44 Martial Tournament Contest (5)

Fang Zheng strode confidently onto the stage, followed by his opponent Shi Feng. As they faced each other, Shi Feng glared at Fang Zheng, determined not to be intimidated. Better than that, he seemed completely focused on winning. It was more than a simple matter of winning or losing. For Shi Feng, it was the ultimate test to check whether he would be able to meet his friend Mo Bei's expectations.

"Fang Zheng, don't think that I will lose just because you have peak stage cultivation! Today I will challenge and beat a higher realm," Shi Feng gritted his teeth, his expression solemn, cheering for himself in his heart while trying to intimidate and confuse his opponent.

Fang Zheng responded with a roar, rushing out ferociously towards him.

"Isn't he afraid of getting injured by my moonblade when exchanging punches and kicks?" Shi Feng thought to himself, perturbed as Fang Zheng closed in on him.

After all, it was common knowledge that Shi Feng was more experienced and trained physically alongside Mo Bei. Fang Zheng might have received the teachings of Gu Yue Bo, but there was no way a clan leader had so much free time as to personally spar with his disciple, unlike Mo Bei who pushed his subordinates to their limits in group sessions and organized hunts in the outer skirts of the Gu Yue Clan's forest.

Furthermore, Shi Feng and the others had brawled a couple of times with outlaws in bars from smaller villages for the sake of earning bounties. His experience in close combat was much higher, and it was common knowledge.

He quickly took a step back, attempting to pull some distance. Sensing something amiss, he shot out a moonblade with a flick of his wrist. Fang Zheng was unfazed, taking a tumble and avoiding the moonblade, continuing his pursuit. At the same time, a lump of lunar energy collected in his palm.

Shi Feng looked at the moonlight in his hands that hasn't been fired and felt tense in his heart, quickly taking steps back. Fang Zheng was getting too close for comfort. Despite his efforts to evade, Shi Feng was quickly falling into disadvantage. His actions were in a mess, and many times he was almost hit by the moonblades, constantly in danger. However, the basic footwork that he had been taught by Mo Bei had been engraved in his muscles, allowing him to dodge repeatidly, even though it sometimes came close to hit him.

From the arena, Mo Bei frowned.

He could not bear this sight.

Shi Feng was losing.

Tang Chi losing was acceptable to some extent. After all, her Gu worms were not suited for offensive means, and she was naturally in disadvantage in compositions like duels. Of course, her supporting skills were highlighted in the duel too, and winning was not the purpose of the martial tournament contest. The purpose of the final year examination was to expose the strengths and weaknesses of graduating students so that hunting parties from various halls would recruit them, and groom them.

For generations, this method allowed the hunting parties to continually replenish themselves and strengthen themselves with talents that combined well with their current composition.

However, Shi Feng was different.

Shi Feng was Mo Bei's scout. He had been trained to survive, dodge and escape, but also to deal crippling blow if necessary. His moonblades were very lethal, and his close combat skills should be much stronger than that of Fang Zheng.

However, Fang Zheng not only possessed peak stage cultivation, he decided to shorten the distance to increase the accuracy of his moonlight blades. Because of this, Shi Feng could not commit too much in close combat. Otherwise, he might risk being very much injured.

At the end of the day, Fang Zheng had clearly understood his strengths and weaknesses. He knew that he lacked experience in close combat, but he possessed far more primeval essence in comparison to his opponent due to his higher talent grade and higher cultivation. Why would he risk losing in long range battles when he could suppress his enemy in the area he was most confident in?

Shi Feng endured the humiliation, and focused on winning. He might have lower specs, but he knew he had more experience and more will than his opponent. Taking some risks, he would counter attack and shoot moonlight blades occasionally.

Although targeting vital areas would be too obvious, all of his moonlight blades would hit Fang Zheng to some extent: wrists, thigh, ribs. As time went on, the injuries accumulated, but his primeval essence was also being consumed at a very high pace.

Dozens of minutes later, Shi Feng stumbled on the ground after making a mistake and getting hit by a moonlight blade on the thigh. On the ground, Fang Zheng unleashed a flurry of fist that knocked him out in a ruthless way.

Afterwards, the instructor shouted clearly: "Fang Zheng has won! Medical Gu Masters, please attend Shi Feng's and Fang Zheng's injuries"

"Fang Zheng, you have the talent and the endurance, studiously training. The result is all because of your blood and sweat. This is the fruits of your hard work, continue like this, Fang Zheng. Using this aura, go and show your brilliance!" Under the tentage, the clan leader excitedly cheered on inwardly, even though he looked like he was quietly watching the fight, his lips curled into a smile.

From a distance, Mo Bei's eyes became red.

'What have I been doing for the past seven months?'

The young Mo family heir was questionning his methods. He had otherworldly knowledge and yet managed to destroy the inheritance that was laid right in front of him because of his impatience.

Then, he invested countless hours into third-rate talents in hope of forming a team, but despite this, they were not even able to beat Fang Zheng, a fifteen-year-old who had been suppressed easily by Fang Yuan in the novel. Worse still, he had encountered a reincarnated demonic Gu Master and almost been bewitched then.

It seemed like his reincarnation was filled with failures.

The only thing he did right was cultivating and growing wealth to some extent.

Even still, his biggest achievement was the refinement of the [Moonglow Gu]. However, how many rank 2 Gu Masters in the clan possessed this Gu worm? At the end of the day, he was only average in the clan.