Revenge of the Mafia Boss

Author: Chattypoo
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What is Revenge of the Mafia Boss

Read ‘Revenge of the Mafia Boss’ Online for Free, written by the author Chattypoo, This book is a Teen Novel, covering REVENGE Fiction, POSSESSIVE Light Novel, KILLER Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: 'Quote: He turned back to me and raised a brow. "What?" He asked. "N-Nothing." I bowed my head trying my best to refrain...


'Quote: He turned back to me and raised a brow. "What?" He asked. "N-Nothing." I bowed my head trying my best to refrain from making eye contact. He inched his way closer to me and I struck the fork in his sleeveless arm and dashed out the back door. "I'm gonna murder you bitch!" I heard him scream. I didn't know what else to do, I scrambled on my knees harboring the mysterious man's black coat burying my face in it. "Honcho." My chaser stopped and took a small bow. 'Honcho...? Leader... Boss?!' My heart began to throb. I was in serious trouble now... "Leave her." The man ordered. "What?" The both of us shot back in unison. "I said leave her. She'll be my... Pet from now on." The man nodded and shot me a glare. I jolted back hitting my head on the car door. "Aren't you a clumsy one." a feeble grin etched his lips... -End Quote *** Description: 16-year-old Marinette Li Zheng only wanted to celebrate her birthday with her friends... but those friends neglected her. The teen started walking home when a car stopped in front of her, inside sat a man who mistook her for a prostitute. Moments later she was running for her life, scaling tall gates even winding up at what soon will be a murder crime scene! To her bewilderment, she was abducted by a Cruel Mafia boss who made her life a leaving hell.... BUT, in the long run her life fortunately takes a huge turn that leaves her baffled. *** Quote: ''How many times do I have to say it? You. Are. Mine. Would you like me to embed it in your mind? I'm positive you won't forget after this~'' His deep cold voice sent shivers down my spine as he held my cheeks cupping them with his leather-clothed hands. I stared into his electric green eyes as his golden locks hung in front of his forehead. He brought his mouth to my ear making me shiver as his lip caressed my cheeks, he gently bit my ear lobe. I let out an involuntary moan and instantly regretted it. ''Fuck.'' my lips mumbled as he would soon- *** Mature Content Warning: - R Rated Language - Sex/Sexual themes - Human trafficking - Rape - Violence/Death

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The beginning of the story is very good; it is quite interesting, the characters are nice, and the grammar along with the flow of the story is good. So far, the author is doing a great job; nice work and good luck!


The story is interesting, and I think it can improve more. I don't usually like mafia stories but I might read this whenever I have the free time. The descriptions really make me feel what the mc is feeling. It's vivid and clear. The author did a great job there.


I felt in love with this book after reading the first chapter, and the more I continue, I realize the novel has alot of fascinating buildings to it, I hope the writer won,t give up in it and bring us more of it.


"Revenge Of The Mafia Boss" is a thrilling work that will keep you on edge right from the get go!The author will not stop to fascinate you as you go through one chapter after another.I like the cover picture a lot, although the font does give me shivers hehehe.Good going, Author! Please give this book a chance, everyone!


This novel is thrilling, exciting, and funny and I love the storyline with the club. The description is amazing, I could almost feel what the girl is going through. It's well-plotted and has a great beginning, It's a compelling story I look forward to reading more <3 much love to the author!~


I already love it, especially the tattoed man <3, love his attitude it's very funny XD, I feel sorry for the girl tho, can't wait till her hero shows up. Overall great story, and magnificent writing please continue!!


Russian Mafia!!! 🤤I'm in love with the characters, poor Marinette... but great story! and very fine writing, it's like I can picture every line in my head. Can't wait for the romance! 🤭 keep up the good work![img=recommend]


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