38 Battle at Lo Pei base

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A group of Gu Masters make their way through Longhua Shan mountain with serious and concentrated expressions on their faces as they move at an impressive speed for anyone observing from afar.

This is the group led by Chen Ming, who, by order of the clan and his decision, is heading to reinforce the Lo Pei base, which is currently under attack by the recently advanced Rank 3 Piercer of the Heavens, who holds a deep hatred against Chen Ming due to the death of a close friend.

"We're almost at the sight of the Lo Pei base, everyone be prepared..." Chen Ming does everything to ensure that the team members are as prepared as possible, as even the slightest mistake could lead to their swift demise.

Chen Wei, who is to the right of Chen Ming, uses a Gu to communicate with the large albino rat running alongside him to tell him to hide in the battlefield and remain undetected by everyone, only acting if Chen Wei's life is in mortal danger.

Of course, Queek by himself doesn't have the ability to hide from the detection of Gu Masters, but with the effect of the Rank 2 Transformation Path Insidious Rat Gu that Chen Wei applied on him, no one below Rank 4 would be able to detect him while he hides.

By the way, the Gu used by Chen Wei to communicate with Queek is called the Blood Love Gu, which has a utility completely different from what its name might indicate, thanks to Wang Mei, who named it that way.

"Damn! How many more reinforcements are coming!?" Amidst the constant noise of attacks and cries of Gu Masters being wounded, this was the most frequently asked question by Gu Masters on both sides.

Mortal Killer Move - Bloody Sword Killer Cut!

Without the slightest hesitation or compassion, Chen Wei quickly advances into the battlefield and with just one strike kills the Rank 1 peak stage Gu Master who was shouting for reinforcements.

Behind him, Chen Wei hears loud and thunderous sounds like those of a tidal wave caused by Chen Ming entering the battlefield with full force, determined to kill and die.

"You've finally arrived... by the end of this day, I swear by Ma Zhe... I will have your head on a stake!" Chen Wei quickly looks at the man called Liu Wi, who is the source of this voice and also the only Rank 3 in this battlefield for now.

Liu Wi, also known by his title of Piercer of the Heavens, has a gaze full of hatred focused on Chen Ming, the person he holds great animosity towards for the death of a close friend, without even blinking as he begins to prepare a killer move.

Mortal Killer Move - Wind that Pierces the Heavens

As quickly as expected from the most publicly recognized genius of Longhua Shan mountain, he finishes his attack, and a large amount of air furiously advances forward with the intention to kill at an inhuman speed.

As fast as his attack comes, Chen Ming's defense arrives, creating a large wave of water resembling a tsunami in front of him as he advances towards the killer move without the slightest fear.

The Gu Masters of the He An clan beside him don't stand idly by and quickly use defensive Gu to intercept the killer move on its path, while the Gu Masters of the Feng Zhi clan take this opportunity to advance and try to break the defenses of this base.

Chen Wei quickly moves out of the attack's perimeter while engaging in combat with a Rank 2 Gu Master from the Feng Zhi clan who planned to sneak into the base and launch a sneak attack on his enemies.

"You've become quite bold, youngster!" Chen Wei hears from the side as a man in his early fifties roars and signals for his subordinates to take action.

Quickly, various air funnels form along the path the killer move will travel, and together they begin to suck in some of the air and consequently the force of the attack as it passes through them.

This is one of the major disadvantages of becoming famous, as many people know you and know your power, so only a fool wouldn't spend time thinking and creating ways to deal with a great enemy.

And these wind funnels that suck part of the power of the killer move are just one of possibly dozens that exist against the Piercer of the Heavens.

In fact, the same goes for Chen Ming, and someday in the future, it will also apply to Chen Wei, who until now hasn't faced major problems due to using an innovative and never-before-seen path on Longhua Shan mountain.

But Chen Wei himself is prepared for the moment when Gu Masters from other clans and even from his own clan discover ways to deal with the Blood Path, especially when he enters the Immortal realm and has to deal with Wisdom Path specialists.

As the killer move approaches to confront Chen Ming's defense, its strength already decreases by about 40%, but still causes great difficulty and effort for Chen Ming to resist it completely.

"Rank 3 middle stage already...!" Chen Ming has a complicated expression on his face that hides various emotions he's experiencing with the discovery of this fact.

Since this was the first large-scale attack by the Piercer of the Heavens, despite knowing his status as a Rank 3 Gu Master before, only now does Chen Ming realize through his own experience that he is in the middle stage, not the initial.

He fully realizes that no matter how talented someone is, they wouldn't be able to advance from the Rank 2 peak stage to the Rank 3 middle stage in just three months naturally, so there are only two alternatives to how the Piercer of the Heavens achieved this.

The first is that he had already advanced a long time ago but was hiding his cultivation, which is highly unlikely since hiding a Rank 3 cultivation from the watchful eyes of the He An clan's great specialists who were monitoring his every move was impossible, and it makes more sense for him to reveal his cultivation when he advances as he did now.

And the second, and more likely, is that he somehow got his hands on a White Silver Relic Gu, which to Chen Ming is quite unlucky for He An clan, as since the war began and merchant caravans stopped coming to Longhua Shan mountain, the number of Relic Gu has decreased enormously, making even a Green Copper Relic Gu extremely rare to find, let alone one that advances the cultivation of a Rank 3 Gu Master.

"Haha, it seems that this new generation is more cunning than an old guard like me. I really didn't expect to see you here, but you came. I can only imagine Chen Wang's rage now, hahah." The muscular old man who led the attack to weaken the power of the killer move approaches Chen Ming rapidly and starts talking to him.

"Po Nio... he's in the middle stage... probably using a Relic Gu." Chen Ming doesn't beat around the bush with the old man's banter and quickly informs him while using his information Gu to inform all the team leaders of the clan as well as the Strategy Hall.

"Oh... that's unfortunate." The old man called Po Nio quickly stops his jokes and laughter as he begins to make plans for countermeasures to this unforeseen event.

Chen Wei, who is far from this situation, fighting with a Rank 2 Gu Master while trying to conserve his primeval essence, already knows about all the events since he was one of the first to be informed by Chen Ming, who ordered him not to get close to the Piercer of the Heavens for any reason.

"Not that I needed the warning for that." This is his thought as he uses an opportunity of a weakness in the enemy's defense that he saw due to his relatively extensive combat experience.

In the blink of an eye, the previously relatively well Gu Master from the Feng Zhi clan now has his arm cut off and a look of pain and despair on his face, but to his misfortune, it doesn't end there as Chen Wei quickly delivers another blow that perfectly hits his head, splitting it in two parts and killing him instantly.

But before Chen Wei could focus on another target or perhaps take the initiative to go on the defensive, he hears a sharp noise resembling small blades cutting through the air at high speed coming towards him with a killing intent that could daunt someone with a weak heart.

Chen Wei, who has developed a deep and intense fighting instinct, quickly uses the Bloodchief Armor Gu as naturally as if this act were as natural as moving his fingers or breathing.

Shortly afterward, he feels several small cuts made by what seem to be small blades but have incredible force hitting his body, causing him to move a few meters before standing without the slightest injury due to the Blood Armor.

Chen Wei doesn't waste any time and quickly looks in the direction from which the attacks that hit him came, already having various thoughts about who was the person who attacked him in this way.

He quickly sees a woman who appears to be around twenty-five years old. She wears an elegant white dress, which complements her skin as pale and white as jade, and her most striking characteristic, beautiful white hair that reminds people of the cold and distant maidens from stories.

"Feng Hua, or should I call you Wind Viper... to what do I owe the pleasure of catching the attention of one of the beauties of Longhua Shan mountain?" Chen Wei looks at the elegant woman who is famous as one of the greatest beauties of Longhua Shan mountain, competing head-to-head with Wang Mei and a female Gu Master from the Xiong Mao clan.

This woman is an adopted daughter of the leader of the Feng Zhi clan, with her original parents being two ordinary mortals who lived in a village that belonged to the Feng Zhi clan. However, as her older sister married a Feng Zhi clan Gu Master, she had the right to participate in the Awakening Ceremony, where she awakened a B-grade talent and was quickly adopted by the current clan leader.

"Oh, the famous and feared Blood Prince knows this lady... I am truly honored, you know, I've always admired great and strong warriors!" Despite her delicate, elegant, and even somewhat cheerful words that seem to indicate some kind of admiration for Chen Wei, she is already launching more attacks in a cruel and cold manner.

For Chen Wei, he feels a certain kind of excitement since Feng Hua is not only known for her beauty but also for her strength, which is quite significant among the Rank 2 upper stage.

And as Chen Wei's battle with Feng Hua begins, on the other side of the battlefield, Chen Ming and the Piercer of the Heavens lock eyes from afar, both with a determined look in their eyes. This determination comes from giving their all to kill each other and avenge their fallen comrades, no matter what.

This is the determination of warriors who no longer fear death and now have only one thing on their minds, and that is to fight!

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