1 Revenge

Within the outskirts of the clan halls, a man was held by two other warriors by the hands which was hindering him from moving. A ten-ton sealing handcuff was put on his back that had acupuncture put as locks that skewered him. His head was facing the ground with dripping blood that trickled the floor. He lifted his face to watch his family that was held captive by the perpetrators. Making him bite his lower lips upon his uselessness.

The cold breeze was spine-chilling and it made them breathe out warm steam of air. The night was illuminated with just the rays of the moon and it made the surroundings have ample lighting to see. The Clan halls were full of people who attacked them. Bodies of their clansmen littered the floor after a tiring battle. This cold breeze touched his skin but his heart was burning with rage. His teeth were gritting each other while he held his rage that was about to outburst.

He was crippled and couldn't summon even the slightest form of Qi. Making his enemies chuckle at him.

"Xuan! Surrender the Skillforge Refining Pot or else your family will get killed!" said the man who was supposed to be the leader.

"I can't! The pot chose me and I can't give it as it is bound to my soul!" Xuan shouted.

"Kill his parents!" the man shouted once again.

"Nooooo!!!" Xuan burst into tears. His strength on his legs waned and he felt helpless.

"I swear I can't! I can't damn it! Please, please, not them," Xuan gave up and his remaining hope was about to dim.

"Give me his lover and his sister! I will rape them right in his face!" He shouted. Grabbing both of them by his hands.

"Bai Chuxan! Don't you dare lay your dirty hands on them! I swear, if you do this I will chase you even in 7 Hells!" Xuan bit his lips and blood oozed from his mouth.

"Hahaha! What can you do? Smack me with your tender hands?" he asked in a smug.

Xuan then glared at him. Eyes were burning in rage, "Don't tempt me!"

"You? Aren't you a coward?" he then grabbed the two ladies and then licked the face of his lover.

It was then, that Xuan emitted a red aura from his skin. He was like a beast that was enraged. His Qi was oozing out from his body and it was mixed with his blood. He was expending his life force to access his remaining Qi.

"Bai Chuxan!" Xuan screamed and the locks burst from just his raw power. He immediately was stopped by the guards and he slayed them only using his bare hands.

He grabbed one by the throat and broke his neck. Others were stabbed by his hands and their bodies were pierced. Blood sprayed and he was bathed in red. His hands were like a knife, cutting their flesh and severing limbs. Blood spraying everywhere.

It was then, that the loyal followers of Bai Chuxan appeared. They were the traitors, the 14 Martial Hall Masters.

"Attack!" shouted the Martial Halls masters.

Only then, Xuan scoffed then started walking towards them. Then he dashed like a propelled missile.


The Summoner summoned a Hydra and a dragon then attacked Xuan. The Elementalist made a scorching fire on his hands and then dashed towards him. The Conjurer attacked and used clones of himself to attack Xuan.

The Knight attacked with his sword and Xuan was slashed nonstop. The Berserker clawed him and he retaliated. The Undying used his rot skill and then Xuan was corroded. Also, the Dark lord summoned ghosts and they attacked him. The Venomancer attacked with poison as he punched and kicked Xuan.

The Shapeshifter became a Werelion and then attacked. Also, the Telekinetic master pulled Xuan. The Spatial master teleported on his back and attacked.

Xuan then blocked the attack of the Spatial Master then he disappeared. Xuan was pulled and then he was barraged with blows from the Telekinetic master. He was pulled and was punched then he was thrown then pulled again in succession.

It was then, that Xuan countered and used force to attack. He hook punched the Telekinetic master and then he slammed him to the ground.

The Elementalist then covered him and attacked with a fire cannon. Making Xuan retreat.

The Assassin master flickered and then slashed with his sword on his back. He immediately blocked his attacks and then kicked him away.

The Murim master also covered his comrade and then attacked him furiously with a barrage of slashes from his sword. He then was attacked by the Shapeshifter and he exchanged blows with him. He clawed and blocked and Xuan did the same. The Conjurer then arrived and he was attacked by multiple clones. He immediately defended himself with their barrage of blows and also countered them. One attacked with a punch and he grabbed his fist and then closed the distance. Grabbing his face and then slamming him to the ground. Others made their way to him as they spun and kicked then he kicked their feet to block and then landed three kicks instead.

The Werelion then covered him and kicked him in the chest. Only making him grab his feet and kick his other feet that he uses to stand. Making him stumble on the ground. He immediately made an axe kick and dropped it to his face. Making him defend himself with his arms but it was enough to sink him to the ground.

The Elementalist then attacked and threw fire at him. Several fire missiles were sent and it was following him as he dodged and escaped them. The Elementalist then used the fire to propel towards him and then attacked with fiery hands. He used to deal damage by meleeing him and then firing fire missiles at him in intervals. Making Xuan evade haphazardly.

He then roared and the fire was then made as a tornado in his radius. Scorching Xuan and his clothes were burnt. Xuan then ripped his dress as a topless leaving only his pants in the process. Revealing a corroded and poisoned body.

He was attacked by the Knight and he blocked his sword slashes with his bracer. Making sparks in the process. The Berserker used his skill rage and then attacked him. Clawing him which he evaded and then knee kicked him on the abdomen. Still, he was unyielding and attacked nonstop.

It was then, that the Healer healed them and then dashed towards Xuan. Dirt was hurled and then he attacked him. Xuan and he attacked each other and they dealt damage to their faces. Xuan punched him and he retaliated with a punch too. Though his damage was regenerating or healing. Making Xuan grit his teeth.

The Spatial master also joined and attacked him while teleporting nonstop in random directions. He teleported on the back and punched then teleported to the side and knee-kicked him. All doing it in rapid succession. Making Xuan battered and was left bruised.

The others also joined and they all attacked by order. Making Xuan a punching bag. They attacked with coordination and put Xuan at a disadvantage.

The Elementalist scorched him with fire then the Conjurer attacked with his clones and did a combo of attacks on him. The Shapeshifter punched his stomach and his face then spun and kicked him on the side. Making him fling to the summoner that attacked with his hydra and dragon. The hydra bit him and the dragon breathed fire at him.

The Spatial master then portaled his punches on his face and it all landed. Also, the Telekinetic master pulled him and barraged his blows on him while he was suspended in the air and was pulled every time he was thrown by the force. Combining with the Healer master, they combined their attacks to beat Xuan into a battered warrior.

Also, the Murim and the Assassin attacked in coordination, making him breathless in taking in their attacks.

He was not left off and did not even let him breathe for a moment. The Conjurer master then summoned swords and stabbed him nonstop. Making him drop his other leg and kneel forcefully.

"Where is your refining cauldron?" asked the Elementalist while grabbing his hair.

"You will not get it from me as it was bonded with my soul," Xuan said to him then spat blood on his face.

"Tsk, then you are of no use then," he replied and then scorched him with his flames.

Xuan screamed as he was burned. The burning sensation lasted and the others combined their attacks on him to kill him once and for all. It was then, that Xuan remembered all their faces and upon his death, he swore to get his revenge. If fate will give him another chance.

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