9 High Honors and Intertwined Fate of a Couple

"....and that's how the clan's last great leader came to power," the elder of the academy lectures on the clan's history to the students.

Chen Wei wears an interested expression as he watches the class from the front row, but inwardly, he's more focused on his own advancements in cultivation than this boring lecture.

It's been two and a half months since he started experimenting with human test subjects, and during this time, he divided his attention between practicing martial arts, cultivating, and understanding the blood path.

As a result of his cultivation, he is now in the upper stage of rank 1, also being the first among the academy's students to reach this cultivation realm.

In terms of combat abilities, he has realized through training with other students, a frequent practice at the academy, that there is no one comparable to him in combat prowess among the students.

Although Chen Wei has seen considerable talent in some of the students, promptly attracting them to his sphere of influence before recruiting them, his greatest creation during this period comes from his research on the blood path.

And it is, of course, from his research on the blood path that he has perfected a gu he had previously developed but had not yet disclosed. This gu is the Bleeding Eyes Gu, which allows the user to see any blood within a certain radius.

This is an extremely potent gu for detecting human or animal enemies since there is nothing they can do to hide the blood in their bodies from this gu, making it an excellent gu for avoiding ambushes.

In fact, after he presented this gu to his grandfather, he was even more ecstatic than when he saw the Blood Transfusion Gu. In fact, on the same day that his grandfather received the gu, he presented it to the clan leader as the new ingenious creation of his grandson.

After discovering the power of the gu, the clan leader and the elders who were called to see the gu were immediately ecstatic before causing an uproar in excitement.

In fact, Chen Wei's contribution was so significant that he was called to an honor ceremony by the clan leader himself, who personally gave him his commendations.

"Who would have thought that this gu would cause such a stir, but after my grandfather showed me how many casualties we have from ambushes, it makes sense," Chen Wei discovered from his grandfather why he was so enthusiastic. He learned that at least 70% of the casualties to the clan's gu masters were inflicted during ambushes.

Of course, Chen Wei couldn't care less about the honors he is receiving now or his good reputation, which is now spreading among all the elders who are still the only ones who know about the gu.

But the main reason for his excitement is that from now on, the clan leader and the various elders are beginning to actively encourage blood path since it has proven extremely useful to the clan in this time of need.

"I wonder what kind of effect I can achieve when blood path reaches the higher ranks of the mortal world." He looks around the room, but he only sees people in the form of blood; he doesn't see their clothes, hair, or skin; he only sees the blood within their bodies.

"The only problem is that I can't see through a thick object like the wall, but I'm sure I can solve that in rank 2." He is still lost in deep thoughts as he makes his way from the academy to his home, where he needs to get ready for his honor ceremony.

"Ah... grandfather really nagged me to talk to that girl and get close to her," he sighs in disgust as he thinks about the girl he's engaged to, whom he's sure will be here for the ceremony.

"It's not like she's ugly or has a bad personality, although she's a bit arrogant, but anyone would be in her position," Chen Wei can't say why, but he always felt a strange sensation when he had to interact with the girl.

"Maybe it's because I still feel deep down resentful for being forced to marry someone I didn't choose," he thinks about it for a moment but quickly dismisses the idea since he's perfectly willing to marry a beautiful girl like her, even if he didn't make the decision about the marriage.

When he arrives at the main mansion of the clan, he is led by his grandfather where he receives an award personally given by the old clan leader, who made a point of leaving his rest to give him the honor personally.

Then, after what seemed like hours of unnecessary ceremonial and politicking among him and other heirs of elders, as well as personally greeting each elder of the clan, Chen Wei looks at the last one missing, who is beside his daughter, aka Chen Wei's wife.

"I pay my respects to the honorable current clan leader Wang Xi! I greet my beloved wife Wang Mei. It is truly a pleasure to see her in such a beautiful dress," he makes a polite greeting as he greets the two, followed by his grandfather who was beside him doing the same.

Despite the words that can be described as loving from Chen Wei, counting on this one, you can count on one hand the times he has seen her personally.

"I greet my esteemed son-in-law, who is not only an A-grade talent but also a genius in refining and creating new gu," he greets Chen Wei with joy, showing his good opinion about Chen Wei, but Chen Wei knows clearly that this is an act since the clan leader doesn't like him.

But who can judge the man; he was practically forced by his grandfather to marry his beloved daughter with Chen Wei since the leader's family owed a great favor to Chen Wei's family since if it weren't for his father Chen Liang, the old clan leader wouldn't even be alive.

"I greet my heroic and honorable husband," Wang Mei speaks while blushing a little with embarrassment,besides her speaking in a kind of awkward way and although Chen Wei believes it's an act on her part, he can't help but be moved by such words from such a cute girl.

Wang Mei is what people describe as a natural beauty with her long black hair, skin as white as jade, and a face that can make boys fall in love with a glance, and a short stature that gives her an air of cuteness.

"May I take my wife's hand for a more private conversation?" Chen Wei speaks feeling like an idiot for the stupid way you have to speak at this kind of event.

The clan leader agrees, although he doesn't like the fact that they are engaged, but now that he can't do anything to change that, he at least wants the two to get along well before they have to consummate the marriage.

While Chen Wei takes Wang Mei's hand and leads her to a more private place to talk, he would have the biggest shock of his life if he knew what was going through her mind.

"Hmm, these customs of ancient China are really peculiar. This fiancé of mine is well-behaved for what I would expect from one of those spoiled young masters," the soul now inhabiting this body is no longer Wang Mei as everyone knows her but rather a transmigrator from Earth who ended up in this world a month ago.

"Well, I really hope I'm not like those book heroines who go to the a fantasy world or something," she thinks as she struggles to maintain a conversation with Chen Wei, as she has just transmigrated to the world of gu, and although she has Wang Mei's memories, she doesn't know very well how to behave, but she's grateful that at least old Wang Mei wasn't close to this boy she's engaged to.

"So be it. If I'm hindered by the heroine, if there is one, I will use my knowledge of a more civilized world with technology in this fantasy world to overcome this bunch of people who are still in the Middle Ages both socially and technologically!" She thinks as she increases her will, feeling special by the fact that she is a transmigator from another world.

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