Returning From The Magic World

The consciousness of a Great Magus suddenly returned to his original body on earth, just before he transmigrated into the magic world. Nothing has changed, it's still the same earth. However, when he looked at earth once more as a former great magus, he discovered earth was not as simple as he knew it to be. Hidden magus, legendary races such as vampires and werewolves, they do exist, ruling the world through the shadows. Faced with a former great magus, who possessed as many spells as libraries, would the earth that had been ruled by a few people be able to remain calm? ___ Art by nebulahorion! https://discord*gg/kbDVTN8V

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484 Chs

With Isabel (End)

"They?" Ayumi's expression instantly became serious.

She narrowed her eyes while from the continent, thousands of giant airships similar to aircraft carriers suddenly appeared, then moved towards the earth.

"Arthur, that should be the Golden Emperor's army. They want to invade Europe," Ayumi said.

Although Arthur had already said that the earth was too small for him so any plans were meaningless, she still seemed panicked by this situation. After all, from her point of view, this was going to be a huge war.

People would die like they were insects.

"Let's wait and see," Arthur replied, not even showing any reaction at all.

The planes seemed to be moving slowly, but they approached the earth in a short time, showing that they were actually very fast.

This was clearly a surprise attack, the Europeans certainly didn't have time to prepare.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!