Revenge of the Shaman Book

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Revenge of the Shaman


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The Xi'an tribe was annihilated in one fell swoop by the Hong Kingdom, led by the infamous General Long Zhao Xue. Xiao Yue, a young princess of the Xi'an tribe was unable to escape death but found herself transmigrated into the body of her enemy's newly-wedded third wife. Backed up by a surviving shaman from the Xi'an tribe, Xiao Yue carefully planned to exact her revenge. When her identity was revealed to General Long Zhao Xue, it turned out that the real Long Zhao Xue died a long time ago. Long Zhao Feng who took his brother's position accused the Xi'an tribe of the crime. "Why don't I tell you what happened, hm? Your people killed my brother first, so when the King issued the decree to annihilate your tribe, I was more than happy to go," he told her viciously. Xiao Yue expected to live the rest of her life in desolation. But then the man boldly asked her to make a decision. "I am not going to accompany you to play hide-and-seek anymore, Xiao Yue. We have come so far. You made me do this. Stay or leave? You can make the decision. I already laid down the terms." Warning : This is not an erotic story but there will be a few smut scenes eventually, so it's R18 only. No rape scenes. Also, the main couple is a man and woman but I do have a side pairing which is a man and a man. There will be mentions about them from time to time, but no explicit sexual scenes. After working hard for months, I will start updating once a week starting from March 2022 :) P.S. : You are not reading the wrong summary. The title of the book is to be changed to "Revenge of the Shaman" soon :)