Reverend Apocalypse

"Look! It's a meteor shower!" shouted Mark's mother, already pointing to the sky. Mark quickly turned his head away from the Dungeons & Dragons game that was over the kitchen table and glimpsed outside, "Wow! I never saw so many before!" he said while seeing the dark sky full of white strikes. "Can you turn the TV on? Maybe there is something about it on the news." asked Mark's father while washing the dishes from the dinner. "That can wait. Let's take a picture outside. The meteor shower will not last forever. Come you two, quickly!" shouted Mark's mother, already grabbing Mark's father's arm and bringing him outside. "You too Mark!" shouted Mark's mother, already outside, and when hearing that Mark took a deep breath and forced himself to go too, he hated to take pictures, but his mother would not let him off the hook no matter what.  Mark grabbed his cellphone and walked outside. "Ok, you two, give a long kiss. After all, it's your wedding anniversary!" said Mark, already unlocking the phone and pointing at them. Mark took the picture of both kissing with the meteor shower as a background, and he admitted to himself, the picture looked nice, but when looking at his parents again, Mark saw that the white strikes in the sky seemed way bigger than before. "I don't think is a good idea to stay outside," shouted Mark to his parents. "Don't worry son. Look! Everyone from the neighborhood is outside too!" said her mother, looking at their closest neighbor while waving her hand. Mark looked at his neighbor and waved his hand too. The man smiled back at Mark and exploded. Blood splashed the ground all around, turning the lawn red, while the man's hand flew high in the sky and fell only a few inches from Mark's feet. Mark, astonished, looked down at his neighbor's hand, still with the golden ring on it, and looked back to where his neighbor was before. But now, Mark saw a small beast crawling from the hole made by the meteor, the beast was barely 3 inches in size but was growing at an astonishing speed, and not even 2 seconds later Mark saw a beast the size of a cat coming out of it and jumping on the neighbor's wife, that was still there, on the door, in shock, not believing what was happening. The cat beast was extremely fast and in a blink of an eye ripped the woman's guts out of its belly. The scream made by the woman seemed to wake up everyone around and Mark's father shouted aloud, "RUN!!!!" … Currently releasing one chapter a day.

kommers · Fantasy
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Green eyes

Mark grabbed the rabbit's head and looked at that gleaming green eye, "Arghhh I hate this part", and put his fingers inside the rabbit eye socket.

The feeling of his fingers inside the rabbit eye socket almost made Mark puke, it was disgusting. Seeing the more he waited, the worse things became. He made a rapid motion and pulled the eyeball from the rabbit's head and, without thinking, threw it inside his mouth and swallowed it all in one gulp.



~ptui~ ~ptui~

Mark grabbed the water bottle and took two long gulps, then spit one more time.

"This damned taste, it's like eating rotten oyster!!!"

He knew the taste would still linger in his mouth, so he consoled himself and decided to not waste water anymore.

'I don't feel different from before,' thought Mark, realizing he had just eaten a mutated rabbit eye.

"Why do I keep doing things like this? This way I will not live until next year" said Mark to himself while shaking his head.

Barely had he said that, his eyes itched, 'Dammed mouth!', but the itching soon turned to something akin to pain, as if small needles were poking his eyes. It didn't hurt, but was not pleasant either.

'Am I mutating too?' He tried to open his eyes to see in the reflection of his phone, but the pain was too much. It felt as if everything was blinding bright.

Time passed and Mark stood there, waiting for whatever was happening to him to end, and a few seconds later he heard a short but high-pitched buzz and the pain stopped.

'Its over? that was fast. I thought it would take like hours, maybe a day?' though Mark to himself while opening his eyes to see, but felt nothing different. It was all the same.

Mark passed his hand in front of his face, the same way doctors did to check if someone was continuous, but nothing happened. He was seeing just like before.

'I thought I would gain super vision or maybe X-Ray vision or something,' thought Mark, while grabbing the phone to see if at least his eyes were green now.

"Nothing, same old dark eyes as ever"

Seeing nothing changed Mark threw the phone to the side a bit irritated, but just as he threw, he noticed he missed the bed and turned to grab it back instinctively, but then he saw the phone as if stopped in the air falling very slowly as if he was in a slow motion film.

The slow motion stopped, and the phone fell to the floor while Mark grabbed only air.

Mark stood there for very very long ten seconds with his mouth open wide and the arm still stretched in the air. He could not believe what had just happened.

"YESS!!!" screamed Mark while suddenly jumping.

"I CAN STOP TIME!!!" and just as he screamed that aloud, he suddenly sat on his bed, 'But if I stopped time, why did the phone keep falling down, and why I could not grab it even with time stopped?' then he remembered the dead rabbit, if the rabbit could stop time it would not be dead by now.

Mark put a hand under his chin, and pondered, 'It was an eye, so it affects only my vision?' then remembering a documentary about flies he almost understood what was happening, 'Maybe…. I am like flies… They can see in much higher frequency, as if everything was in slow motion, but they also can change directions quickly because of the high frequency of their wings, and that's the reason why I could not grab the phone, even seeing it in slow motion my body is just a regular body. I don't have any super speed or super strength'

Things finally clicked in Mark's head as he quickly understood what had just happened, and just as he finished thinking, a new plan formed in his head.

'I need to find an animal with high speed, or better, one that has a mutation involving high speed' But just as he came to that conclusion, another problem came to his mind, 'How the heck will I kill one of those?' If the animal had super speed, it would be extremely difficult to kill, but then he remembered the runner beast he just killed today.

'Would it work with them? But what should I eat? If that worked, the army would have an army of super soldiers by now!!'

Mark quickly noticed the difference between the invaders and the animals from earth, it seemed that whatever was the case, it was not possible to gain powers from eating the invaders.

'There is also the age of the animal. Only animals born less than one year ago have mutations'

"Will it work with plants?" asked himself, furrowing his brows. He was not sure of it. Something told him that whatever was happening affected plants and animals differently.

Mark stood up and started pacing around the room, "What should I do?" he had super vision or whatever that was, but that alone was useless, and it seemed to work only when Mark was stressed or agitated, 'I should test it a few more times to get the hang of it' and just as this thought crossed his mind, he stopped in his track and started throwing things around while also trying to grab them.

After half an hour of testing his newfound power Mark was sure. That power by itself was useless. He needed something to power up his body and make himself faster so he could fully use it. But he also understood that when he truly wanted to use his power it would flare up, as if it was an unconscious extension of him, just like someone kept blinking all the time without notice or thinking about it.

"Just like passive skills from a game, huh?" said to himself as if to reaffirm his line of thought, 'If I think in this like a game… What BUILD I do? Tanker? Nah, I just got something clearly related to speed, I should focus on an agility build.'

For Mark's own surprise, he was taking everything way too smoothly. 'I guess seeing monsters killing thousands really changes someone's perspective'

Thinking about taking things smoothly, Mark quickly remembered that Jane already knew about the mutations, and Frank heard rumors, there were also the researchers from his own base, and if all those people already knew the bigshots in the army obviously already knew about it too.

'It's a race against time' thought Mark, he needed to act quickly and try to find more mutated animals before this became public knowledge, or worse, 'If the army set restrictions for this, it would be troublesome' and Mark knew the army could easily prohibit people from hunting the mutated animals, but Mark guessed they would do as they always did things, they would give credits for everyone that gave them mutated animals.

"Shit! What will happen when a dozen people can fight an entire platoon? This will change the power structure of the current society. Wars will happen, and it will not be against the invaders!" muttered to himself Mark, while dropping his tired body on the bed.

"Things will change fast"