole recipe too…

The last part of that sentence made me a bit interested, but I just threw him a look that said: you cannot be serious….

"Well, this is a Gu recipe my father had tried to create, but he never succeeded in refining it…"

"You have my attention now, what rank is the Gu?"

Looking incomparably excited, he answered: "It's rank 1."

"Give me the recipe, and I will see what I can do… also as my reward I want the full ownership of the Gu recipe if I complete it."

"That is acceptable," Mu Bao said with gritted teeth, likely knowing that he would never succeed on his own. He might be unwilling, but handed the recipe over anyway.

'He might not be able to tell how close or far away his father was from creating the Gu, so he is unwilling to let his inheritance be wasted…. Understandable.'

'He might also just want the Gu very badly...But why did he come to me for this? Did his father have enemies in high places in the clan? Or is he just foolish?'

These were the thoughts floating in my head as I made my way home and into my room to begin studying the recipe.

'Who knows, it might just be worthless gibberish.'

As I open the scroll he wrote it on, I could not help but hope that my luck with this would be better than with gambling rocks.

Suddenly, I jumped up and away from my desk, my pulse still calm but I was in a state of alert.

The reason being that five little boxes and a notebook appeared to just teleport in front of me, without me noticing.

'No… my father is here and he did not notice it either. This is bad…'

"Young Master, is everything fine?" I hear a shout from the hallway, as a servant must have heard my chair banging against the floor after I jump away.

"I am fine! Go away!" I shout back, not having the patience to deal with anyone right now.

Huuuh…. With a deep breath out, I calm down.

'Might as well check everything out. Thinking about it, people that can teleport stuff in here can kill me in easier ways.'

I walk up to my desk again and pick up the notebook first. It is made of leather and has the text for Fei Yu Zhen Wei engraved into it.

It has a nice feeling to it; the materials for this were definitely not cheap…

Opening it to the first page, I begin reading:

To Fei Yu Zhen Wei, the inventor of death refinement:

Your innovation in refinement path has pleased me beyond anything you can imagine.

This notebook contains some of my earlier insights into refinement path. If you use it well, it will be enough for you to reach master, or even quasi-grandmaster attainment.

If you do not use it well, it will not change your life in the slightest.

Each of the 5 boxes before you contains refinement and poison path Gu, as you seem to have an interest in those as well.

The boxes are separated by rank, so each box contains Gu of only one rank, 1 to 5. While they are in the box, you will not have to feed them.

I was split between giving you this or a Gu that can raise your talent, but decided on the former.

My hope is that you continue to advance your refinement prowess. Neither the person that delivered you this, nor I will disrupt your life in any way.

If you ever make another significant discovery in the refinement Path, I will contact you. Should you advance to the immortal level before the day that happens, you can choose to contact me.

In the case that you fail to innovate and advance to the immortal level, in spite of the fact that you have an inheritance from me, you will deserve the ordinary life, as well as death that will come for you.


Third Old

'Third old… where have I heard that before? THINK!!!'




'How I wish to cultivate the Wisdom Path right now...'

'Oh, I know now, there are the three old ones in the world of RI…'

'They are the three refinement path supreme grandmasters throughout history, and this would mean…'

Contrary to what Long Hair Ancestor intended, I had concluded his identity, not even 1 minute after I had read his letter.

'He says that nobody is stalking me, but I don't trust him, so I will keep the higher ranked Gu in the boxes, to not give them any reason to get suspicious.'

'Now then, let me open the first Box….'

*POV: Gu Immortal, nicknamed Wind Cleaver*

'Hahaha, package delivered…. Finally freedom…'

Instantly I activate a Gu in my Aperture and access Treasure Yellow Heaven. Once there, I contact the Gu Immortal that has given me the task. His will took a minute to answer.

"I have completed the mission, where is my pay?"

"And the proof?" he asks calmly.

"Tsk…" I might have been dissatisfied, but I still handed over the Gu I had filmed the exchange with.

He took his sweet time, looking at the whole recording, clearly aware of who had the most powerful position in this exchange.

"Very good…" With that, the will summoned a ½ piece of immortal essence stone, but just as I was about to take it…

The will continued in the most haughty tone: "I am interested in that young man, it would be a shame if you were to damper his growth… so how about you distance yourself from there??"

"A few days' journey will be enough…"

Just like that, he handed me my ½ immortal essence stone and disappeared before I could respond.

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