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What is Revenge

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MAR was a boy . whose life is all shit, when he was born his mother died , later his father died in accident, later his grandparent take care of him but still he his bad luck follow him and his grandparent house was set was on fire and both grandparents die in front of his eye..... just when his new life start again nicely..... in highschool with his friend . but he still keep distance from them . he started to have crush on a girl.... but kept distance ..... lastly girl knew his feeling and wait for him..... even till last year of high.... girl was unable to wait and accept other boy propose to make him jealous. but little did she knew that , that was her worst mistake . she was called in abondened building in name of date ..... and was....raPED by that boy and his friend of group..... when Mar got news he flew in rage and meet her in hospital .... he tell her his feeling all that he keep hidden..... lastly she was on her last breaths when he finish his words. In the fit of rage he search for the boy to get revenge for her.....he found him in jungle with other boys..... he kill them all.....little by little torturing them by cutting and breaking them. when all was dead ....he even kill him self near his girl gravestone...by murmuring ' I'll always only love you ' his soul leave his body and vanished from earth.....but little did he know.....someone was watching him..... ???: "did i did too much and kill him. *sighs* maybe i did well now that you endured the trail this long then i'll give you reward which is opposite of the trail ." unknow being then look toward Mar soul and said " Mar , the earthling YOU HAVE MY BLESSING THAT YOU WILL HAVE LUCK WHICH WILL DEFIES THE HEAVEN AND EARTH OF WORLDS . YOUR LUCK WILL BRING ONLY GOOD FOR YOU BUT WITH SMALL TRAILS TO GUARD IT .YOU WILL GRANTED THIS BLESSING IN MY NAME . NAME OF GREAT ANCIENT GOD #$@%%$$@^^@%@&_€@ NOW GO AND LIVE YOUR NEW LIFE AS I WILL REVERSE THE TIME FOR YOU TO HAVE NEW START AGAIN .....TO BE REBORN AGAIN " * DONG DONG DONG DONG * ....... ........ .... ... .. .-----------------------------------------------------------------------. HELLO EVERYONE I AM DARK . AND I HOPE YOU ALL LIKE IT... IF THERE IS GRAMMAR MISTAKE .THEN SORRY MY MAIN LANGUAGE IS NOT ENGLISH SO....I THINK YOU GOT IT... SO ENJOY.... b^d

Rex_shed · Urban
Not enough ratings
9 Chs

A Good-Hearted Person (Faminty Series, #1)

I walked the edge of the road from school with my best friend one day. I turned my head in my right side and then I caught a glimpse of something. There I saw a handsome man across the road with his house clothes and a woman jogged before him- trying to synchronize them both. I smiled at the romantic view I was seeing. "Daddy!" I called my father out. He turned to me and smiled as soon as he realized the caller. "Oh! My princess!" he called back right to me. I opened my arms running, ready to hug him but a second was passed by, I felt myself in the middle of the road slowly falling. I think I ran by a fast vehicle. It felt like the earth was in slow motion. "What happened?!" my mother exclaimed from afar. I saw both my parents and my best friend were running toward me. I saw the terrified and worried looks of them. Thinking though, I just realized that life isn't that predictable. Earlier today, my bestfriend and I were so happy about the results of our grades but at this moment, tears of sadness overtook everyone. If I shouldn't had walked the road since we had a car to ride home. If I could think wisely earlier, I shouldn't had stepped the road without looking around and ran basically without thinking that it was a road where fast vehicles run through. If I could go back in time, I won't do such things that can let me down. It can't be helped though, there's nothing much of time to atone for the wrong movement I did because it had already happened: a past; but the past I could rely on as moral lessons today and forth. Thud! Ouch! This hurts much! I fell down on this filthy road with the faint sound of the vehicle who ran into me and the screams of the people who cared for me. I felt and tasted the blood which came out from my mouth and my sight went black. In conclusion before losing consciousness, I should be thankful of the life that God given to me; that I get to experience being alive than those who couldn't make it unfortunately.

outofword_theater · Urban
Not enough ratings
4 Chs

Lumian Record:The heavenly Jinx in the Drifting Realm

Smoke and ashes arises with it's land scorched to the ground. The final dragon that has yet to fall, and was injured badly and bravely confronted his enemy. A man that was quite exhausted but still have a stamina left to spare, his mana was exhausted and the blackness of potion makes him injured even if it's slightly. He wielding a blooded sword and worn a dark cloak confronting the dragon diagolas, the king of the mogdral clan of zaigan continent. Even with a heavy breath, diagolas spoke to the mysterious man with rage and hatred in his eyes. "accurse human... How dare you invade my territory! No matter how strong you are, you have to pay the price for trespassing my land!" The dragon breathe a blazing storm of flame but the man swiftly evaded it and rush towards (drag name) and he thrust the swords towards his weakness by jumping towards the 'inverse scale' and plunge it with his sword, stealing the last remaining bit of Diagolas life. "you... You!....curse you human!.... " Until the meter bar above the dragon's head reached zero. After a few seconds a loud 'ting' within the man's area suddenly rang as a strange looking hologram shows up visibly in his eyes. The words in the holographic box-like screen. Announcement Congratulations player Lumian! Your the first person in the rankings to defeat the forsaken dragon diagolas Your deeds will be recorded in the 'library of fame'! "Ehh? The dungeon's collapsing? Isn't this 100th times already, looks like these bosses won't spawn again anymore but what luck! Look at this loot!"

Void_Immortal12 · War
Not enough ratings
4 Chs

An Appell Far From The Tree

I, Park Ha Joon, A champion in both Fencing and Kendo die in an Airplane crash during the trip to Rome and reincarnated into an Old Novel which I read during my childhood with my six older sister. As if dying and reincarnating in the Novel was not enough for me, I even has to reincarnated into a BL Novel called and became a main villain, Who was known as Ugly? Forrester Appell Salvatore, an ugly and foolish villain who was in love with Crown Prince the ML, After being used as chess piece by the Crown Prince, He meet's the cruelest ending. In order to prevent that ending, I decided to stay away from the Crown Prince and in order to do that I even left the Altair Empire to study in a foreign country. And just like that 10 years has passed peacefully and i turned 17, I came back to my home in thought that I will not meet my doom anymore. But who had guess that the doom was waiting for me all this time. And eventually that night came that I was most terrified of. "Forrester Appell Salvatore, how dare you pledge for mercy?!!" Crown Prince Callisto said in his ice like tone. The forest surrounding us with cold wind blowing everywhere, I with my companions, kneeling on the ground were trembling in fear with a sharp sword of Knights on our neck. 'I should have never gotten involved in their business from the beginning! It's all my fault that even my close mates have gotten in danger. Just how did things turn out like this?!!' I glance at his cold eyes like how the Real Forrester have done before his death, his sword pointing at my neck while glaring at my friends in his red ruby like eyes made me wonder. "Should I kill all of them? What do you say Forrester?" Callisto said making me miserable. 'Where did it started to go wrong?' Will history really repeat itself? Will the blood once again flow in this beautiful Empire? Will the lives of innocent be taken away by Callisto one more time? Will future be different if I had never come back to Altair Empire?

Mal_Ninaka · Fantasy
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68 Chs
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