1 The beginning

As Noah stood staring at the crime scene, he couldn't help but feel his stomach turn. He his heart ached with the thought that he would have to break the news to this young woman's family that their daughter, sister, best friend would not be coming home. In the 20 years he had worked on the police force, this was by far the worst murder he had seen and he had seen a lot them working in homicide. he crouched down next to the body and brushed the woman's chestnut hair from her face, God how she reminded him of his wife. Luckily Lissa was at home safe and sound with their children, Lord knows what he would do if anything ever happen to her or his babies. The silence was broken when a second detective walked onto the scene, "Holy hell Noah, this poor woman didn't deserve this, I don't care what she did in her life but this was the worst thing she should have ever had to endure." Noah glanced up at him and nodded, "The worse one yet Detective Matthews." The coroner arrived to pick up the young woman's body and all that was left was the blood and number tags. Noah got into his SUV and pulled off to the young woman's address that was listed for her parents. What was he going to say? That their daughter was brutally murdered and raped by a gang of egotistical bastards that used her body as a butchers block or that they tortured her until she cried and screamed out in the worst pain imaginable. His mind circled around the thought, the vision of this poor woman slaughtered like a pig and dragged out into an alleyway to rot. As he pulled up into the driveway, the porch light flicked on shining brightly into the night. He shut the car door and stood almost frozen in the light still contemplating what he would say. An older woman stepped from the front door dressed in a nightgown holding her arms in the damp air. Noah approached the woman, "Excuse me Mam but is your daughter Bridget Stonehurst?" The woman gasped and he could notice her visibly beginning to tremble. "My name is Detective Noah O'Neal with the NYPD, May we go inside and talk?" The woman opened the door and nodded him in and shut the door behind them. They sat in a beautifully decorated living room with red and gold decor. "Ms. Stonehurst," he paused, struggling to get the words to leave his throat, "your daughter, Bridget, was found at 2 this morning." He could see the tears welding in her eyes, "Is she?" She spoke softly. He gently nodded his head, "I'm so sorry Ms. Stonehurst." She shoved her face into her hands and wept, screams of grief and pain left her lips as if she had no control over any of it.

As he stood by his SUV, he had to fight back his own tears. There was something about this murder that just didn't sit right with him. Twenty years and this homicide was the one that got him. He honestly just didn't know if he could do it anymore. He would finish up this case and that was it, he was retiring and moving away from the city. He got into the SUV and drove off into the night, home to Lissa and his family.