30 1 Year Later / Christmas Is Here Again

December 1,2021

Alot has happened in the life of all my family members, which is both good and bad things. You may be wondering how things went when I was admitted, and if you are I was out in the 1 week that my doctor said when I was unconscious.

My hand took a seal month to heal properly and to say my wife was a darling among the whole process would be an understatement.

Rachel's craving for stress decreased in the whole month my hand took to fully heal. But as soon as my hand healed, her cravings were more strong to the point where I don't even bother dressing up for bed anymore, I mean why would I? When my wife tear my clothes apart, and believe it or not my wife tore 20 sweat pants and t-shirt for me so you see why I don't want to dress going to bed.

If sex was a person it would definetly be my wife, can you believe that my insane wife made a schedule of the time and places we have sex, and what clothes she will be in? My wife is the perfect fit for me because I enjoy controlling her body and emotions.

Enough about me and Rache, Alayna and Anthony are happily married and they are now parents of a set of twins they both named Aliah Maria Green & Dontay Monrow Green.

Business for the couple has being going great, as they both manage to earn 5 million weekly and I always say a home with everything is a home full of happiness.

Vanessa and David are doing well as well, they are now blessed with two kids and my grand baby thats growing big is a boy name Raniel Champion Green.

And you will not believe that Jennifer and Peter now have a business together and they are still married and my daughter is now pregnant with triplets.

Georgia is now eight months pregant for her newly fiance, everyone is happy except Jordon & Tanya. I have no idea what happened to the two love birds but Jordon claims that he hates her, but knowing that this problem is a genaration curse I will have to reunite back the two love birds together so they can finish planning there wedding.

And guess what, today is the first day of December the best day to launch my attack, so I will be

kidnapping someone and guess who it's going to be? Hehe it is indeed Tanya, and believe it or not I am launching my attack right now.


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