1 Encounter

"Hey, it's him isn't it?"

"Why is he still here, shouldn't he have dropped out by now?"

"The rich have their privileges, I mean If I had Bruce Wayne's money, I mean, I would have bought this whole place up, rather than being a pathetic piece of trash like him."


Murmurs and gossip are heard along the light-up hallways of the army residence as a boy limps his way back to the infirmary taking the support of the wall and knocks on the door."Come in!" A female voice is heard and he opens the door

"Cadet Leon, come in and take a seat"

The busty female doctor with back hair and amber eyes leans back over her chair and closes her holographic screens as Leon enters and sits on the diagnostic chair which then does a scan through Leon's body and shows a holographic screen to her.

"Alright, now tell me what happened?" She makes eye contact with Leon and asks.

Leon looks straight back at her and replies with a poker face " You have done the scan for that reason, you know what has happened."

"But I want to hear it straight from your mouth. So tell me Leon, who did this to you" she asks sternly. Leon breaks eye contact and sighs "It happened during training, nothing much you or I can do about it, please just treat me, Mari-


"TCh..ow! Who hits a patient!" Leon groaned as he rubbed his head as Maria punished him with her classic karate chop.

"It's Dr.Maria to you cadet, now listen up, no one comes here with a broken hip and arm and their face beaten to a pulp during a "training session" and this is the third time this week!

You can't keep opting for healing enhancers daily." she sighs and leans back and says.

" it is clear as day that things are not going well for you ever since the awakening ceremony 2 weeks ago. Just give me the names and I'll handle it for you, I know the people in this academy who can sort this out."

Leon nows his head down and replies softly "I'm sorry but dealing with this through the authorities will only be making it worse."

Maria sighs and leans back rubbing her forehead "Get on the bed, I'm gonna tie you up and Inject you with the boosters, best you bite down the towel there for this one. It's going to be a rough night".

'I wish that you said those words under better circumstances' Leon sighs inwardly as his shirt is removed revealing the bruises on his weak skinny body and his limbs are tied down to the bed.

"You're thinking of something dirty now aren't you?" she said with a smirk as she looks at him flinching in the panic of the moment and letting out a giggle.

"Your face says it all, You're still too young to be thinking of going out with me boy." She flicks his forehead as he rests his head on the pillow, straps it to the bed, and makes him bite down the towel.

"You have been through this 3 times already but it isn't going to be any easier this time, bear with it okay"

"Mhyghmm" he gives a response.

Maria then proceeds to Inject a grey serum into Leon's thigh and then pull out, leading the latter to shriek and struggle as he felt his bones forcefully break down and get reattached to the ideal state.


he cursed as he was not able to think straight through the pain and struggled to get free.

His whole body starts to tremble from the pain, ligature starts to bruise his skin which heals again as the medicine starts to work.

'Why! Why!! WHY ME!!,

why must I be their ragdoll!!,

The pain intensified as every muscle in his body writhes in pain as if its a fish out of water.

'why didn't it WORK FOR ME!, WHY HIM?'

Why didn't I make the right choice with Alice !,


why did Dad cut me off !....'



"Why… am I so FUCKING Useless" he murmurs as he stops talking.

His throat was dry and throbbing from all the screaming.

He finally regains his sanity and then looks at the 24-hour wall clock showing 1:00.

He had arrived at the infirmary at 13:00.

"12 hours huh" he murmurs as he is Alone in a single-lit cubicle and still buckled up to the bed. He sighs as he spits the towel away and relaxes his jaw which he felt was stiff from biting onto the towel for so long.

He could no longer feel the throbbing pain over his body and immediately gagged as the stench of his sweat finally hit his brain.

His mouth breathes for a few minutes and then sighs as he stares at the ceiling contemplating what to do till he felt an eerie chill down his spine and the hair on the back of his sweaty neck stood up and the goosebumps spread around his shoulders to his face…

The lights start to flicker, the electric discharge sparks a bit, and the room goes dull as the lights have been fused out and the emergency red lights are on.

"What the hell" Leon struggles to get out and press the nurse button since he can't activate the voice call as the power has gone off.

Then in a blink of an eye…

A hooded figure was in front of him with its legs on either side of his abdomen and looking down straight into Leon's eyes with a creepy smile.

"Hey there~ wanna play with me?~"

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