24 Demon in the Shadows

Chen Wei finishes his self-reflections and experiments with his recently refined rank 2 Gu and steps out of his room after feeling the need for some fresh air to clear his mind.

He arrives at one of the windows of his house, which can be described more as a luxurious and splendid mansion than a simple house since it has almost 300 square meters of internal area, which in the He An clan where land is expensive and hard to obtain is very impressive.

From the window, he can see a training field filled with young people around his age, with the oldest being at most 20 years old. But what would impress people who see the scene is that all these young people are skillfully using Blood Path Gu of different varieties created by Chen Wei.

This scene, of course, is not unexpected at all, as even those elite rank 2 Gu masters can see the great potential of the Blood Path. How could Chen Wei's grandfather and father, who have more knowledge about the Blood Path than all these elite Gu masters combined, not know about its potential and explore it?

Much of this comes from the fact that Chen Wei always shares his discoveries and knowledge in the Blood Path with his grandfather, who after seeing that the power of the Blood Path not only remained but increased at rank 2, decided firmly to change the main path of the family from Water Path, like the rest of the clan, to the new Blood Path.

His grandfather even works with him to refine a rank 3 Blood Path Gu for himsef, which would be called Blood Rain Gu, which would allow his grandfather to modify his killer move to one that he and Chen Wei have been working on based on his grandfather's famous killer move.

Mortal Killer Move - Raging Bloodstorm

And as his grandfather intends to call the modified Killer move with the qualities of the Blood Path. But of course, this is only an objective that they still have a long way to go, mainly due to the difficulty of refining now that they have reached rank 3.

Of course, Chen Wei's refining abilities are incredible for his age and experience, already making his grandfather praise him for hours while murmuring about how great his potential is. But he is still far from his grandfather's level, who is an extremely experienced and talented rank 3 Gu master.

But even his grandfather has to be careful in refining a new rank 3 Gu, especially when this Gu comes from a new path that has been unexplored until now.

This applies to everyone, not just in the He An clan but throughout the Longhua Shan mountain and gu world, as far as Chen Wei can tell from his research, even the best publicly recognized Gu master refiner among the three clans must still have a common attainment in Refinement path. In fact, among the three clans, there must be no one with Master attainment in any path from what Chen Wei saw.

"Ah, Master attainment is only the first step, but it's still so difficult to achieve for us mere mortals," Chen Wei looks at the young people who don't stop their Gu training, lost in deep thought, as he has recently had the feeling of finally reaching Quasi-Master attainment in Blood Path!!

He doesn't know how to describe the feeling, and how he knows this, but it's as if an instinct within him simply told him so, and his real-life experiences only confirm this feeling.

And although Quasi-Master attainment doesn't sound impressive, and Chen Wei knows that compared to the monsters of this world, it's nothing, but compared to the mortal world, and especially to the three clans of the Longhua Shan mountain, it's an unprecedented achievement.

Having witnessed it personally, he is sure that his grandfather has Quasi-master attainment in Water path, and according to his own grandfather, there is only one elder who compares to him. In addition, his grandfather described the old leader of the Clan as much more skilled than himself and the current leader of the Clan as being at comparable levels.

And if we extrapolate that the same must be true for the other clans, except for the factor of the old Clan leader, there would be at most ten Quasi-masters in a mountain with hundreds of thousands of people.

Which is already a spectacular rate by mortal world standards since most Gu masters will never even reach rank 2, much less have time to think about what attainment is and how important it is.

"Young master, did you call for my presence?" Chen Wei is taken out of his thoughts by a young Gu master of his age who has a worried expression, afraid of having annoyed Chen Wei since he hadn't noticed that Chen Wei was lost in deep thought before he arrived and interrupted him.

"Ah, Ma Fei, good to see you. I was indeed waiting for you," Chen Wei speaks calmly, without a hint of anger for being taken out of his thoughts. "Here, I need you to have this new Gu that I developed." Chen Wei hands him a Gu in the form of a small white spider with small red spots on its body.

"Thank you, young master. I will do my best to help you with your new creation," Ma Fei quickly takes the Gu without hesitation, but inside he is extremely nervous about using this Gu since he has never seen it before, knows nothing about its effect, much less its risks.

"This is the Wolf Blood Gu. It has the ability to make a Gu master more compatible with wolf strength type Gu, thus releasing greater strength" Ma Fei looks at the Gu with a look of shock and reverence, as if he were holding a sacred Gu for which he would be willing to fight for his life to keep.

"Young master, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this gift. I swear I will not disappoint you." He kneels before Chen Wei with reverence since this Gu could be considered a major breakthrough that could even change the face of the Strength path in the mortal world of the southern frontier.

This is the reason Chen Wei called the Gu master who created this Gu truly talented since it is basically a great innovation for the Strength path that helps solve one of the major problems of the path, which is the Gu master's inability to release all the strength of the animal they have.

Of course, this Gu does not completely solve this problem and is only a viable solution for the low levels of the mortal world, but 98% of Gu masters are at the low levels of the mortal world. So if this type of animal blood Gu spreads, it will become extremely popular, since even in this era the Strength path is still the most common among low-level Gu masters.

Unfortunately, this Gu would never be useful for the immortal world because of the Conflicting Dao Marks that would not only cause the effect to fail but perhaps even be detrimental to the immortal Gu of the Strength path that uses it.

"This Gu is of the spent type, so after you use it, your blood will become permanently like this, so you must be sure to follow the Wolf Strength type Gu route," Chen Wei speaks, not wanting to see a capable and talented subordinate throw away his future because of a rash decision. "But the positive side is that it doesn't consume primal essence, besides, I will research a way to reverse the blood change, but still think well since I'm not sure of success in this research."

"Yes, young master, I will give my decision to you by tomorrow!!" Ma Fei says enthusiastically as he heads to his house to use the Gu since he has already decided to use it the moment Chen Wei mentioned its effect.

"This Gu has both Blood Path and Transformation effects. Ah, I really want to meet the creator of this Gu!" He knows that the creator of this Gu was the most powerful elder of the Xiong Mao clan, so the possibility of the two of them meeting to share knowledge is almost nil, which left Chen Wei quite disappointed.

Among the Venerables, the one Chen Wei most identified with after starting his Gu cultivation journey was Limitless Demon Venerable. He completely understands why he lived his whole life as a determined and unchanging Dao Seeker, as until now in his life in the Gu world, the moments he remembers most happily are not those he spent with his family or friends having fun, but those in which he made a new discovery that advanced his knowledge in Blood Path.

"Who knows what the future holds, for I swear one day I will also be at the level of these great legends of humanity," Chen Wei now looks to the heavens wondering what it will be like to see this world from above, seeing everything in the mortal world as small and insignificant while seeking his own Dao in this world.

But he is taken out of his thoughts by a heart-shaped Gu that is scarlet red, which is divided in half in his aperture that began to vibrate, indicating to him that he has received a message from Wang Mei, who has the other half of the Gu with her.

"Blood love Gu... "He feels embarrassed speaking the name of this Gu aloud. "Why did she have to give it that name..." This was a Gu he created to give as a present to Wang Mei after she went through the Awakening Ceremony, which was at the beginning of this year.

The Gu allows two people who have an emotional relationship to communicate, but it was necessary for both sides to have good feelings for the other party for the communication to work.

"She wants to meet... this time to learn how to better use her Gu," Chen Wei routinely meets with Wang Mei since they are engaged and their wedding will be at the end of the year, so they are expected to get closer to a certain point and it's not like Chen Wei doesn't enjoy spending time with her.

"Serene Water Gu is a good Gu for her, besides being one of the strongest rank 1 Gu of the water path that exist in the clan." Of course, this Gu was not picked by her in the clan's academy but was her father's personal gift who was willing to nurture his daughter with all his heart, as she showed an A grade talent of 80% primeval essence.

"I bet the leader is furious for losing his most talented daughter in a political marriage with me." Although she is his daughter, from the moment she marries Chen Wei, she will be a member of the Chen family, and because of the archaic and feudal customs of this world, even if they are strong, women still have a lower status than men who are in the same cultivation rank as them,so she will have to obey the orders of her husband who will be Chen Wei.

And at no point did it cross Chen Wei's mind that her having an A grade of 80% was strange since her father is the clan leader and also has an A grade talent just like her mother has a B grade talent, so it is expected that they would have at least one child with an A grade talent, that's what he thought since he doesn't know about the fact that she is an otherworldly demon just like him.

And the same goes for her father, who doesn't suspect anything while he is in a conflict of emotions, happy that his daughter has great talent but at the same time angry that she is publicly engaged to Chen Wei, and trying to forcibly separate this engagement could cause a great conflict in the clan that would be exploited by his enemies from the Xiong Mao and Feng Zhi clans to attack the He An clan.

"And the worst part is that the girl is hopelessly in love with this boy Chen!!" There are no words to describe how angry he is about this, especially when she voluntarily constantly meets with Chen Wei, and the clan leader cannot stop her since they are engaged.

And Wang Mei, well... she continues to live what to her is a dream from romances or fairy tales to think about the reason she came to this world or things like that.

But the thing that all three have in common is that they have no idea about the old monster who could make the world tremble with fear just by mentioning his name, who is helping Chen Wei and Wang Mei from the shadows while doing a feat that will be remembered forever in history as the greatest theft in history!!!

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